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Does Vitamin C Help Prevent or Manage Diabetes?

Several people claim that Vitamin C helps manage diabetes. But how true is that? Is there even a weak link between vitamin C and diabetes? If you have similar doubts in mind, this blog is for you. Here we'll discuss whether or not vitamin C helps manage diabetes based on research. So, let's begin.

What Does the Research Say?

A research was conducted that involved 31 people (5 women and 26 men) suffering from type 2 diabetes.
One group was administered with 500mg of Vitamin C capsule and the other group with a placebo capsule twice daily for four months. However, the participants never knew what capsules they were taking.
After four months, the participants stopped taking the supplements for one month. This was to wash out all the supplements from the body. Then the capsules for both the groups were switched, and they were told to consume them for another four months.
Note. During the research, patients were also consuming their prescribed medicines.
Both groups' blood glucose level was measured over two 48-hour periods, i.e., once while consuming a placebo supplement and the other time while consuming a Vitamin C supplement.


Post-meal blood sugar levels for 27 patients were found significantly lower after four months of vitamin C supplementation than the people who consumed placebo capsules.

Also, the hours of post-meal hyperglycemia were reduced in the patients after consuming vitamin C supplementation.
So, this study says that consuming Vitamin C supplements helps lower blood sugar levels. And when the blood sugar level is under control, the chances and adverse effects of diabetes are reduced.

Was there any catch?

Yes, there were two:

1.    The study was done on a limited number of individuals(majorly). So, the results cannot be applied to everyone.
2.    The effect of Vitamin C supplementation can't be clearly determined as patients were also consuming other medications.

So, Does Vitamin C Help Prevent or Manage Diabetes?

Although the above study shows positive effects, more research is required to support the claim.

Furthermore, it's thought that free radicals damage our tissues and cells. And this damage might lead to type 2 diabetes. In addition, because of its antioxidant properties, vitamin C can help reduce the effect of free radicals in the body and thus help with diabetes.
All in all, due to the lack of ample evidence, one cannot say that vitamin C helps manage diabetes. Additional research is required to corroborate this. However, you must still consume this essential nutrient as it has other benefits such as improving skin health, respiratory function, immunity, and the like.

So, How Can You Manage Diabetes?

With small lifestyle changes, you can easily manage diabetes. Here are some things you can do:

1.    Say No to Carbs

Carbohydrates are your source of energy. However, when you consume carbs-rich food, the carbs are broken down into sugar(glucose) that enters the blood. This increases the blood sugar level in your body, which is not good for diabetes.

However, if you consume a low-carb diet, you can control the blood sugar levels and thus diabetes.
Here’s what you can go for:

●    Lean meats
●    Eggs
●    Fish
●    Coconut oil
●     Rapeseed oil
●    Nuts and seeds

2.    Start Exercising

Daily exercise or physical activity increases your body's sensitivity towards insulin. This helps your body absorb the insulin better, which further helps manage diabetes. Physical activity is also known to keep blood glucose under control, which saves you from the risk of heart and nerve damage.

3.    Go for Fruits and Leafy Greens

Green vegetables and some fruits can help you control your blood sugar. And better blood sugar means reduced risk of diabetes. So you can go for broccoli, asparagus, carrots, oranges, spinach, lima beans, etc.

Can't consume fruits and veggies daily? Well, you can go for Daily Greens and Vitamin C & Zinc.

What are Daily Greens?

Daily Greens is an amazing nutritional supplement that comes with all the vegetables and fruits you need for the day. It sources the vitamins and minerals from 39 farm-fresh veggies, fruits, and antioxidant-rich foods. Here are some benefits it offers:

●    Fights Free Radicals
●    Helps Manage Blood Sugar Levels
●    Promotes Weight Loss
●    Fights Belly Bloat
●    Offers your Skin a Glow
●    Enhances Your Immune System
●    Boosts Digestion
As Daily Greens helps fight free radicals and manage blood sugar levels, it's quite useful for dealing with diabetes.

What is ‘Vitamin C & Zinc’?

Vitamin C & Zinc’ is a new product launched by Wellbeing Nutrition in its effervescent tablets’ range. It contains rosehip, elderberry, acerola cherry, and Indian gooseberry (amla). Here are some of its benefits:

●    Boost immunity
●    Rich in antioxidants
●    Fight free radicals
●    Reduce inflammation
●    Increase the defense of white blood cells

Wrapping Up 

Vitamin C and diabetes have a pretty weak link as the evidence supporting vitamin C's effect on diabetes is not strong enough. However, if you want, you can enjoy the benefit of the doubt and consume vitamin C supplements as they will help meet your body’s requirements and aid in your body’s proper functioning. But do that only after discussing the same with your doctor.

Also, you can cut your carbs, include exercise, and consume leafy green veggies or supplements such as Daily Greens and Vitamin C & Zinc for better health and to treat diabetes. So, order your pack of these supplements and enjoy National Diabetes Month with good health and stable blood sugar levels.


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