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5 Ways in Which Bamboo Extract Improves Our Wellbeing

Bamboo is used in making all sorts of furniture items like tables, chairs, huts, and even toothbrushes. Also, people from several countries use bamboo shoots for cooking. But did you know that bamboo, especially bamboo extract, holds incredible benefits for your skin, hair, and overall well being?

If you didn't, you're missing out on the excellent benefits of bamboo extracts. This blog talks about what bamboo extract is and what benefits it has to offer. So, read along.

What is Bamboo Extract, and What Are Its Benefits?

Bamboo extract, extracted using plant extraction methods, is a plant juice rich in nutrients. It majorly contains naturally occurring silica, which is the reason behind the many benefits it offers. Here are some bamboo extract benefits you can experience:

1. Healthy Glowing Skin
Bamboo extract brings numerous benefits to your skin. It can moisturize, lighten and protect your skin from the sun. Research says that bamboo extract can reduce melanin production, which can further help reduce dark spots and wrinkles.

What's more is that bamboo extract helps moisturize your skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent.

2. Healthy Hair, Which Indirectly Means Healthy Skin
According to a study, your skin health and hair health usually go hand in hand. This means if your hair isn't healthy, your skin will be impacted too. We have seen how dandruff can sometimes lead to acne. Having said that, your hair benefits a lot from silica, of which bamboo extract is a great source.

So, by using a bamboo extract shampoo, you can ensure good hair health. It helps improve blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens hair follicles, keeps dandruff at bay, and promotes the growth of a thick mane, among other things. This way, it automatically translates to good skin health. However, make sure to go for a quality product to experience true benefits.

3. Healthy Nails, Bones, and Joints
Bamboo extract is known to improve calcium and vitamin D absorption, which can further enhance nail quality. Also, bamboo extract can help you deal with brittle and weak nails.

What's more, as bamboo extract improves calcium absorption, it's good for your bones and joints. Also, research says that silica in bamboo extract plays an important role in connective tissue and bone formation. So, if you wish for healthy nails, bones, and joints, you should go for bamboo extract supplements.

4. Helps Deal with Lipotoxicity and Depression
Lipotoxicity is a condition wherein lipids accumulate in your kidneys, liver, and several other areas causing cell degradation or even cell death. However, 2008 research found that bamboo extract could help improve this condition for good.

Some experts believe that bamboo extract can help deal with anxiety and stress. For instance, according to a study, the bamboo extract may protect against depression and anxiety that coexists in individuals suffering from obesity.

5. Helps Heal Wounds
Bamboo is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial in nature because of the phenolic acids, flavonoids, vitamin B2, and ascorbic acid compounds. And all these ingredients are known to improve the wound healing process.

Even a study conducted on rats revealed that bamboo leaf extract exhibits anti-inflammatory effects and helps with cutaneous wound healing.

Where Can You Get Bamboo Extract?

The market is full of bamboo extract powders, capsules, and liquid supplements. However, not every supplement out there is reliable or effective. Therefore, make sure to put in some decent research before you choose a bamboo extract supplement.

Fortunately, we have done the research for you and have discovered a reliable product:

Melts Healthy Hair

Melts Healthy Hair from Wellbeing Nutrition comes with amazing ingredients, including bamboo extract (with 70% silica), piperine, saw palmetto, folic acid, Fo-Ti extract, zinc, and natural biotin. These ingredients make Melts Healthy Hair capable of offering the following benefits:

  • Reduce Hair Fall

  • Improve Hair Growth

  • Nourish Follicles

  • Improve your Scalp

  • Reduce Greys and Hair Damage

Along with the above-listed benefits, you'll also experience healthy bones, skin, joints, nails, and a better ability to heal wounds. And all you've got to do is place a strip of Melts Healthy Hair on your tongue and let it dissolve (within a few seconds). And that's it.

Is it Safe?

Melts Healthy Hair contains no sugar, preservatives, gluten, soy, or nuts. Also, it's vegan, plant-based, 100% bioavailable, and clinically-proven to offer the promised benefits. What's more is that this supplement causes no allergies. All in all, it's completely safe for consumption.

Consume one strip any time during the day regularly to experience the benefits.

Wrapping Up

Not many people are aware of the true benefits of bamboo extract. However, now that you know it, it's time to enjoy its benefits. So, order Melts Healthy Hair now, and include bamboo extract in your diet in the most effective and natural way possible.


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