Signs Of Vitamin D3 And Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Signs Of Vitamin D3 And Vitamin B12 Deficiency

What’s a machine without fuel? Incapable. That’s exactly what your body will be if you do not give it the fuel it needs. We lead hectic lives, often juggling more balls than we can keep from falling to the ground. With schedules that always need us to be brimming with energy to accomplish all the tasks on our to-do, our body requires its share of nutrients – ones we can get from eating right and leading a healthy life – but we often struggle to do that. Those are times when our body starts acting up and indirectly tries to tell us that we must pull up our socks and meet all of its vitamin requirements. 

Two of the most important vitamins essential for the human body’s systems to work effectively are B12 and D3. A deficiency of any of the two can be easily pinpointed by looking out for the following signs. 

Weakness and Fatigue

Often overlooked, feeling tired is one of the most common vitamin D3 deficiency symptoms. If you suffer from chronic day-time fatigue and headaches, getting your D3 levels checked would be a wise decision. Another thing you must check is your B12 levels as a lack of this vitamin, too, can have you feeling tired and low on energy. 

Mood changes and depression

Low levels of B12 are believed to cause sudden mood changes. Some studies also show that mood and brain disorders like depression and dementia could be some of the B12 deficiency signs. This happens because the fall in the vitamin level causes high levels of homocysteine that could damage the brain tissue and interfere with signals. 

A depressed mood may also be the result of a D3 deficiency. If you do lack these essential vitamins, taking supplements may help improve your mood but it cannot be a substitute for seeking professional help. 

Bone and back pain

Vitamin D3 improves the human body’s absorption of calcium which is why if your bones ache it could be one of the many D3 deficiency signs. People who lack this vitamin are believed to be more prone to bone pain in their legs, joints or ribs. It may also cause lower back pain severe enough to limit a person’s movement. 

Pale yellow skin

Is your skin starting to look pale? Does it and the whites of your eyes have a yellow tinge? If yes, you must get your B12 levels checked. This condition is known as jaundice and can be caused when your blood cells do not get the required amount of vitamin B12. 

Falling ill frequently

While it may as well be the result of flu season, your body’s immune system should be able to fight the germs and viruses off to keep you from catching the flu often. Vitamin D3 is known to help you strengthen and boost immunity to keep cold and cough away. If your body cannot protect itself against these unwanted guests, it could be the result of a vitamin D deficiency – one you must not ignore. 

Eating foods rich in the two vitamins can help your cause but it may not always be enough. Also, finding time to cook healthy meals everyday could be challenging for a generation that is always on the go. For that very reason, Wellbeing Nutrition came up with melts™ – an oral nano strip that dissolves on the tongue and can be taken anytime, anywhere! Try our Vegan Vitamin B12 and Natural Vitamin D3 melts™ if you don’t want to worry about noticing the signs mentioned above.

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