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Understanding L-Carnitine's Role in Weight Loss

L-carnitine is a popular ingredient in several supplement products and is often recommended by fitness trainers. After all, L-carnitine is known to improve muscle gain and offer faster recovery post workout. But can you use l-carnitine for weight loss? Well, if you have this question on your mind, you've come to the right place.

In this blog, we'll understand the role of l-carnitine in weight loss. We'll also talk briefly about what benefits l-carnitine offers and the potential side effects if any.

What Exactly is L-Carnitine?

Basically, l-carnitine is a chemical that's produced in the human kidneys, liver, and brain. It helps your body burn fat into energy and is essential for muscle movement, brain and heart function.

L-carnitine is used to ensure proper functioning of different bodily processes in individuals who have a considerably low amount of this chemical in their bodies.

Can L-Carnitine Help with Weight Loss?

Theoretically speaking, l-carnitine can help you lose weight. How? Well, it helps burn or transform the fatty acids to produce energy. And when fatty acids or fats are burned, you automatically lose weight.

Also, an analysis of 9 studies in older adults or obese individuals revealed that consuming l-carnitine led to around a 1.3kg more loss in weight as compared to the individuals who didn't consume it.

In another review of 37 trials, it was found that l-carnitine supplementation helps reduce fat mass, BMI, and body weight. Although the effect was modest, l-carnitine supplementation still helped with weight loss.

So, yes, you can use l-carnitine for weight loss.

What are The Other Benefits of l-Carnitine?

Here are some other benefits l-carnitine offers apart from helping you lose weight:

1. Exercise Performance

Although it can take time, consumption of l-carnitine can help improve several aspects of your body required to boost your exercise performance, such as:

  • RBC Production
  • Stamina
  • Oxygen Supply to the Muscles
  • Recovery

So, if you workout daily, l-carnitine supplementation can help you improve your overall exercise performance.

2. Heart Health

There are several studies that connect l-carnitine and heart health. For instance, a 12-month study conducted on individuals who consumed l-carnitine reported a reduction in deaths and heart failures. According to some studies, l- carnitine is also known to improve CHD and chronic heart failure in patients.

3. Type-2 Diabetes

L-carnitine may help reduce the symptoms of type 2 diabetes along with the risk factors associated with the same. Also, it may help fight diabetes by enhancing the production of AMPK, which improves your body's potential to produce more carbohydrates.

Are There Any Side Effects of Consuming L-carnitine?

For most individuals consuming 2grams of l-carnitine is safe and leads to no side effects. And according to a study, even the individuals who consumed 3 grams of l-carnitine for 21 days didn't experience any side effects.

However, anything above 3 grams and even 2 grams in some cases can lead to side effects such as nausea or stomach discomfort. So, make sure to always consume l-carnitine in moderation. And before you start consuming l-carnitine, talk to your doctor about the safe dosage according to your body.

Where Can You Get L-Carnitine From?

When it comes to consuming l-carnitine, you can get a decent amount from food sources such as milk, chicken, fish, pork, and even beef. However, procuring and consuming the above kind of food apart from milk is not viable for everyone. And this is when Burn Slow comes into the picture.

Burn Slow is a time-conscious supplement in liquid l-carnitine to continuously stimulate and promote weight loss and also enhance post-workout recovery. It also improves heart health and stamina. As it comes with the liquid form of l-carnitine, it's more effective and absorbed easily by your body.

Along with l-carnitine, Burn Slow also comes with caffeine, which helps reduce fatigue and offers you energy and chromium that regulates binge eating, cravings, and hunger patterns and thus promote weight loss. So, you can rely on Burn Slow and l-carnitine for weight loss.


One of the most important or valuable takeaways from this blog is that l-carnitine can help you achieve healthy weight loss. And not just that. L-carnitine also brings several benefits such as better endurance, better post-workout recovery, improved heart health, prevention of diabetes, and the like.

And to enjoy the aforementioned benefits, you can consume an l-carnitine supplement such as Burn Slow from Wellbeing Nutrition. The supplement is reliable, comes in capsule form, is effective, and has no side effects. So, order a pack of Burn Slow to enjoy l-carnitine for weight loss.


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