The First Intelligent Multivitamin Time Released Over 8 Hours

Fertility for Her

A scientifically-developed multivitamin for women to gradually prepare and nurture. These capsules combine the most powerful nutriscience with fast absorbing vegan omega oil & slow release plant based multivitamin beadlets with ashwagandha and spirulina.

Regularizes Hormones Regularizes Hormones
Improves Vitality Improves Vitality
Regularizes Menstrual Cycle Regularizes Menstrual Cycle
Reduces Inflammation Reduces Inflammation
Supports Conception Supports Conception
Strengthen Immune System Strengthen Immune System
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60 capsules per pack
Enhanced with Mint Enhanced with Mint
120 60
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  • When to consume?
    All of our products are created with optimal absorption in mind. We generally recommend that you take our supplements together with your meal such as breakfast or lunch.
    Serving size : 2 capsules (after breakfast or lunch)
    Total Servings : 30

To gently prepare and nurture

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Wellbeing Nutrition FERTILITY the best supplement for men and women's reproductive health ?
    - Wellbeing Nutrition SLOW capsules are Non-GMO & more bioavailable than traditional tablets/capsules/sugar filled gummies.The SLOW RELEASE capsule in the capsule combines herbs & vitamins necessary for improving that is released in a sustained period of time. Our innovative capsule in capsule formula with Vegan DHA from algal oil allows your body to help with hormonal imbalances & fertility.
  • Does the capsule contain any hormones ?
    No, the capsule does not contain any hormones.
  • Will prolonged consumption cause any side effects ?
    Absolutely not. Our product is US FDA approved & Non-GMO, making it totally safe to consume for as long as you like.
  • Is this a veg product ?
    Yes, it is 100% plant based ,vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • What is the recommended dosage ?
    It is advisable to have 2 capsules, in morning on an empty stomach
  • Does it contain gelatin ?
    No, Wellbeing Nutrition SLOW-Fertility is free from Gelatin.
  • Does it contain Pork or Bovine ?
    No, it does not contain pork or bovine.
  • How long will one bottle last ?
    Each bottle contains 60 capsules & will last for 1 month.
  • How long will it take to see results ?
    You can take this daily for at least 6-8 weeks to see visible results.Consistency is key here & prolonged use leads to optimal results.
  • Is it Halal certified ?
    Yes, it is Halal certified.
  • Who can take this supplement ?
    It is specially curated for men & women who are trying to conceive.
  • Does it have an aftertaste ?
    No, it does not. Each capsule is essenced with mint coating that eliminates the aftertaste.
  • Is it GMO Free ?
    Yes it is Non-GMO, & also Gluten, Soy & major allergy free.
  • What are 4 causes for female infertility ?
    There are multiple causes linked to female infertility like hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, ovulation disorders, cervical or uterine abnormalities and fallopian tube damage etc.
  • How can a woman boost her fertility ?
    Diet and lifestyle also have a huge impact on fertility. It is advisable to stop smoking, reduce trans fat consumption, reduce excessive caffeine intake, maintain healthy weight, destress yourself with meditation or yoga, consume antioxidant rich foods, also taking a multivitamin with B-vitamins,Vitamin D,Zinc & antioxidants etc. may help boost fertility if you’re not getting all the nutrients you need from your diet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Ruchi Venkataraman

Great packaging n worth the cost

Babita Brahmbhatt

It has taken care of my certain hormonal changes & good to intake

Jagdish Sing

Helped me a lot during my hormonal changes.

Alex Dyal

Bought these capsules for conception and to formalize my periods. I hope these wrk for me, will definitely share the resuts

Rimi Mander

Women who have pcos issues this will really help, it has helped me a lot so check it out guys

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