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Here's Why Collagen Is Good For Your Health

Collagen derives its name from the Greek word  “kólla” which means glue. Indeed it is the glue that holds our body together, since it is found everywhere and in almost everything- hair, nails, bones, ligaments, tendons, teeth and abundantly in our skin.

Collagen is an important structural protein that plays a vital role in the body, such as promoting faster healing of wounds, enhancing bone and joint strength, and the like.  It is one of the major building blocks that gives structure to skin and keeps it healthy and young. Though it is found copiously in the body, we begin to lose collagen as we age. From the early twenties our body loses 1.5% of its natural collagen every year, also it produces lesser quantities of collagen, showing the effects through appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and loss of natural sheen and suppleness of the skin.

There are at least 16 types of collagen  in our body, but the most prominent types are I, II and III forming 80-90 percent of collagen found in us. Let us get some more collagen clarity on how it impacts our skin and overall wellbeing and why it should be a must-have in our daily diet.

Get That Healthy Baby Bounce

Type I collagen is considered best for the skin as it boosts elasticity and hydration. It reduces fine lines and formation of wrinkles and improves skin texture. It also strengthens your nails and helps you grow stronger, thicker and shinier hair. As we grow older our body produces less collagen which results in skin ageing. Prolonged exposure to external factors like, air pollution, UV radiation, stress, lifestyle related stressors – smoking, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, no exercise etc, adversely affect skin and bring early onset of skin ageing.

Collagen, which is stored in the dermis, or the middle layer of skin, helps form a fibrous network of cells called fibroblasts, upon which new cells can grow. It also plays a role in replacing and restoring dead skin cells, which is the natural way of the skin to heal and rejuvenate itself.

Research shows that having collagen-rich foods or supplements daily keeps bones and joints healthy and helps prevent degenerative bone and joint diseases like osteoarthritis (joint pain and erosion) , osteoporosis (bone density loss and skin ageing), and the like.

Studies have shown that Type 1 collagen is abundantly found in Marine Collagen. As compared to bovine or porcine collagen it is found that marine collagen is a better source of hydrolyzed peptides, especially the most prevalent Type 1 collagen.

Making high quality marine collagen an integral part of your wellness routine has countless health and beauty benefits. If you are searching for a good marine collagen dietary supplement, we suggest you must try Wellbeing Nutrition’s Pure Korean Marine Collagen Peptides.

It is a patented and scientifically researched formulation, a highly efficacious solution created using innovative science, following global standards of development. This advanced Nano Science formula contains pure 8000 mg of Premium Wild Caught Marine Collagen from Korea hydrolyzed to an advanced low molecular weight, which makes it 100% bioavailable. It contains Pure Multi Collagen Type I & III Peptides, which are hydrolyzed to a low 3000 Dalton molecular weight to make it the purest, best collagen on Earth and deliver best results.

  • Creates firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation
  • Supports joints, ligaments, and cartilage for greater mobility and flexibility

Health Inside Out

People leading an active lifestyle have healthy skin and organs. But you can be active only when your system is functioning properly. Collagen is the most important protein that aids proper functioning of vital organs; it acts as a protective barrier between our vital organs and the threats of damage that crop up due to chronic health conditions.

Collagen provides structure to hollow organs like the uterus, intestines, stomach and arteries which are blood vessels that circulate blood from the heart to all the other parts of the body. Depletion of collagen deteriorates the health of these organs that lead to digestive disorders, poor gut health, weak arteries and cardiovascular diseases.

Collagen improves gut health by healing and strengthening the gut lining leading to efficient absorption of dietary nutrients. It also boosts blood circulation that reduces the risks of developing heart conditions.

A very important function of type III collagen includes interaction with platelets in the blood clotting gush and in signalling molecules during the process of wound healing. It encourages quick recovery after sport, exercise, injury, and surgery.

Collagen is a vital building block needed by the body, hence intake of collagen supplements on a regular basis is important. When selecting a collagen supplement one must go for a solution that is of a high-quality source, providing an adequate daily dose per serving.

Wellbeing Nutrition’s Pure Korean Marine Collagen is a powerful anti-aging solution which protects and enhances your body’s collagen structure. It provides 8g per serving of mercury free, gluten Free, non-GMO verified, pescatarian friendly, keto and paleo-certified as well as halal and kosher- certified collagen for complete wellbeing.

More Muscle Power Less Fat

Now you know about the many ways in which collagen boosts health but if you think the list stops here, then you are mistaken.

If you are planning to shed some weight and improve your stamina and fitness then having a collagen-rich diet will help you achieve your goals faster.

Studies show that, taking collagen supplements in combination with exercises and weight-training increases muscle mass and strength. Collagen gives a feeling of fullness and suppresses hunger, which helps in reducing calorie count by eating less to promote weight loss.

A study proved that collagen from skate, a type of fish, reduces accumulation of fat cells. Collagen from marine sources in particular has better anti-obesity effects that help reduce obesity-related health issues.

When on a weight-loss journey we all want to look our best and our skin to become younger and firmer. Research has shown that collagen helps in fighting cellulite formation under skin and helps reduce waviness and cottage-cheese appearance of skin.

Marine collagen by Wellbeing Nutrition consists of Pure Multi Collagen Type I & III Peptides and is designed to regenerate and renew firm, youthful skin, grow healthy hair and nails and strengthen joints, muscles and bones. It is extremely beneficial for athletes and physical trainers owing to its complete amino acid profile. It contains all 9 essential amino acids, which help speed up muscle repair and recovery after a workout. Just add it to your beverage of choice like water, smoothie or protein shake and nail that workout regime.

Final Takeaway

The body naturally produces collagen by breaking down dietary proteins into amino acids but we lose this wonder protein with age and due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. It is important that we supply the body with collagen peptides, which are usually considered the best form of collagen for ingestion. Hydrolyzed collagen based supplements are the best source of collagen since it has been broken down into easily digestible and absorbable small peptides. It is advised to begin skincare and health regimen sooner to look and feel youthful with every passing year.


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