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Understanding How Apple Cider Vinegar Can Aid in Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar has become significantly popular among health enthusiasts. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, it offers several benefits such as lowering blood sugar. However, did you know that people use apple cider vinegar for weight loss? If you didn’t but are curious to find out, this blog is for you.

Here we’ll discuss how apple cider vinegar for weight loss works. Also, we’ll list some reliable apple cider vinegar products that you can use to lose weight and enjoy other benefits.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

ACV or apple cider vinegar is made using a two-step fermentation process. In the first step, the apples are crushed, and yeast is added to convert the sugar into alcohol. In the second step, the bacteria is added to ferment the alcohol into acetic acid. And this acetic acid is the main component of ACV that exhibits a pungent odour.

How Can ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar Help in Weight Loss?

Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV can help in weight loss in the following ways.

Apple Cider Vinegar Makes You Feel Full

Apple cider vinegar or ACV makes you feel full for a longer time, automatically reducing calorie intake. For instance, a study that included 11 people showed that the people who consumed vinegar along with a carb-rich meal had 55% lower blood sugar levels after an hour of eating. Also, those individuals ended up consuming around 200-275 fewer calories for the remaining portion of the day.

On top of making you feel full, apple cider vinegar also slows down the rate at which the food leaves your stomach. For instance, in a study, people who consumed ACV along with a starchy meal showed a delay in emptying the stomach. This led to low insulin, blood sugar, and an increased feeling of fullness.

Apple Cider Vinegar Helps You Lose Body Fat and Lose Weight

Results from a reliable human study showed that ACV positively impacts body fat and weight. According to a study conducted among Japanese obese men, consuming 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar helped lose weight, belly fat, and even blood triglyceride levels.

Another study conducted in mice showed that mice who consumed a high dose of vinegar along with a high-fat diet gained 10% less fat than the control group.

These were a few ways in which apple cider vinegar helps achieve weight loss in adults. Let’s now look at some reliable apple cider vinegar products.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar comes from the house of Wellbeing Nutrition. This Apple Cider Vinegar is made using Himalayan golden and red apples using modern fermentation technology. It’s a perfect antioxidant-rich drink for anyone who’s a health enthusiast.

Here are some of its benefits - Apple Cider Vinegar:

Promotes weight loss
Boosts metabolism
Enables healthy blood sugar levels
Promotes heart health
Helps achieve skin radiance
Promotes bloating and acid reflux
Regulates pH balance
Fights cold and relieves allergies
Detoxifies your body
Reduces inflammation
Boosts immunity
Relieves sore throat

Apple Cider Vinegar with Amla and Turmeric

Apple Cider Vinegar with Amla and Turmeric is another gem from Wellbeing Nutrition, offering similar benefits to the above product with an added goodness and benefits of amla, turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper. Amla offers immunity; turmeric helps with detoxification, cinnamon helps fight infections, and black pepper helps manage blood sugar levels. Also, if you are someone who finds the flavour of apple cider vinegar too pungent or bitter, this product tastes better with the added earthiness of the spices.

Apple Cider Vinegar + Garcinia Cambogia and Pomegranate

Apple Cider Vinegar + Garcinia Cambogia and Pomegranate is the third product from Wellbeing Nutrition that features apple cider vinegar. This product comes with garcinia cambogia, primarily known for weight loss and pomegranate that helps fight free radicals and prevent cancer.

Here are some benefits this product brings along:

Achieve healthy weight loss
Improve digestion
Better skin health
Holistic wellbeing

This apple cider vinegar product comes in the form of effervescent tablets that fizz when dropped in a glass of water. To consume, just, drop a tablet in a glass of water and let it fizz. And within seconds, your detox drink will be ready to be devoured.

All of the above products are safe, vegan, plant-based, and are clinically tested to offer the promised benefits. Also, there aren’t any side effects of consuming these products. So, you can rely on them. However, consume them only if you’re 18 or above.

Key Takeaways

Apple cider vinegar or ACV contains acetic acid, which is known to significantly help reduce weight. ACV as a whole makes you feel full and also delays the stomach clearing process. And this is how it helps promote weight loss.

For healthy weight loss, go for any of the above-mentioned products from Wellbeing Nutrition, which can be consumed alongside a healthy, balanced diet and a regular exercise regime. Every product is thoroughly tested and completely safe. So, order a pack now.


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