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The Perfect Duo to Include in Your Daily Nutritional Intake

Haven’t heard of the Wellbeing Duo yet? Well, you're surely missing out on something highly nutritious. The wellbeing duo can help your body meet all your daily nutrition needs and hundreds of people are already consuming it. Are you curious to know what this duo is and how it can help your body? Well, read along.

What is Wellbeing Duo?

 The Wellbeing duo is a combination of two nutritional supplements to make sure all your health and wellness requirements are met. This duo comprises Daily Greens and Grandma's Kadha from the nutritionexpert Wellbeing Nutrition. Below, we'll talk about both these supplements in detail:
●    How each supplement helps your body.
●    Whether or not the duo is good enough to meet your daily nutrition needs.

What is Daily Greens?

Daily Greens is a nutritional supplement that helps you get your daily dose of nutrition. It's made from 39 veggies, fruits, fresh farm greens, along with superfoods rich in antioxidants. A single effervescent tablet of Daily Greens contains as much as:
●    15 Cups of Broccoli – Vitamin B5
●    4 Glasses of Milk– Vitamin B12
●    6 Carrots – Vitamin C
●    8 Cups of Asparagus– Vitamin B3
●    2 Cups of Spinach – Iron
●    7 Cups of Lima Beans – Vitamin B6
●    ½ Cup of Oats – Fiber
Yes, everything listed above comes in a single nutrition tablet of Daily Greens. All these ingredients can help you:
●    Relieve Stress.  
●    Improve bone health.
●    Detoxify your body.
●    Increase oxygen level.
●    Fight free radicals.
●    Decrease inflammation.
●    Protect your brain.
●    Lose weight.
●    Improve digestion.
●    Prevent Bloating.
●    Reduce Inflammation.
The effervescent tablets are quite tasty and easy to consume too. You need to drop a tablet in a cup of water, let it fizz, and your daily dose of nutrition is ready.

What is Grandma's Kadha?

Grandma's Kadha is a combination of 13 medicinal herbs that promote your overall wellbeing. One single water-soluble tablet of Grandma's Kadha has the following herbs with the benefits:

●    Echinacea – Boosts Immunity.
●    Mulethi – Lowers inflammation and boosts the immune system.
●    Kulinjan – Helps prevent stomach ulcers and discomfort.
●    Kalmegh – Promotes better digestion.
●    Coriander – Lowers cholesterol level.
●    Shankapushpi – Helps deal with anxiety, insomnia, and stress.   
●    Bharangi – Comes with anti-microbial properties.
●    Dry ginger – Helps regulate blood sugar levels.
●    Adulsa – Reduces blood pressure.
●    Amla – Helps regulate blood sugar levels.
●    Black pepper – Works as an antioxidant.
●    Tulsi – Helps reduce blood glucose and thus diabetes.
You just need to drop the tablet in water, let it dissolve, and you'll eventually start feeling all the goodness.

Is Daily Greens + Grandma's Kadha good enough?

Daily Greens and Grandma's Kadha are a perfect combination of natural vegetables, fruits, and medicinal herbs. It means you’ll get the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

When you consume this duo daily, you'll notice better digestion, brain functioning, gut, immunity, sleep, skin, blood sugar levels, and overall wellbeing. Also, this duo is entirely safe, organic, and has natural ingredients only.

So, yes, Daily Greens + Grandma's Kadha are good enough and the perfect choice for anyone who wants the daily dose of nutrition.

Why choose supplements over natural sources to meet daily nutritional needs?

It's always recommended to go for natural nutrition instead of supplements. However, this is practically almost impossible for everyone to do so.
Why? Well, can you include all the veggies and fruits in your diet that are available in one tablet of Daily Greens? Or can you consume all the medicinal herbs that come in a single tablet of Grandma's Kadha? Obviously not. And even if you do, it'll be an utterly costly affair or an equally hard diet to stick to.
It's the reason supplements are recommended over natural sources for meeting your daily nutrition needs. Daily Greens + Grandma's Kadha are made from natural extracts, which are safe, tasty, easy to consume, and affordable. So, opting for supplements over natural sources is what you should do in most cases, particularly if your regular diet fails to meet your regular nutritional requirements.

Wrapping up 

The daily nutritional intake of a majority of Indians is less than what it should be. Maybe it's because of a busy lifestyle or an inability to follow a boring diet plan. Whatsoever the reason may be, a lack of daily nutrition can affect your health significantly.

You may have to suffer from indigestion, weakness, weak bones, and several other issues. So, what's the solution? Well, Daily Greens + Grandma's Kadha aka The Wellbeing Duo is the perfect solution. It's a perfect combination of all the nutrition that your body requires. Also, these supplements are not synthetic, are clinically proven, and have no side effects. So, buy this perfect duo now and be rest assured that your overall wellbeing will be properly taken care of.


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