8 Foods that are Sure To Give You Enough Energy To Power Through the Day

8 Foods that are Sure To Give You Enough Energy To Power Through the Day

It is only natural to feel tired or drained during the day with the kind of hectic lifestyles that we live. This lack of energy can affect our routine activities and lead to a slowdown in our productivity. It goes without saying that the foods that we eat play a huge role in determining our energy levels throughout the day. While some can leave us feeling drained, others can give us that much needed energy boost. In this article, we discuss a list of foods that give you energy.

Let us take a look at these energy boosting foods below.


Bananas are the most feasible and convenient source of energy. It is often consumed by endurance athletes because of their carbohydrate and potassium content. In addition, bananas also contain vitamin B6 and other nutrients that can give you an energy boost. As per research, bananas work well as food for prolonged and intensive exercising. They act as a fuel for supporting your performance.


Oatmeal, being a whole grain, provides you with long lasting energy. Rich in beta glucan, a soluble fiber, when mixed with water, oatmeal turns into a thick paste or gel which delays stomach emptying and promotes better absorption of glucose in your blood, thereby giving you an energy boost. Oats are, at the same time, also a rich source of iron, manganese, and various B- vitamins that further your energy levels.

Sweet Potatoes

Whoever thought that sweet potatoes were just delicious in taste definitely underestimated them. Rich in complex carbs, sweet potatoes prove to be a brilliant source of energy. Being complex carbohydrates, your body digests them slowly and keeps you energetic for a longer period of time. They also turn out to be a great source of energy for those on a restricted weight loss diet.


Water is not only essential for life, but also important for energy at a cellular level. When you don’t drink enough water, it leads to dehydration, which slows down your bodily functions, thereby leaving you feeling drained, energy deficient, or sluggish. It is, therefore, necessary to drink enough water to sustain your energy levels throughout the day.

Dark Chocolate

With higher levels of cocoa than regular chocolates, dark chocolate provides the body with a high number of antioxidants, which are necessary to keep you healthy and improve your blood flow. This process of improving the blood flow in the entire body also promotes the flow of oxygen to your brain and muscles, thereby improving your bodily functions. This is especially helpful for those who exercise. These extra antioxidants in your body give you an energy boost and reduce your mental fatigue. In addition, dark chocolate supplies your body with theobromine and caffeine, which again help in improving your mood and energy levels.


There are various fruits that can help give you that necessary energy boost, such as apples, strawberries, oranges, goji berries, avocados and more. These fruits easily get absorbed into your bloodstream and give you an instant burst of energy that also lasts for a long time. And the best part is that they also provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, thereby improving overall health.


Nuts make for a great healthy snack when you're hungry and they also help promote your energy levels - be it almonds, cashews, pistas, or walnuts. They have a high calorie density and contain an abundance of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. The fiber and carbs in these nuts make sure that your energy levels remain steady for longer periods of time.

Having discussed the foods that come under the primary ‘foods that give you energy’, there are plenty that do the same. The list is never ending with green tea, popcorn, beans, seeds, yogurt, eggs, coffee and more in it. However, what is important to note is that one should avoid binging on junk, oily, and fried foods to fight that energy low, and instead opt for healthier options that do not harm your health and also ensure you remain energetic for longer periods of time.

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