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World’s First Vegan Collagen

Vegan Pro Collagen

A new-age beauty solution featuring VeCollal®, the world’s first scientifically validated vegan collagen. Each serving contains 5 grams of type 1 vegan pro collagen, which absorbs 4x times better, providing anti-wrinkle support and reducing the signs of ageing, and is clinically shown to double collagen production just after 2 days.

Boosts Collagen Production Boosts Collagen Production
Reduces Wrinkles Reduces Wrinkles
Improves Skin Hydration Improves Skin Hydration
Improves Skin Elasticity Improves Skin Elasticity
Improves Skin Texture Improves Skin Texture
Reduces Pores Size Reduces Pores Size
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Our Clinical Study
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  • How to consume & Best time to consume
    Mix 1 scoop (5g) of Wellbeing Nutrition's Vegan Pro Collagen powder with 300ml of water. Stir until fully dissolved. Take 1 serving per day. Do not exceed 2 servings per day. Our Unflavored Vegan Pro Collagen is versatile and can be added to your morning smoothie, any beverage, or even porridge. You can consume it at any time of the day.
  • Free from
    Wellbeing Nutrition’s Vegan Pro Collagen is vegan-certified, clean-label certified, gluten-free, and free from all major allergens. Our product contains no artificial fillers, bulking agents, or colours & is made from 100% plant-derived amino acids. Our Vegan Pro Collagen is not genetically modified or artificial, ensuring our collagen adheres to strict quality and safety standards.

After Committing to Vegan Pro Collagen for 4 Weeks


Reported Smoother & Softer skin*


Reported Hydrated & Plumper skin*


Reported Even-Toned Skin*


Noticed Firmer Skin*

*Results based on a clinical trial conducted in collaboration with TCI Biotech for 4 week

Specially crafted for Vegans & Vegetarians

  • Identical to Human Type 1 Collagen

    Naturally occurring glucose from vegetables and plants is fermented using specific good bacteria to produce amino acids identical to human type 1 collagen. It is the only collagen identical to human Type I collagen (all 18 amino acids).
    1g of Vegan Pro Collagen = 4 grams of animal collagen

  • 4x More Bioavailable

    Has a smaller Dalton size (average of 113) compared to animal collagen (100 times smaller than collagen peptides), resulting in superior bioavailability and easier metabolization by the body.

  • Plant-based inductors

    Our superior ingredients are 100% plant-based with added botanicals like Gotu kola, Ginseng, and Vitamin C that help boost collagen production.

When it’s all natural, it’s all healthy too!



Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola

Ginseng Root

Ginseng Root

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Vitamin E
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Have questions for Vegan Pro Collagen?
We’ve got the answers!

  • What is collagen, and what does it do for the body?
    Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the body. It is formed from building blocks called amino acids in a specific sequence and form. You can think of collagen as the glue that holds everything together and gives strength to tissues such as skin, bones, and cartilage. Our skin notably consists of up to 70% collagen of a certain type – Type 1. It is this collagen that gives skin its firmness and plumpness.
  • Is it safe to take a collagen supplement every day?
    Yes – providing the supplement is of high quality. Unfortunately, a recent study from the Clean Label organisation highlighted the potential presence of heavy metals in bovine collagen supplements. The hides and bones contain heavy metals and high-quality production is necessary to ensure safe levels. Wellbeing Nutrition’s Vegan Pro Collagen is clean label certified & uses clinically tested & patent pending ingredient VeCollal®, World's first Vegan Collagen.
  • What is VeCollal®?
    VeCollal® is a vegan biomimetic of human type 1 collagen. That sounds complicated, but what it means is that it has the exact same amino acid profile as human type 1 collagen – this is what makes up most of the collagen in your skin and bones. Collagen has certain building blocks (amino acids) in a specific ratio.
    VeCollal® has the exact ratio as the collagen in human skin. This is unique, as animal collagen is similar to human collagen however, it is not identical. It even lacks some of the building blocks that are essential to humans (such as an amino acid called l-tryptophan). VeCollal® brings the human body the perfect supply of building blocks to create new collagen. VeCollal® ingredient also contains powerful herbal extracts that stimulate the body to use the bricks to start building. VeCollal® in essence uses the body’s own biochemistry to replenish collagen.
  • What makes Vegan Pro Collagen unique as compared to other vegan alternative collagens?
    In one word: Science. Unfortunately, there are many products on the market labelling themselves as a vegan collagen that have zero science behind them and are collagen builders. Wellbeing Nutrition’s Vegan Pro Collagen is different, co-created with Dr. Jimenez, based on 70+ supporting studies, but we did not stop there. Vegan Pro Collagen has VeCollal® which has been put through 4 clinical trials to date, showing excellent results.
  • Are there any side effects to watch out for when taking vegan collagen, specifically?
    During the clinical trial, blood values and gastrointestinal discomfort were monitored – no side effects of any type were reported.
  • Is vegan collagen as effective as animal collagen?
    The results of our latest clinical trial match the results of similar trials done with animal collagen supplements. Our Vegan Pro Collagen seems to achieve similar results but in a shorter time frame (4 weeks), which we believe is due to the very high absorbability of VeCollal®, with molecular size 10 to 50 times smaller than collagen peptides. Vegan Collagen Pro delivers convincing results in just 4 weeks:
    14.1% reduction in wrinkles
    13.9% increase in collagen density
    7.4% increase in skin hydration
    16.3% reduction of skin redness
    15.8% reduction in skin roughness
  • Can pregnant & lactating women consume Vegan Pro Collagen ?
    Our Vegan Pro Collagen is clean label certified and absolutely safe to consume by anyone. However, pregnant & lactating women must consult their doctor before adding it to their routine.

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Vegan Pro Collagen

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