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Be Your Child's Superhero - Get Them Marvel Melts!

If you’re a Marvel fan like us, you have probably grown up watching your favourite heroes - Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Captain America, and Black Panther- protect the world from intergalactic threats and all other kinds of imminent dangers.
But what if we were to tell you that these superheroes can also help protect your kids from numerous harmful pathogens and infections- would you believe us? Confused, are you? Well, we are talking about none other than Wellbeing Nutrition’s Marvel range of Melts for kids namely- Marvel Natural B12 + D3 featuring Iron Man, Marvel Multivitamins featuring Captain America, Marvel Mighty Omega featuring the Hulk, Marvel Advanced Immunity featuring Black Panther, and Marvel Active Probiotic featuring the Asgardian God, Thor.

But what are Marvel Melts and who can take them? Do kids really need supplements and how different are Melts from your other range of kids’ supplements widely available in the market? Let us find out with the help of this blog. Then perhaps you can be your own child’s superhero and get them Marvel Melts range of supplements by Wellbeing Nutrition. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

What are Marvel Melts?

Well, for the uninitiated, Marvel Melts are rapidly dissolvable oral thin strips that quickly convert vital plant-based extracts into nanoparticles on coming in contact with your tongue.
To put it simply, these strips dissolve instantly the moment they are kept on the tongue. It is in fact, due to this feature, that these strips get their name, ‘Melts’. Melts embody the sublingual delivery mechanism, which is a pharmacological route of supplements/drug administration, that causes substances/ingredients/nutrients to get easily dissolved in the bloodstream through the tissues placed under the tongue.

This feature ensures easy and complete absorption of all the essential nutrients that the supplements have to offer in a fun and effortless manner. A lot of thought has been put into formulating each of the five variants of Marvel Melts. These oral strips have been manufactured using patented German technology called the Unison Effect, which is a sophisticated sublingual delivery technology.
This high-end tech mechanism combined with natural ingredients has a synergistic effect, making the formulation more effective, bioavailable, and absorbable. When compared to other modes of supplementation like gummies and capsules, Melts are hassle-free and can be consumed effortlessly without any potential complications of medicines getting stuck in the throat as you don’t need to swallow them with water or any other liquid.

Who Can Consume These Melts And Why Are They Important?

In order for your children to grow and develop into healthy individuals, it is essential to include a healthy mix of essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, and probiotics in their everyday diet.
Children can usually get this “healthy mix of nutrients” from a well-balanced diet, but most kids tend to be fussy eaters. If given a chance, they would happily binge on chips, pastries, chocolates, icecreams, burgers, pizzas, and other forms of fast foods and snacks, rather than have a nutritious, home-cooked meal of roti, sabzi, rice, and daal.

As a parent, no matter how hard you try, it gets difficult to always watch what your kids are eating and ensure that they get the best of nutrition from their food alone. When children tend to be picky eaters and parents fail to get them to consume foods that are rich in essential nutrients then kids automatically fall at risk of getting deficiencies, for which they may require a supplement. And that’s when supplements like Melts come into the picture.

The most important nutrients-vitamins and minerals that a child needs are vitamins A, B complex, C, D3, B12, iron and zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, folate, beta-glucans, and other essential nutrients all of which are present in Marvel Melts.
These supplements are USDA organic certified and are 100% safe with zero side effects or allergens for children’s consumption. In short, they are the perfect vitamins for kids. These can be consumed by kids above the age of 6 and need to be consumed for at least 6-8 weeks continuously to start seeing results. Now let’s briefly look at the variants below.

The Different Marvel Melts Variants

Here are the different variants under Marvel Melts, which you can choose from for your kids depending on their nutritional requirements.

1. Melts into Active Probiotic featuring Thor

Marvel Melts into Active Probiotic features the mighty Asgardian God, Thor. This supplement specifically helps improve your child’s gut health. Probiotics can be introduced to children from an early age, as they do not have any harmful effects.

This is especially true when it comes to supplements made of 100% organic ingredients. These strips contain 7 Billion (CFU) of good gut bacteria, prebiotic fibre, vitamin C and vegan vitamin D. These strips help build up one’s appetite, support immune function, boost metabolism, improve digestive health, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress and promote a healthy gut. These strips also come in a delicious and tart, sweet cherry flavour.

2. Melts into Multivitamins featuring Captain America

Marvel Melts into Multivitamins features your favourite hero, Captain America. Keep this particular variant handy for your kid’s immunity as it contains vitamins ABCD and other critical nutrients like iron and zinc, to name a few.

These strips will help bolster metabolism, improve immunity and cognitive functions, boost memory and enhance the overall growth and development of your kids. These strips come in tropical berry flavour. It’s the best multivitamin for kids.

3. Melts into Natural B12 + D3 Featuring Iron Man

Marvel Melts into Natural B12 + D3 features everyone’s favourite- Iron Man. This supplement comes with Vitamin D3 and B12 extracted from natural sources.

It contains all vital nutrients like organic vitamin B12, D3+K2 and folate and comes in a delicious exotic mango flavour. Regular supplementation of these vital nutrients will ensure enhanced cardiovascular health and muscle strength, improved cognitive abilities, bolstered energy, relief from tiredness and fatigue, better neural function and immune function.

4. Melts into Mighty Omega Featuring The Hulk

Marvel Melts into Mighty Omega featuring the Hulk and offers the required omega-3 fatty acids to your kids. These strips containing vegan Omega provide your kids with a perfect balance of brain and brawn like the HULK.

They contain natural EPA & DHA (Omega 3) derived from wild strain micro-algae, natural alpha GPC, lutein and vitamin E to keep your kids strong and smart always.

Regular supplementation will ensure your kids improve their memory and retention potential, enhance their mood and cognitive abilities, reduce strain on their eyes owing to prolonged exposure to the screens, better bone and muscle strength, and the like. These strips come in strawberry mint flavour.

5. Melts into Advanced Immunity Featuring Black Panther

Marvels Melts into Advanced Immunity features Black Panther. This supplement offers your child the required immunity and protects the body against germs and bacteria that cause cough, common cold, and stomach infections.

These strips contain a powerful mix of clinically-proven ingredients/nutrients like 100% RDA of vitamin C & zinc, Wellmune® Beta Glucans, and vitamin D, among others. This supplement also helps to improve gut health, immunity, boost energy levels, increase bone strength, detoxify the body, and enhance the body’s ability to fight infections, among other things. These strips come in Valencia orange flavour.

Ensuring your kids meet their nutritional requirements daily is not an easy affair but we hope that with Marvel Melts, you’ll be able to do so quite effortlessly. So be your child’s superhero and get these supplements for your kids. Let us know your feedback in the comments’ section below!


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