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Merry Christmas! Santa Has Come Bearing Great Offers This Year-End!

It’s December - the Giving Season - a time for conveying your heartfelt gratitude to the year gone by and gifting something special to your loved ones, communities or the society at large. Holiday shopping can be cumbersome, yes, but not when you want to give someone a gift that will nudge them to prioritize their health and wellbeing above all else. After all, that’s the best way to show them that they matter and that you care for them. And there’s no stopping you from gifting yourself one of these gifts, either, is it? At Wellbeing Nutrition, we’ve got you covered. This Christmas, we come as Santa bearing great offers to ensure you end the year with a bang! What are they, you ask? Well, read along to know more about them!

Best Christmas 2021 Offers: The Bundle Up & Save Offer

This year-end, we have the perfect offers for you! The Bundle Up & Save offer that goes live on 17th December has Flat 25% discount on selected bundles. Avail the offer on all these bundles.

●    Melts® Beauty Pack: This is the perfect duo, comprising Healthy Hair melts® and Healthy Gut melts®, which guarantee wholesome beauty. While Healthy Hair melts® ensures you have strong and luscious hair, Healthy Gut with Probiotic and Apple Cider Vinegar ensures you have sound gut health, which translates to a glowing and radiant complexion. This way, this combo pack focuses on enhancing your beauty from within.
●    Melts® Women’s Performance Pack: Nothing takes care of women’s health the way vitamin D3 and iron supplements do.These two nutrients are incredibly vital for maintaining a woman’s overall health and wellbeing. While Nano Iron melts® enhances haemoglobin levels and prevents anemia, vitamin D3 melts® ensures you have stronger bones and immunity.
●    Melts® Performance Pack: Feel fatigued and tired most of the time? Then give this combo pack a try, which includes two products - melts® Instant Energy + melts® Multivitamins. While the former provides you with the necessary energy boost with its natural ingredients, the latter plugs in the deficiencies by ensuring you get all your nutritional requirements met. This resonates into improved energy levels and instant mood upliftment.
●    Heart And Gut Health Trio: This combo pack consists of natural vitamin D3 melts®️, vegan vitamin B12, and probiotics+prebiotics. All of which contribute towards neutralizing the toxic build-up in the body, improving gut health, and eventually providing cardiovascular support.
●    Hair Care Kit: Who doesn’t love long, luscious, strong, healthy hair that is voluminous and doesn’t fall? Lack of sufficient amounts of vitamin D3 and vitamin B7 (biotin) can result in severe hair loss. So if you want to undo the effects of these deficiencies, start taking this combo pack that comprises  vitamin D3 melts® and Healthy Hair melts®.
●    Active All Day Pack: This combo pack includes melts® Throat Relief and melts® Instant Energy, both of which will ensure you are active all day long. While the former ensures you don’t suffer from cough, cold,congestion, and sore throat that can severely disrupt your energy levels and day, the latter contains all natural ingredients that make sure you stay active and energised, always.
●    Cough & Cold Relief Kit: This pack is a must-buy for all those who fall prey to the flu bug very often. Containing melts® Throat Relief and Grandma’s Kadha, Cough & Cold Relief Kit will ensure you stay healthy, keeping all kinds of infections at bay!
●    Natural Beauty Kit: Your hair and skin are the two most noticeable aspects of beauty that everyone needs to take care of as we age. Don’t worry as we have the perfect solution for the same- the Natural Beauty Kit that includes Skin Fuel and melts®Healthy Hair. Daily consumption of Skin Fuel will help reduce blemishes and give you that natural glow, from within, while melts®Healthy Hair will reduce hairfall and protect your hair from damage,while naturally giving strong and healthy hair.
●    Superior Brain Health Pack:The best combo pack for your cognitive health is the superior brain health pack, which includes Daily Greens and melts® Vegan Vitamin B12. The former is a blend of essential nutrients that help in managing stress well and protect cognitive function, while the latter plays a key role in preventing brain atrophy- a condition that results in the loss of neurons in the brain, which often causes memory loss or dementia over a period of time.
●    Deep Sleep Pack: Sleep is perhaps the most important factor of sound health. It regulates your digestion, hormones, mood, skin health, and immunity, among other things. Melts®Restful Sleep and Melts® Natural Vitamin D3 are included in this pack, both of which work in synergy to ensure you get a good night’s restful sleep.
●    Super Energy Kit: If you want a boost of the most superlative form of energy, then go for the super energy kit that consists of Melts® Instant Energy and Melts® Vitamin B12.
●    Insomnia Relief: If you are suffering from insomnia and are looking for supplements to help you overcome it, then this pack is for you. It includes Melts®Restful Sleep and Melts®Vegan Vitamin B12. While the former helps to get uninterrupted sleep, the latter supports a healthy nervous system and eventually helps you tackle insomnia.
●    Essential Vitamins: Vitamin D and vitamin B12 are two of the most important vitamins that your body needs for its optimum functioning. Strangely, these are also the two vitamins that most people are deficient in. The Essential Vitamins Pack ensures we get our daily dose of nutrients and stay in the best of health.
●    Pure Energy Combo: Feel low on energy and want a natural substitute to your regular cup of coffee? Well, then the pure energy combo pack is a must for you! Consisting of Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea and Melts® Instant Energy, the Pure Energy Combo Pack will ensure your energy game is always on point.
●    Heart Health Kit:  With Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea, vitamin D3 melts® and Melts®Vegan Vitamin B12 included in this pack, the Heart Health Kit will ensure your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are always in check, thereby improving heart health.

New Year’s Resolution Sale

Here’s an offer that you just won’t be able to resist! This is what you call ending a year with a bang! After all, you would want to start the new year on a healthier note. Wouldn’t you want to sample some of our products to see which ones work for you and which don’t? Starting 20th till the 31st, if you make a minimum purchase of Rs 1000/-, you will get a free sampler box worth Rs 300.

Now aren’t these offers exciting? We are sure you are planning to go all-out this year and get yourselves and your loved ones a dose of wholesome wellbeing. Keep watching this space for more updates on the offers.
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