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Do You Know Where Your Collagen Powder is Sourced From?

Collagen supplements have become quite popular in the last couple of years. After all, collagen offers hydration and structural support to skin and joints. But do you know where this collagen comes from? If you don’t but are curious to know, read along. Below, we’ll talk about what collagen is and where powdered collagen is sourced from. Also, in the end, we’ll talk about a reliable collagen supplement. So, stay tuned till the end.

What is collagen?

You can think of collagen as a beauty-boosting protein. It helps bind your skin and joints and also offers the required hydration. It’s because of the collagen you’re able to move your joints easily. Also, collagen helps prevent wrinkles, offers elasticity, and offers suppleness to your skin.   

Why do we need collagen supplements?

Collagen is produced by your body and is available in abundance. So, why do you need collagen supplements?
Well, when you become older than 20, the collagen production in your body starts to decline. This is when the common signs of aging start to appear. And as you age further, these signs of aging become even more prominent and noticeable in the form of:
●    Wrinkles
●    Acne
●    Fine lines
●    Less elasticity
●    Thin skin
●    Painful joints
As your body’s ability to produce collagen reduces, you need collagen from external sources. And this is when collagen supplements come into the picture.
Let’s understand where the collagen in these supplements come from down below:

Where is collagen in collagen supplements sourced from?

Most of the time, these collagen supplements are sourced from enhanced(chemically) animal by-products. For example, the collagen peptide powder or capsules come from fish scales, pulverized bones, and even animal hides.
Hydrolyzed collagen is used in the supplements you consume. And this collagen is extracted by cooking
cartilaginous materials from rabbits, chickens, cows, and some farm animals.

Now, when you consume collagen extracted by the above method, you also consume salts, fats, and even CAFO derivatives. CAFO means concentrated animal feeding operations. These foods are genetically engineered to obtain faster growth and fatter meat.
So, when you consume collagen sourced from such farmed animals, you’re likely to consume these chemical analytes. And this is not good for your health. Also, farming animals for their meat and feeding them with genetically modified foods, is quite unethical.
Therefore, you should always go for collagen that comes from more decent animal sources.
However, you cannot obtain collagen from plants. It has to come from animals. But there are always some better sources that exist. So let’s talk about a supplement that contains collagen sourced from a better source.

Collagen Supplement you can Rely upon: Pure Korean Marine Collagen Peptides

The Pure Marine Collagen Peptides is a reliable collagen supplement from Wellbeing Nutrition. This supplement comes from premium wild-caught marine animals.
It means the animals are neither farmed for their meat nor are they fed with genetically modified food. What’s more, Pure Korean Marine Collagen is:
●    Kosher-certified
●    Halal-certified
●    Sugar, dairy, nuts, gluten, artificial, and soy-free
●    Non-GMO certified
●    Paleo-friendly
●    Keto-friendly
And all of the above makes the above supplement more ethical and safer to consume.
Pure Korean Marine Collagen is a potent and powerful anti-aging solution that can help you enhance your:
●    Skin health
●    Nail health
●    Bone health
●    Hair health
Also, this supplement comes with the best 100% absorption and bioavailability. It means your body can completely consume and absorb the nutrients.
Here are the complete benefits you can expect from this supplement:
●    Enhanced bone strength
●    Improved muscle mass
●    Youthful skin
●    Enhanced energy and metabolism
●    Stronger nails
●    Healthy skin
●    Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
●    Better elasticity and hydration
●    Better recovery from injuries
●    Improved digestion


How to consume Marine Collagen?

Marine collagen is easy to consume. It comes in powdered form and is tasteless. It means you can easily mix it with other drinks or make smoothies. Also, you can bake the powder into pancakes, pastries, and even cookies. Now, how can you beat that?

Recommended Dosage: Ideally, one scoop of Marine Collagen (8 grams) in 150-200 ml water or liquid is recommended.

Can Anyone consume Pure Korean Marine Collagen?

Anyone above the age of 20 can start consuming this supplement. It’s because after 20, your body’s ability to produce collagen decreases. However, it’s always better to consult your nutrition expert before consuming any supplement.

Wrapping Up

Most people never care to find the source of their supplement’s ingredients. And this is something you shouldn’t do. You should always know the source of the ingredients in the supplement you’re consuming and make sure the source is ethical.
Fortunately, in the case of collagen, you already have a supplement(ethical and safe) you can rely upon, Pure Korean Marine Collagen. The collagen source of this supplement is Korean premium marine fish. These marine animals are disease-free and do not consume any engineered food. This makes the supplement more beneficial, ethical and safe for consumption. So, get a pack of Pure Korean Marine Collagen now.  


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