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5 Supplements to Add to Your Diet This Winter

Winter is in full swing. It is that time when you dig into your coat and fuzzy socks and take out your warmest blankets to prepare for the coldest months of the year. And along with that, it is also time to take care of the shifting needs of your body. Your body demands extra care in terms of diet during winter. That is because there is less sunlight, low temperature, and the flu and cough and cold.

Therefore, you need to prepare your immune system, gut, and mood center for the change in season, and you can do that with the help of immunity-boosting supplements. In this blog, we will talk about how winter affects your body and mind and the five best supplements to add to your diet in winter to ensure perfect health. So, let's get started.

Supplements You Must Add to Your Diet in Winter

1. Anti-Viral Supplements

Common cold and flu viruses try to enter your body via the nose. But to prevent that, your nasal lining is composed of a sophisticated defense mechanism that works against these intruders.

Your nose secrets mucus that traps these intruders. But the cold air of the winter season colds down the nasal passage and slows down the mucus process. That’s when the immune system and the immune cells work. However, during the cold season, this activity in the immune system reduces, and that's how you catch a cold and the flu.

To take care of your flu and cold, you can rest, gargle with salt water, and use vapour rub. Ingredients like Mulethi, turmeric, tulsi leaves, etc., are great for treating common colds. Mulethi strengthens your respiratory tract, tulsi treats headaches and turmeric comes with anti-inflammatory properties.

You can also opt for anti-viral supplements packed with these beneficial ingredients. These supplements protect you from early signs of sickness, including cold and flu, and boost your immunity.

2. Immunity Boosting Supplements

Keeping your immune system healthy, not just in winter but all year round must be your top priority. While there may not be a magical immunity booster and a good diet, sleep and exercise are crucial, some supplements may prove to be helpful. Certain immunity-boosting supplements come with infection-fighting ingredients.

Look for ingredients like Zinc and Vitamin C while buying supplements for increased immunity. Zinc acts as a great support system to the immunity system, helps the metabolism and wound healing, maintains cell growth and treats common colds or throat infections, common in the winter season. Vitamin C on the other hand supports the production of white blood cells, namely lymphocytes and phagocytes, protecting the body against infection.

3. Bone Strengthening Supplements

There are concerns about the negative impacts of the lack of Vitamin D absorption on bone health in winter. Vitamin D and D3 are essential for bone health. However, it can be difficult to get optimum levels of Vitamin D in winter as people tend to stay most of the time indoors. For those who are Vitamin D deficient or looking for bone-strengthening supplements, daily intake of Vitamin D and D3 supplements can prove to be extremely helpful.

Supplements consisting of Hyaluronic acid or Calcium are also helpful in strengthening the bones. Hyaluronic acid helps in bone development by promoting growth of new cells and tissues. Calcium helps in maintaining strong bones. But, remember, it is not a substitute for Vitamin D, as, without adequate Vitamin D in the body, the body will be unable to use the Calcium consumed.

4. Energy Boosting Supplements

Winter makes it harder to recover from daily workouts and lowers your energy tremendously. To help fight the winter blues, you may want to take energy-boosting supplements.
Vitamin B complex supplements would be a great pick. This impressive team of B vitamins improves mood, are stress busters, contribute towards the production of energy, and are essential for your body's metabolic functions.

Most B vitamins are easily found in different foods. However, B12 is an exception. Most plant-based food items do not have enough quantities of B12. Therefore, vegans and vegetarians might need to consider taking a specific B12 supplement as it converts protein and fat into energy. You can also opt for a general Vitamin B complex supplement that will support all B vitamin needs as a whole.

5. Health and Wellness Supplements

Winters can lay stress on your immune system, lower your energy levels, make you lethargic and affect your skin. To take care of that and protect your overall well-being, you may need multivitamins apart from a healthy diet. Look for supplements with Vitamins like Vitamin C, which has anti-viral properties and protects immunity, B vitamins to support overall well-being, Vitamin A for improving vision, and K2, which improves bone density.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned immunity-boosting supplements consist of crucial nutrients to ensure good overall health during the winter season and all year long. Therefore, make sure to include them in your daily diet.

However, none of these supplements will work for you if you do not follow a healthy diet. A well-rounded diet should be your priority. Supplements will ensure your health only if you consume a nutritious diet daily.

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