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World Food Day: Appreciating the Role of Supplements in Maintaining a Balanced Diet

World Food Day is celebrated on October 16 every year to spread awareness among people about the issue of hunger and the importance of a healthy diet. This day is not just about realizing how a lot of people have access to the best quality foods but also about raising awareness concerning people who do not have access to a nutrient-rich diet and suffer from poverty and starvation.

People these days are quite busy in their lives, work, and careers, leaving very little time for them to take care of their diet. This leads to improper intake of nutrients, which further causes underdevelopment of the kids, malnutrition, and several other health issues. And that is the reason why you need supplements.

Supplements complement your diet with the nutrients in the right amount that your daily diet might lack. But most people aren't aware of the benefits and importance of supplements.

On the occasion of World Food Day, we will discuss the role and importance of supplements in maintaining a balanced diet.

History & Significance of World Food Day

World Food Day initially celebrated the establishment of the Food and Agricultural Organization in 1979. It then became a day of raising awareness about hunger, malnutrition, food production, healthy food, and sustainability.

The day aims at tackling world poverty and hunger and working towards eradicating hunger all over the world. The theme for this year (2022) is ‘Leave No One Behind”.

Role of Supplements in Maintaining a Balanced Diet

No matter how healthy your daily diet is, there will always be chances of having a nutritional deficiency. Supplements will make sure you consume enough nutrients. Let us discuss the role and importance of supplements in your diet and life: -

1. Supplements Help in Restoring the Nutrient Imbalance in Older People

When you get older, your body doesn't absorb nutrients as much as it used to. That happens because, with age, the body loses the capability to break down nutrients efficiently and absorb them. Lack of nutrients can lead to an increased risk of disability and reduced mental and physical functions.

With age, the consumption of medications due to whatever reason also increases, and many medicines lead to the depletion of nutrients. That is why you need to follow a healthy diet and opt for nutrient supplements.

2. Supplements Help People with Poor Eating Habits

Constantly consuming junk and processed food is very common these days. As a result, people can't get all the necessary nutrients leading to disturbed digestion. It affects your digestive system making it difficult for your body to absorb all the nutrients from the food.

While supplements can't replace the need for a nutrient-rich diet, it prevents the damage that might occur to the body due to a lack of essential nutrients. Also, supplements help you get the proper nutrients in an adequate amount.

3. Supplements Boost Your Immune System

Taking precautions for disease prevention is much better and cheaper than seeking treatments for those diseases. Thanks to nutritional supplements, you can now take care of your health by giving your immune system a boost. This way, your body can fight off the invaders and keep you safe from all harmful diseases and health problems.

Tons of supplements can help your immune system become more efficient and active. One of them is Daily Green by Wellbeing Nutrition, containing the power of Vitamin C as oranges, fiber, zinc, iron, and Vitamins B12 and B6., which are great for boosting your immunity and detoxifying the body.

4. Supplements Provide Nutrients to Pregnant Women

Taking supplements like prenatal vitamins during pregnancy can prove to be beneficial for women and encourage a healthy pregnancy. These vitamins are beneficial not only for pregnant women but the baby growing inside them. Supplements for pregnant women are designed specifically, owing to the need of their bodies.

Many such supplements have ingredients like folic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Iron, and several other beneficial minerals and vitamins.

You should, of course, check these supplements with your healthcare advisor before starting these supplements when you are pregnant.

5. Supplements Help with Mental Health and Sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to several issues like depression, stress, anxiety, heart disease, etc. If you fail to sleep properly due to any reason, you need to make changes in your daily routine. It can be making a stricter sleep schedule, reducing screen time, and avoiding the use of screens at least one hour before bedtime; instead, you can opt for reading books or listening to soothing songs.

You can, however, also opt for a supplement. Certain supplements calm your mind and help you get a sound sleep so that you wake up refreshed and energetic. It is because of the beneficial ingredients in them, like melatonin, L-theanine, Chamomile, etc., that reduce brain activity, leading you to sleep peacefully.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the role supplements play in your daily diet to and take care of your body, it is time to find the best supplement suited to your needs. If you are looking for some health supplements that help in the smooth and healthy functioning of your body, you can opt for these supplements by Wellbeing Nutrition: -

Probiotic + Prebiotic

Natural Vitamin D3

Vegan Vitamin B12

However, make sure to connect with a healthcare advisor before administering any supplements. This will help ensure benefits and prevent side effects.


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