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Acerola Cherry: Most Potent Form of Vitamin C!

Have you ever heard about acerola cherry? Did you know it’s one of the best sources of Vitamin C? Probably not. Well, acerola cherry is an underrated fruit. Most people have never tasted it, and those who have aren’t aware of its benefits.

However, we’re going to talk about acerola cherry in this blog. You’ll find what it is, how it tastes, and what benefits it brings as you read along.

What is Acerola Cherry?

Acerola cherry is actually a berry that produces cherry-like fruits. It’s kind of a shrub that originates from the Caribbean and Southern Mexico. Acerola cherry has quite a pleasant taste and is used for several ailments such as:

●    Diarrhea
●    Dysentery  
●    Ailments
●    Cough
●    Cold
However, recently acerola cherry has become popular for its Vitamin C content. Several health and nutrition companies are creating healthcare supplements using acerola cherry for Vitamin C.  

What are the benefits of Acerola Cherry?

Most benefits of acerola cherry are associated with its Vitamin C content. However, acerola cherry also contains:
●    Calcium
●    Iron
●    Niacin
●    Phosphorus
●    Riboflavin   
●    Thiamine  
Whenever we talk about Vitamin C, only oranges come to our mind. However, according to a study, acerola cherry outperforms most Vitamin C-containing fruits, including strawberries and oranges. The only fruit that has more Vitamin C content is rosehip.
Because of Its high Vitamin C content, acerola cherry:
●    Helps prevent radical damage.
●    Improves immunity.
●    Helps reduce depression and fungal infections.
●    Helps fight infections, colds, flu, and sore throat.
●    Prevents the chances of scurvy.
●    Helps relieve symptoms of dysentery and diarrhea.
●    Protects the mucus membrane and helps build collagen.
●    Prevents the risk of colon cancer.
One fantastic benefit of acerola cherry is its ability to prevent iron deficiency. How? Let’s talk about it in detail below.

How does acerola cherry prevent iron deficiency?

Acerola cherry is a good/rich source of Vitamin C., And Vitamin C, in turn, helps improve iron absorption in your body. If your body absorbs more iron from iron-rich foods, you’ll never face iron deficiency or suffer from iron deficiency anemia.

This way, by consuming acerola cherry, you can indirectly prevent iron deficiency.

How to consume Acerola Cherry?

Although naturally consuming the fruit is always good, acerola cherry is a bit different. In just 4-5 days of harvest, the berry decomposes. Also, the acerola cherry juice spoils quite quickly. So, you need to grow it in your backyard to quickly consume it after harvest.

However, this is not feasible for everyone. And this is when acerola cherry supplements come into the picture. Acerola cherry supplements are readily available in the market. Also, such supplements stay actively beneficial for long.

So, it’s better that you opt for acerola cherry supplements over the fruit.

What’s the right dosage of acerola cherry?

If you’re planning to consume acerola cherry supplements, make sure to read the packaging for dosage. You can also connect with your physician or doctor to know the right dosage for your use. Otherwise, it can impact your health.
And in case you’re planning to consume raw acerola cherry, do so in a limited amount. It’s because excessive consumption of acerola cherry might lead to:
●    Frequent urination
●    Diarrhea
●    Dizziness or fainting
●    Flushed appearance
●    Headache (including migraine)
●    Nausea
●    Digestive cramps
●    Vomiting

It’s always recommended/better to talk to an expert before including something in your diet. This way, you can prevent any unexpected health issues.

Which is the best Acerola Cherry supplement in the market?

You’ll find several supplements out there claiming to be the best. However, according to our research, Wellbeing Nutrition’s MELTS® NANO IRON is something you can rely on. Melts Nano Iron contains:
●    Acerola Cherry
●    Iron
●    Organic Beet Root
●    Organic Spinach
●    Organic Swiss chard
●    Folic Acid
●    Organic Pumpkin Seeds
Now, Melts Nano Iron contains Acerola cherry, which further is rich in Vitamin C. By consuming this, you can improve your body’s iron absorption and save yourself from iron deficiencies. Here are all the benefits Melts Nano Iron brings along:
●    Helps in RBC Formation
●    Enhances Iron Absorption
●    Prevents the Risk of Anemia
●    Boosts Energy Levels
●    Improves the Production of Hemoglobin
You can also try out Wellbeing Nutrition’s Daily Greens, which contains acerola cherry along with other farm-fresh greens, veggies, fruits and antioxidant rich superfoods. You can also find acerola cherry in Wellbeing Nutrition’s brand new product, Vitamin C and Zinc, along with rosehip, elderberry and Amla (Indian Gooseberry). Both Daily Greens and Vitamin C and Zinc are in the form of effervescent tablets, that make for delicious and healthy fizzy drinks. Just 1 tablet in a glass of water, will ensure an immunity boost like never before.

Wrapping Up

Vitamin C is quite a potent antioxidant that offers fantastic benefits. It helps improve immunity, enhances digestion, and fights infections naturally.

However, as Vitamin Cis a water-soluble Vitamin, regular consumption of foods or supplements rich in Vitamin C such as acerola cherry is recommended. Otherwise, you might experience Vitamin C deficiency, low immunity, and poor iron absorption.

So, you can either consume raw acerola cherry (not recommended) or acerola cherry/Vitamin C supplements like Melts Nano Iron, Daily Greens or the brand new product, Vitamin C & Zinc. This supplement brings numerous benefits and has an adequate dosage of acerola cherry and other nutrients. So, it’s completely safe for consumption.


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