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5 Benefits of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil That Will Surely Amaze You

Cold-pressed oil is gaining popularity over the years, owing to the method of preparation that preserves the antioxidant content, as well as the flavor and nutritional value. When it comes to cold-pressed coconut oil, one thing comes to everyone’s mind: hair oil. Yes, it is best for your hair health, but that’s not it, adding it to your diet has interesting health benefits. Want to know what all health benefits it can provide? Read along.

This blog lists five amazing benefits cold pressed coconut oil offers. Along with that, you’ll also learn what actually cold-pressed coconut oil is. So, read in full.

What is Cold Pressed Coconut Oil?

Cold pressing is basically a method of extracting oil naturally by crushing the seeds at room temperature. And the coconut oil extracted using the technique is known as cold pressed coconut oil.

This traditional method of oil extraction is free from all chemicals and preservatives. The cold pressing technology helps preserve and retain the natural goodness, vital nutrients, rich aroma and flavor of fresh coconuts. Hence, cold pressing is the healthiest method to obtain coconut oil that can be further used for different purposes.

5 Amazing Benefits of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

5 Benefits of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil That  Will Surely Amaze You 

1. Supports Weight Management

Coconut oil helps in suppressing appetite, maintaining healthy lipid profile and minimising the risk of weight gain. It also helps promote healthy thyroid gland function, accelerates metabolism and boosts energy, aiding in weight loss. The naturally occurring MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) in coconut oil might be responsible for helping weight loss management. Dietary supplementation with coconut oil may promote a reduction in abdominal obesity.

MCTs boosts the body's metabolism, satiety and help prevent fat accumulation in the body.
Although simply consuming coconut oil might not help in a dramatic weight loss, a balanced diet plan is essential for long-term results.

2. Natural Energy Booster

Cold pressed coconut oil works better as a natural energy booster as compared to the sugar loaded energy drinks. MCT's present in cold pressed coconut oil are transferred straight to our liver and act as carbohydrates, providing an extensive and ready supply of energy. MCTs have been widely used in formulating sports nutrition diets and are taken by many athletes around the globe.

3. Helps in Diabetes Management

Coconut oil significantly helps in managing diabetes. The healthy fat in coconut oil can effectively manage how sugar impacts your body. The phenolic components present in the coconut oil have shown anti-diabetic and insulin-sensitizing effects. The high polyphenolic content of coconut oil improves glucose metabolism efficiency. It lowers insulin production levels and helps people the body control the craving for high-glycemic foods.
The consumption of coconut oil regularly is also helpful in blood sugar management. Furthermore, it reduces bad cholesterol levels and raises the level of good cholesterol. Thus, a very useful option for diabetics.

4. Helps Fight Neurogenerative Diseases

The brain fails to utilize or process glucose the right way in the case of people suffering from neurogenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, even though it is the main source of energy for the body. So, to provide the body with energy, it produces ketones. Ketones are mainly produced only when the body has low blood sugar. So, to increase ketone production, coconut oil is the best option.

It is known to produce ketones. And supplementing coconut oil in Dementia or Alzheimer's patients has shown dramatic results in people suffering from such diseases as it slows down or reduces their symptoms.

5. Topical Benefits

Cold pressed coconut oil is widely used topically for ample of reasons. If you are suffering from dandruff in your hair or dry skin or need antibacterial support, coconut oil is the best remedy for you. It works perfectly in reducing the fine line and wrinkles. You can either massage it onto your skin, add to your diet or consume it as a supplement. Coconut oil is also beneficial in wound healing because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

How to Experience the Benefits of Cold Pressed Oil?

While you can directly apply cold pressed coconut oil on your skin or hair or even cook food in it, there’s an even more simpler, effective and delicious option : Melts Natural Vitamin D3. Read along to find out more.

What is Melts Natural Vitamin D3?

Melts Natural Vitamin D3 is a reliable vitamin D3 supplement that comes with naturally sourced vitamin D3, astaxanthin, and vitamin K2 along with cold pressed coconut oil. The supplement is 100% plant-based and offers numerous health benefits such as better immunity, improved heart health, protection from deficiencies, and more.

Melts Natural Vitamin D3 can also help with bone and tooth health and mood enhancement. These easy-to-consume strips are created with natural ingredients to deal with vitamin D3 deficiencies in our bodies. You just have to place one strip of this supplement on your tongue after breakfast and wait for it to dissolve. And within seconds, it’s gone.


Cold pressed oil is way more beneficial than you think. However, not that you know its benefits, it’s time to include it in your daily routine with the help of Delicious Melts of Natural Vitamin D3. It’s a natural supplement that, along with cold pressed coconut oil, offers several other ingredients as well, which means more benefits.
So, to reap the above mentioned benefits, get your hands on the pack of Melts Natural Vitamin D3 now.


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