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Dermatologist-Formulated Anti-Aging Collagen

Korean Marine Collagen Peptides Sachets

Discover our Platinum Grade Korean Marine Collagen with scientifically researched Type I & III Peptides, sustainably sourced from deep sea Korean salmon & hydrolyzed for maximum absorption and bioavailability. Embrace vibrant skin, stronger hair, and nails for a youthful you.

Helps Enhance Skin Firmness Helps Enhance Skin Firmness
Helps Improve Skin Hydration Helps Improve Skin Hydration
Promotes Elasticity & Evenness Promotes Elasticity & Evenness
Helps Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles Helps Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Promotes Stronger & Healthier Hair Promotes Stronger & Healthier Hair
Promotes Stronger Nails Promotes Stronger Nails
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  • How & When to consume?
    The simplest way to consume Korean Marine Collagen is by mixing one serving (or sachet) in a glass of water, or any beverage you choose. Just mix, stir, and drink up any time of the day to enjoy the benefits of Korean collagen drink. It can also be added to your breakfast and dessert recipes.

After Committing to Korean Marine Collagen Sachets for 3 Months


Noticed Fewer Fine Lines & Wrinkles in 12 Weeks*


Experienced Softer & Smoother Skin in 12 Weeks*


Noticed Reduction in Pore Size in 12 Weeks*


Reported Stronger Hair in 12 Weeks*

**Results of a third-party, self-perceived efficacy survey

What’s the Scoop?

  • The Wellbeing Advantage

    Patented and scientifically researched Type I & III Collagen, which is Platinum Grade. It is the purest drinking collagen on Earth for naturally stronger hair, skin & nails, along with bones & joints.

  • Certified Korean Standards

    Sustainably sourced from Korean deep-sea Salmon, which is free from harmful antibiotics and GMO feed.

  • Effortlessly Easy

    Unflavored, easy to mix, and pairs perfectly with any liquid or food. It is enzymatically processed to keep the peptides intact, ensuring 100% bioavailability.

Endless Benefits from the Deep Blue

Why do you Need Collagen?

Collagen, crucial for skin, hair, nails, bones & joints naturally decreases after the age of 20. Combat aging with collagen supplements to replenish lost levels.

Collagen for Skin

Collagen helps hold water thus providing the skin with elasticity and hydration. Its gradual loss due to age and other factors causes dryness, sagging, and wrinkles. Include collagen in your diet for plump, firm, and youthful-looking skin.

Collagen for Hair & Nails

The scalp is also an extension of your skin. Collagen with its antioxidant and hydration properties helps strengthen the hair follicles, thus adding volume and reducing greys. Collagen’s powerful amino acids like arginine and proline are crucial for the healthy growth of nails.

Collagen for Bones & Joints

Bones, comprising collagen, calcium, and phosphate, break down and renew over time. Aging slows the replacement process. Collagen supplements aid in restoring bone mass, and strengthening joints for overall bone health.

Have questions for Korean Marine Collagen Peptides Sachets?
We’ve got the answers!

  • Why should you choose Collagen Starter Pack Sachets over others?
    The Marine Collagen starter pack sachets provide an easy-to-consume and perfect introduction to our range of Collagen powders. It gives you a better clarity on which product will suit your concerns best.
  • When should I start taking collagen supplements?
    While our body naturally loses about 1.5% collagen every year we age, the combined exposure to the sun, pollution, dehydration, and stress speeds up collagen loss. We recommend you start taking collagen supplements to revive your body’s collagen levels.
  • What are the benefits of Korean Marine Collagen?
    There are plenty of benefits of Korean Marine Collagen!
    • Boost Skin Hydration & Elasticity
    • Provides Firmness & Suppleness
    • Aids in Removing Dark Circles, Fine Lines & Wrinkles
    • Boost Keratin Production for Healthier Hair & Nails
    • Strengthens Bones & Joints
    When we say it, we mean it!
  • How much collagen should be taken?
    One serving or sachet of collagen powder keeps the signs of aging at bay. Pure Korean Marine Collagen can be taken any time of the day. However, we recommend taking it in the morning or evening before bed.
  • What makes Wellbeing Nutrition Korean Marine Collagen the best in the market?
    The Wellbeing Nutrition Korean Marine Collagen Peptides is a patented and scientifically researched anti-aging supplement that enhances your body’s collagen structure. Our Platinum grade collagen Type 1 & 3 peptides are hydrolyzed to a low 3000-dalton molecular weight, which is unlike any other supplement on the market. This makes our advanced Nano Science formula the purest form of collagen on earth and also the world’s finest, with 100% bioavailability and absorption.
  • Do I need to consult a dermatologist before I start taking Korean collagen supplements?
    No, our Korean Marine Collagen Peptides supplement is extremely safe to incorporate into your regular diet.
  • Are there any side effects of Korean Marine Collagen Peptides?
    Collagen supplements are generally considered safe and well-tolerated. If you are allergic to fish or have a fish allergy, do not use collagen peptide supplements and instead consult your healthcare professional before taking them.
  • Does Korean Marine Collagen help with anti-aging?
    Yes, absolutely! Korean Marine Collagen is a powerful anti-aging supplement that boosts your body’s natural collagen levels. When collagen levels are low in the body, it leads to wrinkles, fine lines, and dry skin. Collagen peptides help replenish the skin's collagen reserves and are designed to bring back youthful, glowing skin, reduce wrinkles & fine lines, restore elasticity & firmness, improve skin texture & density, eliminate acne & dryness, and bring back healthy & radiant hair. It also aids in the regeneration & renewal of firm, hydrated, & youthful skin; the growth of healthy hair & nails; and the strengthening of joints, muscles, & bones.

Science Behind Marine Collagen Peptides

Study Year: 2014

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Study Year: 2020

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Study Year: 2015

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Oral Intake of Low-Molecular-Weight Collagen Peptide Improves Hydration, Elasticity, and Wrinkling in Human Skin: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study


Study Year: 2014

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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Dr. Shahin Naz Jamali

Korean Marine Collagen Peptides Sachets

Sapna Sinha
Expecting wonders

Honestly I’ve purchased the Korean collagen with a definite result in mind. The word Korean carries major implications for the skin and I’m hopeful that I’ll see some wonderful too. It’s not yet 3 months and I’m taking a sachet daily along with protein powder

Jay Patel
Age-Defying Elixir: Korean Marine Collagen Sachets

Unlock the secret to ageless beauty with our Korean Marine Collagen Sachets. Infused with scientifically researched peptides, these sachets promote firmness, elasticity, and hydration, giving you the confidence to conquer the day.

Anjali Rao
Beauty Boost

Fortify your nails with the nourishment they need with our marine collagen peptides sachets. Say goodbye to brittleness and hello to nails that command attention.

Divya Prakash
Beauty from the Sea: Marine Collagen Peptides

Elevate your skincare routine with our Marine Collagen Peptides. Experience the ultimate hydration and rejuvenation as fine lines and wrinkles fade away, leaving behind a radiant, youthful complexion.

Korean Marine Collagen Peptides Sachets

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