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10 Resolutions for Physical and Mental Health That You Should Commit to in 2023

It’s 2023, and we’re all in the mood for a reset! A fantastic method to plan your long-term objectives for the year is to focus on developing your health, mind, and soul. But here’s the problem we all face at some point or another with our new year's resolutions: we set the bar too high, we undoubtedly fall short of it, we blame ourselves, and we resume business as usual. And if the experience of a pandemic on a global scale has taught us anything, it is that we shouldn't take our health and well-being for granted. So here are some mental and physical health resolutions you can actually stick to in order to become healthy in the upcoming year and reach your well-being pursuits in 2023.

1. Recognize your body’s need for antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that prevent other molecules from oxidizing. In the body, free radicals and antioxidants coexist in a delicate balance, and when that balance is disrupted, harmful free radicals emerge. Free radicals are produced by bacteria, sunlight, cigarette smoke, alcohol consumption, and other pollutants that we choose to expose ourselves to or are exposed to on a daily basis. Excessive oxidative stress can occur when your body doesn't have adequate antioxidant protection, which can harm both your internal and external organs. Age-related changes, cancer, inflammatory diseases, asthma, diabetes, and even dementia are also caused by free radicals. The fight against heart disease, neurological and psychological disorders, the flu and the common cold, external indications of aging, vision deterioration, periodontal disease, infections, and inflammation is greatly aided by antioxidant foods in your diet.

Including a range of antioxidant foods containing multivitamins in your diet can help your body produce antioxidants and fight against these free radicals. Once your body starts getting a sufficient dose of antioxidant foods, it shows a lot of positive reactions. It can even help you work out better and make you feel more youthful inside out. If you think you are failing to meet your body’s need for antioxidants, try including a Japanese ceremonial matcha green tea in your routine to make it a ritual to look forward to every day! If you suffer from high levels of stress or anxiety, you should look for supplements for anxiety containing suntheanine. These can help your body function better stress-free, and result in the production of adequate antioxidants.

2. Eat more nutritious food

The majority of us are aware of the things we need to do to eat better: eliminate fried food and sugar and add more fruits and veggies to our diet. However, far too many of us are in the dark about the benefits of nutritious eating and the steps we need to take to get there.

For physical health

The importance of getting correct nutrition cannot be stressed enough because it is a crucial component of living a healthy lifestyle. Many of us link fad diets with fat loss or weight loss supplements, but eating a balanced diet is actually the greatest way to keep your weight in check, along with getting whole food multivitamins your body needs to function properly. Additionally, there’s no harm in looking at weight loss supplements that will help you burn more fat and use the nutritious food you eat to nurture and repair your muscles.

A well-balanced diet also keeps your immune system in peak condition and protects you against several infections and immunodeficiency concerns.

For mental health

Consuming appropriate nutrients that come from fresh, nutritious foods can also improve your mood because they naturally contain minerals like iron and omega-3 fatty acids, and are an abundant source of daily fiber. Iron helps enzymes like serotonin and dopamine carry out neurotransmitter synthesis to regulate mood and reduce anxiety. You can also look at a fiber supplement or fiber tablets to get your daily dose of the macronutrient. This in turn helps you stay healthier overall and also defends you from mental health disorders by helping your body and brain function at an optimum level. In addition to this, eating a portion of healthy food can also lower the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. In short, consuming a diet high in plant-based foods, such as whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fruits, will assist your body in fending off chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. Try to avoid fad diets, which we all know are unsustainable and momentary.

3. Watch your protein intake

The building blocks of life are proteins. Protein is present in every human cell. In order for your body to repair damaged cells and create new ones, you need protein and collagen in your diet. But the real issue is that we never recognize the importance of a high-protein diet because our meals are dominated by carbohydrates. We need at least 1gm of protein per kilogram of our body weight for a sedentary lifestyle, and the need increases as our activity levels go up. The energy density of proteins is equivalent to that of carbs. The body does not, however, store proteins the same way it does fats and carbohydrates. You must therefore ingest protein on a daily basis. Animal and plant sources are both excellent ways to increase your protein intake.

The majority of the amino acids that we require for good health may be produced by our bodies, but some of them cannot and must be obtained through diet. There are 9 essential amino acids that our body is unable to synthesize. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you can look at the numerous options of plant proteins available in the market. The best pick would be the one that contains the essential amino acids and has no sugar or other additives.

If you’re also resolving to lose some weight this year, here’s another insight. You don't experience the impulse to eat as frequently when you eat enough protein. This can help you reduce weight while providing your cells with the essential nutrition they require. If you exercise regularly, our recommendation would be to add a fiber supplement and multivitamin supplements or multivitamin tablets along with your protein to get the most out of your workouts.

4. Workout for your mental health

You could find it challenging to stay committed to your goal if you solely exercise to reduce weight. While it may take a few weeks or months to notice changes in your appearance, there are many ways that exercise can enhance your health on the inside. Some of the immediate effects of exercise can help you stay motivated when you're ready to give up. All the substantial research available on this makes it clear that we should all engage in physical activity. If you want to live a long, healthy life that you enjoy, it is essential.

Your body produces endorphins as a result of exercise, which generates feelings of joy and satisfaction. Exercise has been proven to boost the likelihood of recovery in individuals with serious depression by enhancing endorphin circulation. If you're not exactly the gym-rat type, don't worry; exercising for just 30 minutes a few times a week can significantly improve your mood. It even acts as a substitute for supplements for anxiety. Even the performance of the brain as a whole can be enhanced by cardiovascular activity, according to studies. If you didn’t already know, a mid-day workout sesh can also regulate your sleep cycle. So to be a better version of yourself in the coming months, you know what to do now!

5. Test yourself for lack of any vitamins

The levels of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in your blood are measured by a vitamin profile test. A thorough examination that measures the body's level of important nutrients is called a vitamin profile. This type of test evaluates the majority of the body's essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, vitamin B12, iron, and calcium.

Every person has different nutritional demands from time to time, but our diet doesn't have the ideal balance to satisfy them all. As a result, for optimal nutrition, supplements must be taken either as a baseline or in addition to consuming actual, entire meals. A vitamin profile test analyses nutritional deficits over time and aids in identifying anyone who needs extra supplements to improve their wellness. It is also important to note that multivitamin tablets for men and a multivitamin for women may have different micronutrient needs that differ with age as well. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to choose sustainable multivitamin tablets that work in an efficient manner giving you the potent nutrition that you need to function at your best.

6. Don’t guilt yourself for eating desserts

Dessert is often the first food you give up when trying to lose weight. But hear us out, it is possible to devour that chocolate cake without feeling bad. The notion that carbohydrates are a necessary nutrient for the body is frequently ignored by low-carb diets. The correct indulgences may feed your body and mind, even though sweets may not be the healthiest source of carbohydrates. One of the main reasons diets fail is due to sweet cravings. The average adult may experience an improvement in their short-term fitness objectives when they stop consuming sweets altogether. However, completely eliminating sweets from your diet in order to lose weight almost always results in binge eating and excessive consumption when you finally allow yourself to indulge.

The success of a diet is more likely to result from balancing your indulgences with healthier eating and frequent activity than from fully removing them. Don't be afraid to incorporate a small quantity of dessert as one of your daily meals in addition to eating a balanced diet of complete grains, vegetables, and protein. Some healthy dessert options can help you get the recommended amount of nutrients for the day and have proven health advantages. But they can also be low in fiber so make sure to fill in those gaps with a fiber supplement or fiber tablets.

7. Show gratitude to life in your own way

The advantages of gratitude are almost boundless. People who regularly express their gratitude by taking the time to notice and think about the things they are grateful for are able to express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems. They also experience more positive emotions, better quality sleep, and feel more content. We’re usually grateful for the significant events in life, like when you get a promotion at work, for example, but you might also be grateful for something as simple as getting some sunlight on a cold winter morning.

The more frequently you focus on your sense of being, the more likely you are to feel grateful for the simpler things. This can lead to feelings of fulfillment and contentment. Being aware of ourselves and our environment is necessary for many things, including our ability to notice the wonders of nature, acts of compassion from others, and even the stability of our jobs.

We can train our minds to be more grateful by being conscious of ourselves, other people, and our environment. What many people practice (and you could too) is simply keeping a thankfulness diary, where you routinely write brief observations about things for which you’re grateful. It can not only significantly improve your well-being but also enrich your sense of fulfillment in life.

8. Prioritize time with your loved ones

Just like we all need alone time, spending quality time with friends and family is also important for one’s well-being. Think of it as supplements for anxiety and harbingers of a good mood. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, social interaction benefits everyone. If you're unsure of where to begin, think about starting small with something uncomplicated, like dinner at the table or an evening board game. Going for a walk, having dinner together every day, or getting involved in some DIY activities as a group is a fantastic way to get in some family time. According to a study, people who are supported by their family and friends actually have lower pulse and blood pressure, which over time lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Family and social time are an investment for the future. It is an investment in the system's security, happiness, and well-being. It can also be used as a way to get out of the daily rut and the never-ending demands of the outside world. Finding the time is essential to being connected and to giving and receiving support and affection, even when it isn't always simple to do so. The gift of time is the greatest gift there is. We all appear to be lacking that these days. Therefore, by continually delivering the gift of your time to others, everyone can feel loved and appreciated - that includes you too!

9. Try and be more self-aware and mindful

Do you ever forget which day you washed your hair? Or do you occasionally forget why you entered a particular space? This could mean that you aren't being mindful enough. Mindfulness is being fully aware of whatever you do, keeping your attention on the ‘now’, tuning into your body's sensations, and letting go of worries about the past or the future.

It is also the practice of being conscious of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Anyone can increase their level of self-awareness and mindfulness with the correct techniques. According to a study, people with high levels of self-awareness and self-reflection tend to have a more positive self-image and a better understanding of other people. More frequently than not, it can increase empathy. Higher self-awareness is also associated with increased initiative and improved communication in the workplace.

Internal self-awareness entails having a solid understanding of your identity and core principles. Your thoughts, actions, and treatment of others all reflect your sense of self. In contrast, external self-awareness is when you are fully aware of how other people view you. Without the two, you could be so preoccupied with maintaining the outward appearance that you lose sight of what really matters to you. Being clear about your goals and taking yourself seriously, having the willingness to understand your behavioral impact on those around you, and being open to criticism or opinions that differ from yours are some of the ways you can be more self-aware, both internally and externally.

10. Listen to your body’s need for rest

With the abundance of zeal we have at the start of the new year, we’re going to want to accomplish everything we can. But what we tend to forget in this process is listening to our body’s needs. Our body and even our brain function best when we take care of ourselves and are well-rested. Getting to a point where our body can use nothing but a break is not the energy we’re carrying into 2023.

In order to start feeling more flexible, fit, energized, and capable of moving through life's busy chores, you must be aware of the symptoms when our bodies are fatigued and need a break. When we experience weariness, we just know that our bodies are pleading for assistance and that they require considerable rest and recovery in order to recuperate and resume functioning at their best. A great addition to your daily regime if you’re feeling too tired or anxious about your plans and goals, could be magnesium tablets or a magnesium supplement. Magnesium supports muscle and nerve function as well as energy synthesis in the body and can play a role in making you feel energetic and motivated to take on your resolutions with ease.

It’s also important to get your 8 hours of deep sleep in order for your body to feel energized the next day. If this is a difficult task for you, opt for natural melatonin supplements that can gently help you drift into a deep slumber.

Our bodies have their own way of alerting us when it's time to slow down, even if we're not listening, even if we haven't had the time or mental space to examine our well-being. Some signs like craving too much sugar, becoming forgetful, gut health issues, inability to fall asleep, feeling more anxious than usual, frequent skin breakouts, etc. can be subtle hints your body may be giving you. Be sure to listen carefully!

Wrapping Up

Don’t let the long list overwhelm you. Use a planner to help yourself stay organized, mark off daily wellness targets, and take on frequent decluttering activities to help you stick to your new year's commitments. Even trying to break your goals into smaller achievements can help you experience how fabulously it all works out. It's time to prioritize yourself this year! After all, new year's resolutions are to be kept for all 12 months. Take things slowly, and you shall win the race of 2023 with utter ease. Happy New Year!


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