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Wellbeing Nutrition Gifting Guide for Different Age Groups

A healthy and nutritious supplement is probably the best present you can give someone. And, it’s even better when you give these supplements according to the age group. Why, you ask? Well it’s simple- a supplement that your grandfather finds useful may not do any good to your younger brother.

Fortunately, we have given/listed below some of the best supplements according to the age groups. You can go through the list and make an informed decision. Also, all of the below-listed supplements are from Wellbeing Nutrition: a well-known brand in the health and nutritional supplement industry, which provides 100% organic, non-GMO, GMP-certified products, all of which make it a reliable nutraceutical brand.

Wellbeing Nutrition Gifting Kits for Different Age Groups

Let’s take a look at these gifting options as per the different age groups.

Herbal Immunity Kit

Age Group: 18 and Above

The herbal immunity kit comes with two sets of Grandma’s Kadha(one-month supply) along with a mug. This supplement contains the goodness of 13 adaptogenic medicinal herbs that naturally enhance your immunity.

Anyone above 18 can consume this supplement for the below benefits:

  • Provides an Enhanced Immune Function
  • Relieves Stress
  • Helps Relieve Cold Symptoms
  • Treats Congestion and Sore Throat
  • Helps Treat Indigestion
  • Helps Fight Flu Naturally
  • Hels Reduce Inflammation

Grandma’s Kadha comes in the form of water-soluble tablets. You can dissolve the tablets in warm water and consume them as tea. What’s more, the supplement tastes good, is plant-based, organic, and completely safe to consume.

Natural Glowing Skin Kit

Age Group: 20 and Above

This supplement features an amazing product: Skin Fuel. Skin Fuel is a one-of-a-kind drinkable skin-care product that contains Bioactive Japanese Marine Collagen. To regenerate and renew skin firmness, youthful & glowing skin, grow healthy hair and nails and strengthen joints, muscles and bones.

Collagen helps your joints and skin stay young and is produced within your body. However, after you turn 20, collagen production starts decreasing, which might cause early aging. However, with Skin Fuel, you can prevent the signs of early aging because of Bioactive Japanese Marine Collagen.

Skin Fuel also contains:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamins
  • Glutathione
  • 7 Antioxidants

These ingredients can help you:

  • Restore Skin Elasticity
  • Reduce Fine Line and Wrinkles
  • Reduce Acne and Inflammation
  • Hydrate your Skin
  • Enhance Texture of your Skin
  • Achieve Youthful and Supple Skin
  • Strengthen and Rebuild Collagen

You can give this Wellbeing Nutrition gifting kit to anyone who is 20 or older. The supplement tastes good and can be prepared by dropping a tablet in a glass of water.

Complete Gut Health

Age Group: Older Adults (35 and above)

This Wellbeing Nutrition gifting kit comes with Probiotics + Prebiotics. This supplement contains 36 billion live cultures along with six strains of prebiotic fibers.

The live cultures are actually gut-friendly bacteria. And the prebiotic fibers are food for your gut bacteria. This blend of probiotic bacteria and prebiotic fibers helps enhance digestion. Here are all the benefits it brings along:

  • Prevents Bloating & Indigestion
  • Enhances Gut Health
  • Helps Improve Digestion
  • Strengthens Immunity
  • Boosts Nutrient Absorption
  • Offers Skin Radiance
  • Relieves from IBS and Constipation
  • Prevents Acidity and Gas

Please Note: Although this supplement helps older adults, anyone above 18 with gut problems and indigestion can consume this supplement.

Melts Within Kit

Age Group: For all Adult Age Groups

The Melts Within Kit comes with a set of 6 different tasty supplements. All of them are tasty oral strips that dissolve when placed on your tongue.


This supplement comes with Wholefood Biotin from Sesbinia leaves containing 10,000 mcg of the nutrient and is suited for anyone above 20. Here are some benefits you can expect:

  • Overall Strong and Healthy Hair
  • Reduced Hair fall
  • Fewer Greys
  • Better Hair Growth
  • Nourished Follicles
  • Healthy Scalp

This supplement helps deal with vitamin B12 deficiency and is suitable for consumption by all. It can help you:

  • Promote Cognitive Health
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Enhance Nerve Function
  • Improve Heart Health
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Gain Sustainable Energy 

If you know someone suffering from vitamin deficiency, this supplement will definitely help.


This supplement is suited for young adults who need instant energy all day long. Here are the benefits of Melts Instant Energy:

  • Improved Mental Focus
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Reduced Fatigue and Tiredness  

If you know someone (older adults) who faces difficulty in sleeping, Restful Sleep can really help. Here are some benefits:

  • Better Sleep
  • Relief From Insomnia
  • More Freshness

Any adult suffering from Vitamin D3 deficiency can rely on this supplement. Here are the benefits:

  • Enhances bone Strength
  • Helps Prevent Vitamin D3 Deficiency
  • Offers Energy
  • Uplifts the Mood
  • Improves Immunity

Anyone with a throat issue can go for Melts Throat Relief. Here are the benefits it brings along: 

  • Clear Airways
  • Relieves you From Congestion
  • Soothes your Throat
  • Relieves you From Throat Pain

Wrapping Up 

By now, you would have known which supplements are best for which age group. So, choose one or more of the above Wellbeing Nutrition gifting kits and introduce your loved ones to a healthy life.

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