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Fizzy Drinks Can Be Good Too!

Fizz is fun” most would agree, but can it be good for you?

Many would raise eyebrows to this because of the bad reputation fizzy drinks have earned worldwide. Infamous for their ill effects on health like high sugar, obesity, damage to teeth enamel, acidity and other serious disorders in the body. To sum the popular notion- fizz and health do not go hand-in-hand. But we are going to bust this myth for you by telling you how good a fizzy drink can be for your health and wellbeing. How, you ask? Well, let’s find out.

Fizz tablets vs Regular tablets

Regular tablets are solid oral dosages that take time to dissolve in the stomach resulting in delayed-action and a slower rate of nutrient absorption. While effervescent tablets overcome this challenge, they release carbon dioxide when they come in contact with water or other liquids, which quickly disintegrates and dissolves the tablets into a homogeneous solution that is faster and better to absorb. Also there are some compositions that may be moisture or pH sensitive, which are formulated as effervescent tablets.

People who find it difficult to swallow regular tablets/capsules prefer to fizz up. Effervescent tablets are convenient to consume and make tasty, refreshing fizzy drinks quickly that have higher efficacy.

Quick Absorption And Action

Effervescent tablets uniformly dissolve as compared to conventional tablets, which have a longer lag time in nutrient-release. The fizzy formulations are 100% bio-available providing faster and better gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients.
Hence, effervescent oral drug-delivery systems are more effective for people with poor digestive health or sore throats. Getting therapeutic nutrition in the form of a fizz drink can also be a big relief to those who are taking multiple oral medications in the day.  

Tasty Hydration – Gulp or Glassful

Generally, people wash down a regular tablet with a few gulps of water but an effervescent supplement adds a full glass of nutrient-rich hydration to the body. Also studies have shown that people are more inclined to consume palatable nutritional- supplements and effervescent tablets add tasty flavors to the drink making them a healthy replacement of other sugary pick-me-ups. Indeed a fun way to get twin benefits from a health and hydration standpoint.

Easy on the gut

Effervescent tablets dissolve entirely and uniformly to provide quicker effective absorption. In contrast, regular tablets being solid, when ingested, can at times partially dissolve, leading to localized concentrations of the ingredients resulting in irritation and discomfort. Fizzy formulations are designed for faster onset of action without inducing any stomach or esophageal irritation.

Anywhere-Anytime nutrition

Effervescent tablets are easy to carry and easy to consume. You can simply dunk one of these good guys in the water and savor a fine health drink anywhere. Unlike regular tablets and powders, effervescent tablets do not require stirring to ensure if it has dissolved properly, with no trace of a lump behind.

New-age nutraceuticals like Wellbeing Nutrition are offering a plethora of smart nutritional supplements in the form of delicious effervescent tablets which deliver whole food nutrition and supplements that boost immunity, improve gut health and digestion and make your skin glow like never before. Wellbeing Nutrition brings in a revolution in nutritional supplementation with their Holistic Health kit, which offers a well rounded nutritional and immunity- boosting variety of supplements that you can conveniently have anywhere.

●    Daily Greens, gives you 100% natural wholefood nutrition from 39 farm fresh greens that fills gaps in your diet.
●    Grandma’s Kadha, gives you the goodness of 13 adaptogenic herbs to prevent coughs and infections.
●    Probiotic and Prebiotic ,contains 36 billion live cultures and 6 clinically approved strains for complete gut health.
●    Skin Fuel contains bioactive Japanese marine collagen, l–glutathione, hyaluronic acid and 7 other antioxidants in one clinically approved formula to help give you firm, supple, radiant skin.

These effervescent supplements contain only premium and organic ingredients that ensure you do not miss out on your daily dose of nutrition on a busy day. Undoubtedly the best way to get pure health and nutrition, in the form of hassle-free, zero preservation, fizz tablets.  

Take away

Effervescent tablets have become the new and popular way of consuming medications and supplements, as they are easy to consume, easy to carry and are known to provide faster action. More and more people are taking their daily vitamins and minerals in a tasty fizz-up style and with such advances in drug science getting a thumbs up from health experts, the trend is only likely to get bigger.

If you still haven’t tried a healthy fizzy drink bubbling its way into a glass, we suggest you pick up one from Wellbeing Nutrition and simply ‘eff your way to wellness!’


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