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Glutathione Supplements: Why is Everyone Obsessed with Them?

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant produced by your body cells. Quite recently, it has become quite popular because of the amazing health benefits it provides. It is like the master antioxidant that protects the human body like a superhero. And that is the reason why people are so much into Glutathione supplements.

But what exactly is glutathione? What benefits does it provide? Let us read ahead and find out.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is an important antioxidant that plays a huge role in several chemical reactions that take place in the body and combats free radicals that might prove to be damaging to the cells. It is made up of three amino acids, namely glycine, cysteine, and glutamine.

Glutathione is often available as topicals creams or gels, and even oral supplements..

What are the Different Glutathione Rich Food Sources?

Here are some common foods rich in glutathione:

  • Sulfur-rich foods like rice, bread, pasta, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc.
  • Vitamin C-rich foods like kiwis, strawberries, cauliflower, papayas, potatoes, etc.
  • Herbs and spices like turmeric, milk thistle, curcumin, etc.
  • Selenium-rich foods like sunflower seeds, cottage seeds, beans, Brazilian nuts, etc.

However, supplements are often a beneficial and safe way to meet the required amounts of glutathione in your body because they're easy to consume and contain the required nutrients in an adequate amount.

What are the Benefits of Taking Glutathione Supplements?

1. Reduction in oxidative stress

Free radicals are molecules that contribute to high cellular damage when in uncontrolled numbers. When the body faces an imbalance in the levels of free radicals, it also loses the ability to fight off infection. Owing to this, you go in a state of oxidative stress which can cause many diseases. In these cases, glutathione supplementation can help your body balance out the level of free radicals and brace it to resist further oxidative stress.

2. Antioxidant Effects

Oxidation is a natural process that takes place in the body. During the oxidation process, the electrons move between the molecules changing the molecule's structure and function, thereby affecting your cells.

A Glutathione supplement is like lemon. Just how by sprinkling some lemon juice over your fruit prevents it from turning bad or brown; adequate Glutathione levels will prevent the body from oxidizing or browning, further preventing the cells. Glutathione binds with the oxidative compounds directly, thereby protecting the cell membranes from damage. That is why it is termed the master antioxidant that comes with the most benefits.

3. May prevent cancer progression

A few researches showcase the positive role of glutathione in preventing cancer progression. In contrast, some researches also indicate that the matter may make the tumours in the body a little less receptive to chemotherapy. Until more research is done, this benefit remains undermined to an extent.

4. Helps Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is the root cause of major health concerns in the body. High inflammation levels in the body are common among people with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Several factors, like the environment, toxins, lifestyle, stress, etc., can disrupt your body's normal processes, and inflammation is one of them.

However, fortunately, glutathione is one of the best ways to combat inflammation. Glutathione supplements control inflammation by directing the white blood cells where they're required.

5. Brings Back Skin's Radiance

Glutathione plays an important role in almost every cells of the body. But the most visible effect you would see would be on the skin. With age, the production of glutathione reduces, also reducing the antioxidant mechanism. It leads to oxidative stress and causes cell aging. A great way of slowing that would be glutathione supplementation.

Wrapping Up

Glutathione is an antioxidant with abundant benefits for the body. Its level can start to reduce with age, stress, and several other factors. That's why it is important to take enough amounts of glutathione in the form of supplements or by consuming glutathione-rich foods so that your body can enjoy all the benefits it provides.


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