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All You Need to Know About The New Melts Range

The use of dietary supplements has become the need of the hour in the fast-paced and hectic lives that we are leading nowadays. After all, our on-the-go eating habits have led most of us to develop numerous nutrient deficiencies. As easy as these deficiencies are to ignore, they can also be quite tough to deal with when they surface one after another. If left unchecked for too long, these deficiencies could become severe and lead to an impaired immune system and a few auto-immune and chronic diseases. Now there is a diverse range of traditional supplements available in the market that come in the form of traditional capsules, tablets, and syrups. There are also other forms of sugar-less nutritional supplements like gummies. But we recommend you to consume dietary supplements that combine the best of natural ingredients and advanced science like Wellbeing Nutrition’s oral thin strips aka the Melts range of products, which are effortless to consume.

If you’re a Wellbeing Nutrition patron, you know that we already have quite a wide range of products under the Melts repertoire consisting of 10 highly effective variants such as:

  • Healthy Hair Melts
  • Natural Vitamin D3 Melts
  • Vegan Vitamin B12 Melts
  • Healthy Gut Melts
  • Instant Energy Melts
  • Restful Sleep Melts
  • Throat Relief Melts
  • Multivitamins Melts
  • Nano Iron Melts
  • Eye Care Melts

Now adding to this already diverse range of Melts products are the four new variants - UTI relief Melts, Calm and Relaxation Melts, Hairfall Control Melts, and Testo Power Melts. However, before we get into what they are, let’s quickly take a look at what Melts are, especially for those who haven’t tried them out yet.

What Are Melts?

Rapidly dissolving oral strips, Melts, is perhaps the most effortless range of supplementation you can lay your hands on. They combine the benefits of plant-derived extracts and advanced nanoscience to bring you the best in nutrition and make it effortlessly available and digestible to you. Much safer than the other forms of supplementation and injections, these oral thin strips are very easy to consume. They have been designed in such a way that they dissolve or ‘melt’ the moment they touch the surface of your tongue. Unlike other supplements that come in the form of traditional capsules, you don’t need to consume them with water. They are fast-active and effective, all thanks to the Unison Effect Formula- a German sublingual delivery technique that takes the nutrients straight to the bloodstream rather than via the gut, making them almost 95% more bioavailable than traditional capsules, tablets, syrups, or gummies.

So now that we have learned about what Melts are, let’s look at the 4 new variants. They are as follows:

1. Melts UTI Relief:

If you are always prone to urinary tract infections (UTI) or are often concerned about your bladder health, then you can try Wellbeing Nutrition’s UTI Relief Melts. It has been formulated with organic cranberry extract, green tea, chamomile & blueberry extracts and aids in cleansing the urinary tract & reducing impurities in the system.
Unlike antibiotics that have the potential to resist and pose a challenge in treating urinary tract infections, UTI relief melts provide natural & potent antioxidants from chamomile, which is a gentle diuretic & blueberry extract with the highest ORAC ((Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score that helps reduce inflammation and the development of resistance in treating bladder-related issues.

The Epigallocatechin (EGC) in Green tea & Proanthocyanidins (PACs) from Cranberry extract prevents a bacteria called.UPEC (Uro Pathogenic E.Coli), which is responsible for 80-90% of urinary tract infections from attaching to the mucosal lining of the urinary tract and causing painful infections. In a delicious wild cherry cranberry flavour, these UTI Melts are vegan certified and Non-Gmo verified. They are also soy, gluten & gelatin-free, and 100% plant-based. Make these strips a part of your daily routine. Place one strip daily on your tongue 20 minutes after a meal. Have it consistently to start seeing changes. So now say bye-bye to UTI-related discomforts like itching, burning, and frequent urination.

2. Hair Fall Control Melts

Now many of you may wonder, if Wellbeing Nutrition already has Healthy Hair Melts, why come up with another product called Hair Fall Control Melts? Well, this product is scientifically formulated to specifically combat hair loss, unlike Healthy Hair Melts, which like its name, focuses on the entire health of the hair, from the root to the tip, not to forget the scalp as well.

While Healthy Hair Melts contain natural wholefood Biotin (10,000mcg) extracted from Sesbania Agati leaves, Hair Fall Control Melts contain KeranatTM, which is a patented complex of miliacin, extracted from millet seed Panicum miliaceum. It’s a rare molecule that works directly on the biological motor of the hair – the dermal papilla and encourages cell multiplication in the hair bulb. According to clinical studies, Keranat declines hair loss by up to 50% if consistently used for just three months. This further helps improve the health of the scalp, lessening dryness, flakiness, and itching of the scalp thereby reducing hair loss, and making hair stronger & healthier. It also contains iron that helps bolster the oxygen supply to the hair roots, promoting hair regrowth, and helping it to grow faster and longer.

Additionally, it is a blend of essential vitamins & minerals that strengthen hair growth. One of the essential nutrients is Selenium, which is useful for the production of thyroid hormones that help to regulate hair growth. Meanwhile, coconut oil, one of its other essential ingredients, provides vitamins & fatty acids that help nourish the scalp from within. These strips also contain zinc citrate which plays a crucial role in hair repair, while keeping the oil glands around the hair follicles healthy. Lastly, amla aids in balancing the sebum content of your scalp, inhibiting hair fall and protecting the hair from photo or heat damage. It is also a DHT blocker that helps prevent hair loss.
With a delicious tropical strawberry flavour, these Hairfall Control Melts are vegan-certified and Non-Gmo verified. They are also soy, gluten & gelatin-free and are a 100% plant-based product. Place one Melts strip on your tongue 20 minutes post any meal consistently for 6-8 weeks to start seeing changes.

3. Calm and Relaxation Melts

If you are someone who is stressed all the time and gets anxious about the smallest of things, then Calm and Relaxation Melts are just for you. Calm and Relaxation Melts are 100% plant-based oral thin strips that contain nature’s finest extracts like Suntheanine, a clinically researched and patented potent form of L-theanine. Yes, the same ingredient that Restful Sleep Melts has, except that Suntheanine is 10 times more potent form of L-Theanine, which is clinically proven to relieve anxiety, balance mood, enhance relaxation and focus without any signs of drowsiness. Now isn’t that wonderful?

These strips also contain the added benefits of magnesium, which helps activate the vital neurotransmitters that are instrumental in calming the body and mind. Another essential ingredient of these strips is saffron, which helps to boost dopamine levels, also known as the happy hormones. Additionally, chamomile and lemon balm help fight day-to-day stress naturally.

All these ingredients combine to form the Calm and Relaxation Melts that help you stay calm through the adversities without making you feel drowsy and lethargic. Have it once a day consistently for 6-8 weeks and you will see your natural response to stress change. What’s best is that these strips are drug-free and non-habit forming as compared to prescribed or traditional medicines. In a delicious natural Mango flavour, these Calm and Relaxation Melts are vegan certified and Non-Gmo verified. They are also soy, gluten & gelatin-free and are a 100% plant-based product. Place a strip on your tongue 20 minutes before bedtime and you will guarantee calmness and perhaps the best-uninterrupted sleep you’ve ever had in a long time.

4. Testo Power

These strips are a one-stop solution for men who are looking to boost their testosterone production to build a healthy muscle mass to improve their sports performance, reduce symptoms of andropause, and also help them in boosting their libido and sexual vitality. Testo Power contains clinically researched ingredients, such as Testofen, Ginkgo Biloba, zinc, saffron, and ginseng to aid in boosting low testosterone levels and helping you perform your best by increasing stamina, strength, and lean muscle naturally.

The most essential ingredient in these strips is testofen, which is a clinically patented fenugreek extract proven to improve natural testosterone production by up to 98% in men.
Ginkgo Biloba aids in the formation of nitric oxide leading to better testosterone synthesis and improved athletic performance. Furthermore, it also helps the body recover faster after a workout by reducing muscle soreness. Apart from being a natural aphrodisiac, saffron helps improve cognitive function, boost mood, and improve one’s ability to cope with stress. Ginseng helps to bolster energy levels and mental focus. Lastly, zinc helps the body maintain proper thyroid function to improve testosterone levels.

Wellbeing Nutrition has used clinically researched Testofen®, a patented unique extract of fenugreek seed. It supports improved muscle mass and power which help increase sports performance and reduce symptoms of andropause in men. Ginkgo Biloba with Testofen helps support testosterone while promoting sex drive and a healthy libido.

Available in a cool minty flavour, these Testo Power Melts are vegan-certified and Non-Gmo verified. They are also soy, gluten & gelatin-free and are a 100% plant-based product. All you need to do is place one Melts strip on your tongue and post any meal consistently for 6-8 weeks to start seeing improved changes.

Wrapping Up

So now that you know what the new variants are going to be all about, are you excited? We would love to know what you feel about them and which one are you particularly looking forward to? Feel free to leave us a comment below about the same. Also, watch out for this space for more information on the new Melts variants. Worry not, for we won’t keep you waiting for too long. We Promise!


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