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How Long Do Collagen Supplements Take to Work?

Collagen is a protein made up of 18 amino acids and these amino acids and proteins provide our bodies with the building blocks they need to heal, grow, repair and rejuvenate. Collagen is a structural protein that make up the framework or structure of your cells and tissues. For example, your body has type I collagen, composed of tightly packed, flexible fibers, in around 90% of the total.

Our body starts losing up to 1.5% of its natural collagen every year after our early twenties. Several factors like UV exposure, stress, smoking can add to it. This collagen loss can lead to noticeable signs of aging such as

Skin - fine lines, wrinkles, age spots
Hair - lacklustre, prone to split ends, brittle, dry
Nails - brittle, weak
Joints - begin to ache or make those crackle and pop noises when you move
Gut - stomach lining can be compromised, allowing toxins to leak into your system, causing microbiome imbalance.

Fortunately, with a nutritious diet and collagen supplements, not only can you slow the signs of aging but also replenish the collagen reserves. However, that takes some time. How much time? Well, read along to find out.

Benefits of Collagen

Enhances Skin,Nail and Hair Health

Collagen is a source of indispensable amino acids that can help improve skin elasticity. Your skin may feel dry and flaky due to environmental conditions or aging-related collagen loss. However, collagen can help give your skin the moisture required to keep a smooth, silky, radiant appearance.

Furthermore, Collagen supplements may promote nail and hair health and aids in skin cell renewal and regeneration. It also lessens wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and pigmentation.

Eases Joint Pain

Your risk of degenerative joint diseases like osteoarthritis rises because your body produces less collagen. Even your bone density reduces, and the bones become more brittle as you age, breaking more easily and taking longer to repair.

However, collagen supplementation can slow down collagen loss and thus ease joint pain, according to a study. Regular supplementation can also help you can move more easily and reduce the chances of joint degeneration.

Supports Muscle Growth & Recovery

There is encouraging evidence that including collagen in your diet can positively impact microcirculation which may help your muscle growth.

Collagen contains numerous amino acids along with Glycine and arginine that are important for creatine synthesis production. And creatine, as you know, helps with muscle recovery and muscle mass and improves overall strength.

How Long Does it take Collagen Supplements to Work?

Unfortunately, there's no concrete answer as to how long it will take for collagen supplements to work in your case. It's because everyone is different, and their body reacts differently to collagen.

However, if you consider the studies:

  • It takes around 6-8 weeks for collagen supplements to show their impact on skin.

  • For joint health, it takes around six months, according to a study, and 3-6 months for better ligaments and tendons.

  • For nails, it takes around 24 weeks to show effect.

  • For bones, it takes around 12 months.

Here are the things that can impact how fast collagen supplements work:

  • Diet: Collagen doesn't contain all nine amino acids, which makes it an incomplete protein. So, relying on collagen only without consuming other proteins might reduce its ability to show effect.

  • Dosage: Collagen isn’t dangerous when taken in large doses, however, as it is similar to Vitamin C, the more you take, the more your body will use and will pass through. Taking more than the recommended dose won’t give rapidly give you a youthful appearance whilst taking too little could mean a longer time for collagen to take effect.

  • Choosing the right supplement: Not every collagen supplement out there is reliable and contains the collagen type your body needs. The type of collagen that you ingest will depend on the type of effects that you expect from it. For example, if you’re taking Type 1 & 3, you will probably be looking for a boost in skin youthfulness and elasticity. Be sure to find the right mix of collagen types for the effects you’re after.

However, we have some reliable supplements for you that contain the right collagen for the best results. Read along to find out about them.

Reliable Collagen Supplements

The Korean Marine Collagen Peptide is the purest collagen on Earth that contains type 1 and type 3 collagen peptides, promoting naturally healthy skin, immunity, and body. A scoop each day in your favorite drink is all you need to experience the benefits.

Another transformational Japanese collagen is Glow Japanese Marine Collagen: a patented combination of clinically studied ingredients SkinAx²™, Glutathione, Resveratrol, Bromelain, Goji Berry, and wild-caught marine collagen (type 1&3) smooth, glowing, hydrated, wrinkle-free and radiant skin.

Yet another reliable collagen supplement is Beauty Japanese Marine Collagen Peptides which also contains premium wild-caught marine collagen along with Hyaluronic Acid, Astaxanthin, Rosehip, Natural Biotin, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C in precise doses for better hair, nails, and skin health.

Wrapping Up

A collagen supplement can help you improve your skin, hair, nails, and even joints & bones. However, diet, dosage, and the collagen supplement you consume impact how fast collagen will act on your body. Therefore, follow a protein-rich diet, consume the required dosage, and order reliable collagen supplements like the ones listed above to the look and feel youthful.


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