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If You Have Marine Collagen Peptides, Why Should One Go In For Glow & Beauty Collagen?

We all know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and acts as a glue that holds the body together. Ideally, it is a good practice to start taking collagen supplements between the ages of 20 and 30 as the body’s natural collagen production begins to decline around that time. Different people take collagen supplements for different reasons. These supplements are prepared with an intention to supplement or replenish one’s depleting collagen levels. It helps the skin look plumper and firmer, and strengthen hair, nails and joints. Wellbeing Nutrition has three variants of marine collagen (collagen derived out of fish scales)- Pure Korean Marine Collagen Peptides, Glow Japanese Marine Collagen Peptides, and Beauty Japanese Marine Collagen Peptides. In this blog, we shall take a look at each of these variants and what separates them from each other.

Pure Korean Marine Collagen Peptides Vs Japanese Beauty Collagen Vs Japanese Glow Collagen Peptides

All three variants of Marine Collagen by Wellbeing Nutrition are Type I and Type III marine collagen peptides. Each of them must be taken consistently for 6-8 weeks to see visible results. However, they are different from one another. Following are some of the points on which each of these products- Pure Korean Marine Collagen Peptides, Glow Japanese Marine Collagen Peptides, and Beauty Japanese Marine Collagen Peptides differ.

Source: These days, people are quite smitten by Korean beauty products. Wellbeing Nutrition’s Pure Marine collagen peptides is collagen in the purest form (hydrolyzed to a weight(molecular) of 3000 Dalton) that has been sourced from Korean deep-sea premium fishes such as cod, pollock, and haddock to be specific, which are devoid of harmful chemicals, antibiotics, and GMO feed. On the other hand, the two new variants of collagen by Wellbeing Nutrition - Glow Marine Collagen Peptides, and Beauty Marine Collagen Peptides are 8000 mg proprietary formulated Premium Wild Caught Japanese Pure Marine Collagen that is sourced from salmon.

Flavour: While Pure Korean Marine Collagen peptides is unflavoured and seamlessly takes on the flavour of the drink or food it’s added to, the Glow marine collagen comes in tropical bliss flavour and the Beauty Marine collagen comes in mango peach flavour.

Ingredients: Korean marine collagen peptides supplement is in the purest form without the addition of any other ingredient. Perhaps that’s why it seamlessly blends with whatever you add it to. On the other hand, Glow collagen comes with clinically studied ingredients like SkinAx, Resveratrol, Glutathione, Bromelain & Goji Berry, in precise doses, while Beauty collagen peptides are mixed with clinically proven botanicals, potent antioxidants & added ingredients of Rosehip, Astaxanthin, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry, Natural Biotin, & Vitamin E, in precise doses.

Use: The Pure Korean Marine collagen peptides aid in enhancing skin health, hair and nail health, bolstering and strengthening the bones and muscle mass, as well as keeping gut problems at bay. On the other hand, Glow collagen works full fledgedly on the skin. It helps better skin elasticity and capture the moisture for that radiant, youthful glow. So if you want a supplement that will single handedly aid in restoring and rejuvenating your skin’s youthfulness and radiance, use Glow collagen. However, if you want an anti-ageing supplement that works on all aspects of beauty (as the name suggests) such as hair, skin, and nails, then Beauty Collagen is for you.

What Makes Wellbeing Nutrition Products Different From The Rest In The Market?

  • Here are some of the important features of Wellbeing Nutrition Collagen supplements that set them apart from its counterparts in the market. Simply put, here’s why you must choose Wellbeing Nutrition collagen supplements over any other brand in the market:

  • Wellbeing Nutrition’s collagen supplement- all three variants are all wild-caught marine collagen hydrolyzed to a low molecular weight to ensure the efficacy and absorption of the purest form of collagen on the Earth.

  • Each of the variants are extremely effective and bioavailable and all of them are powerful anti-ageing solutions that take care of your health and overall wellbeing. People need collagen supplements for various reasons and each of the variants helps for specific reasons. So if you just want to make collagen peptides a part of your antiaging ritual, which means to take care of your bones, muscles, hair, skin and nails, then go in for Pure Korean Marine Collagen peptides. However, if you are someone who just wants a supplement to help enhance your skin glow and radiance, then Glow collagen peptides is the right one for you. Alternatively, if you want to take care of your skin, hair and nails with the help of just one supplement, then go in for Beauty Collagen.

  • The two Japanese collagen variants- Glow and Beauty, come in delicious flavours. So if you are someone who is looking for a healthier replacement to high calorie, sugary drinks, these serve as a great replacement.

  • Our collagen is made from deep sea wild caught fishes. It is GMO, mercury, chemicals and pesticide free as well.

  • They seamlessly dissolve and blend into the drinks/smoothies, or breakfast cereals they are added to and don’t have a fishy smell or aftertaste. The Glow and Beauty collagen peptides are masked with mango peach and tropical bliss flavour respectively.

  • While the Korean Pure Marine Collagen peptides are unflavoured, the Glow and Beauty variants do not contain sucralose/fructose/glucose. We use natural monk fruit extract as a sweetener.


While there are hundreds, probably even more varieties of collagen supplements in the market, Wellbeing Nutrition collagen supplements stand out and how! While our first collagen product, Pure Korean Marine Collagen Peptides help you take care of your bone and muscle mass, gut health and skin, hair and nails, Glow Collagen is specifically made to cater to your skin health and complexion, while Beauty has been designed to take care of your skin, health and nails. So, if you want a complete solution to enhance your skin, nail, bone, and hair health and want to maintain youthful glow, buy Wellbeing Nutrition’s marine collagen supplements now.


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