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Daily Dose of Green Health - in a Tablet!

According to Biomedical Central, a vast majority of Indians consume less than the required number of fruits, vegetables, cereals, and proteins. What are the possible reasons? Well, most people say that it’s hard to include so many required nutrients in a daily diet.  
And that’s true to some extent. After all, it’s not feasible for everyone to consume milk, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, and other things daily. But this low nutrient intake leads to low productivity, weaker immunity, and overall nutrient deficiency. Then what’s the solution?
Well, this is what this blog is all about. Below, you’re going to find an effective and tested alternative to all those boring foods: Daily Greens. Daily Greens can help you fill the gap of nutrition in your daily diet. If you’re curious to know more, read along.   

What is Daily Greens? 


Daily Greens is a multivitamin nutritional supplement. It’s made using 39 natural farm-fresh ingredients, including:

●    30 plus superfoods rich in antioxidants.
●    15 plus alkaline greens.
●    12 plus whole food multivitamins.
So, basically, Daily Greens is a perfect blend of veggies and greens necessary for your body. All this nutrition and goodness comes packed in easy-to-consume effervescent tablets. That’s the reason we refer to it as the “Daily Dose of Green Health - in a Tablet!”

How to consume Daily Greens?


It’s easier than you think. You need to:
●    Bring a glass of water.
●    Drop a tablet of daily Greens in it.
●    Let it Fizz, and then drink it all.
And do you know what the best part is? It tastes really good!
Please Note: Daily Greens is a multivitamin supplement that is derived from fruits and vegetables. And it’s not a replacement for fruits and veggies. So, you should always consume whatever healthy food you can and trust Daily Greens for filling the gaps that you might leave.

Why choose Daily Greens?


Daily Greens has benefits for all regardless of your age. And as it has the power of green veggies, it can help you:

●    Detoxify your body (because of spinach.)
●    Maintain a healthy mind.
●    Boost your Immune system.
●    Strengthen your bones (because of broccoli.)
●    Improves digestion by activating microflora in the gut.
●    With blood cholesterol attenuation. (because of oat fibers.)
●    Reduce chances of obesity (because of milk.)
●    Improve skin glow.
●    Control Cholesterol (because of carrot.)
●    Combat free radicals.
●    Reduce Inflammation.
Still not convinced? Let’s find out what these super greens effervescent tablets are composed of. But before that, let’s give you a situation.
What if your dietician asks you to consume carrots, milk, asparagus, lima beans, spinach, oats, and broccoli daily? Would you be able to do that? Well, in most cases, no. And this is where Daily Greens jump in.
A single Daily Greens tablet contains as much as: -
●    6 carrots – vitamin C
●    4 glasses of milk– vitamin B12
●    8 cups of asparagus– vitamin B3
●    7 cups of lima beans – vitamin B6
●    2 cups of spinach – iron
●    ½ cup of oats – fiber
●    15 cups of broccoli – vitamin B5
All of the above is jam packed in one tablet. Now how do you match this? On one side, there’s a bucket full of veggies, and on the other, there’s a tasty effervescent tablet. What would you choose?
Now that you know how good Daily Greens is, let's find out whether it’s safe.

Is Daily Greens safe?


Daily Greens is a purely plant-based organic supplement which means it’s completely safe. And if that’s not good enough, Daily Greens is also:

●    Vegan
●    Gluten-Free
●    Sugar-free
●    Preservatives free
●    Allergen-Free
●    GMP Certified  
The icing on the cake is that Daily Greens is tasty, unlike most health supplements. A tasty, healthy, and energizing drink is all you need to get the nutrition for the day.

Can anyone consume Daily Greens?


Yes, anyone can consume Daily Greens as it’s clinically tested and has no side effects. However, if you have some sort of allergy, you should always consult your doctor before opting for Daily Greens or any other dietary supplement.

Wrapping Up – Be Practical


There’s no way everyone can consume the required nutrients daily without supplements. But we need the nutrients whatsoever, right? So, let’s get a little practical. Daily Greens from Wellbeing Nutrition is your best pal for daily nutrition, a healthy mind, and overall wellbeing. It’s safe, easy to consume, affordable, natural, and works effectively. So, make a practical decision and opt for Daily Greens from Wellbeing Nutrition. Have it regularly alongside your daily diet, and you will be able to plug your nutritional gaps.


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