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Why are Korean Beauty Products Reigning the Markets?

If you’ve watched BTS live or maybe Han Hyo Juin in Brilliant Legacy, you must have noticed one thing: beautiful, radiant, glowing, and glassy skin. Well, this is what most of the Korean population has in common- flawlessly youthful and radiant complexion. South Korea is known as the unofficial skin-care capital. All this is because of the Korean Beauty or K-beauty products.

Recently Korean beauty products have made their way to the Indian and international markets as well. Do you know why? Well, this is what the blog is all about. Below we’ll discuss what makes K- beauty products the leaders in the market. So, if you’re ready, let’s start.

What is K-beauty?

Several people aren’t aware of what his term means. However, K-Beauty is simply a broader term for beauty products derived from South Korea. Such products emphasize hydration and brightening effects for the skin.

Why are beauty products from Korea reigning in the markets?

The use of natural ingredients

Indians have a history of using natural ingredients like honey, tulsi, and lemon for treating several ailments. The idea of natural ingredients kind of clicks into the minds of Indians. It’s the reason several companies in the skin-care industry are using natural ingredients in India.
However, the newer generation wants ingredients that work more effectively and have lasting effects. And this is what Korean skin-care products are all about. Korean beauty products are made by combining unique ingredients which are natural along with potent ‘actives’. For the uninitiated, actives are ingredients in a particular product addressing whatever skin concern it’s meant to focus on and alter.

 This helps increase the overall efficacy of the product.
Common examples of natural ingredients found in Korean makeup products are:
●    Cica
●    Ginseng
●    Avocado
●    Chia seed
●    Rice water
●    Volcanic ash
●    Bamboo
Such ingredients are combined/blended with actives like:
●    Retinol
●    Niacinamide
●    hyaluronic acid
●    AHAs
●    BHA
This combination leads to skin-care products which are both gentle and effective. K-beauty focuses on using nature’s power to power your skin. For example:
●    Ginseng – acts as a skin lightening and anti-aging agent.
●    Rice water – acts as a pore-minimizer.
●    Volcanic ash – helps fight acne.
●    Bamboo – acts as a moisturizer

Social Media and Pop Culture

Social media has a huge role in promoting Korean beauty products not just in India but elsewhere too. There are several influencers who very beautifully demonstrate the effectiveness of K-beauty products. They cover the benefits of ingredients, ability to achieve glass skin, efficacy and quality of products, and of course that attractive packing.
As mentioned earlier, when bands like the BTS and Korean stars like Han Hyo Ju, Hyun Bin displayed radiant, glass skin, it was hard for people to ignore. And this is what brings them or attracts them to K- beauty products.
With that said, it’s pretty evident Korean makeup products are highly effective for your skin. But is makeup the only way to achieve radiant, young, glass-like, and healthy skin? Well, the answer is no. You can take several supplements that have Korean ingredients good for your overall well being.

And one example of such a supplement is best collagen for skin from Wellbeing Nutrition.

What is Pure Korean Marine Collagen Peptides?

Pure Korean Marine Collagen is a collagen supplement, with pure marine collagen being the primary ingredient. Now, collagen is a protein that promotes healthy bones, healthy nails, healthy hair, and healthy skin. Although the body naturally produces it, the collagen content falls as you grow.
This reduced production can lead to weakened bones, joints, non-elastic, wrinkle, and acne-prone skin, among other issues. So, to meet the body’s collagen needs, Pure Korean Marine Collagen comes into the picture. This supplement is the source of the world’s best collagen, which is absorbed fully by you and is highly effective.

Benefits of Korean Marine Collagen

Marine collagen can help you:

●    Renew and regenerate youthful skin, which is wrinkle, fine lines, and acne-free.
●    Grow healthy nails and hair.
●    Encourage better digestion.
●    Promote quicker recoveries from injuries.  
●    Strengthen your bones, muscles, and joints.
●    Boost your metabolism and energy.
●    Improve your muscle mass.

Why choose Pure Korean Marine Collagen Peptides?

Here’s why you should opt for pure marine collagen:

●    Pure marine collagen is well researched and scientifically tested as a powerful, potent anti-aging solution.
●    It’s the purest form of marine collagen which means 100% absorption and the best possible efficacy.
●    Furthermore, this supplement is Gluten-free, paleo, keto, and non-GMO certified, which makes it safe for consumption.    

Wrapping Up

Korean beauty products or cosmetics are known for their natural ingredients and effective nature. And they’re beautifully marketed by the influencers on social media and by popular pop stars, actors, and actresses. It’s the reason K-Beauty products are used across the globe when it comes to skin-care.

So, if you wish to achieve glassy, radiant, glowing, and youthful skin, you must go for K-beauty products. However, if you want to take care of your hair, nails, bones, muscles, tendons, joints, along with your skin, Pure Korean Marine Collagen Peptides from Wellbeing Nutrition is your way to go.


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