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Natural Energy Booster Duo

Super Energy Kit

Move on from the traditional energy drinks and get yourself going with our super energy kit of dissolvable strips made to increase your energy levels, counter deficiencies, replenish lost minerals, and promote cognitive health.

Balance Fluids Balance Fluids
Enhance Endurance Enhance Endurance
Reduce Fatigue Reduce Fatigue
Improve Nerve Function Improve Nerve Function
Support Heart Health Support Heart Health
Promote Cognitive Health Promote Cognitive Health
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30 strips per pack
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  • How to consume?
    Place a melts® strip on your tongue and allow it to dissolve.
  • When to consume?
    Instant energy: You can take a strip 20 minutes pre work-out or anytime you need a sustained boost of energy.
    Vegan vitamin b12: You can take a strip post lunch.

Be a go-getter, on the go

  • A pre-workout stimulus

  • A post-activity recharge

  • To beat post-travel fatigue

  • Sustained energy, all day long

Now, never run out of steam

  • Are deficient in B12

  • Want a steady, reliable source of energy, all day long

  • Feel irritable, grumpy, or depressed frequently

  • Feel fatigued after minimal activity

  • Have trouble with memory, cognition and judgement

  • Want improved brain and nervous system function

Benefits of Super Energy Kit

Blitz through the day with 100% plant-based
ingredients that work in synergy








Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Vegan B12

Vegan B12

Vegan B12

Vegan B12






See all 11 Ingredientsless See all 11 Ingredientsless

Have questions?
We’ve got the answers!

  • Do I need water to take melts?
    No. Each melts® variant has been made using German Nano Technology. These thin oral strips are delivered sublingually (i.e., they literally melt on your tongue) and can be consumed anytime, anywhere, without water.
  • I have difficulty swallowing pills and syrups. Will that be a problem?
    We created melts® to avoid any such concerns. There are no swallowing difficulties as each strip directly melts in your mouth.
  • How many strips are there in 1 pack? How long would a pack last me?
    Each box contains 30 oral strips. Consume one strip a day, and it will last you 30 days. A whole month’s supply!
  • How long do I need to continue taking melts® to see results?
    Just like all nutritional and dietary supplements, melts® oral strips should be taken for a minimum of 6-8 weeks to see visible results.
  • Are there any side-effects of prolonged consumption?
    Absolutely not. All our products are US FDA approved and 100% Plant Based, making it totally safe to consume for as long as you like.
  • Do I need a prescription to consume melts®?
    No, you do not need any prescription to consume any of the melts® products. However, if you are pregnant or a lactating mother, please consult your doctor before consumption of any dietary supplements or prenatal vitamins.
  • How do I use melts® strips?
    Slide the tin up, peel open the pouch, pull out an all-natural melts® strip and place it on your tongue. Enjoy the tasty flavor as it melts into your bloodstream and delivers just the right amount of organic nutrition your body needs!
  • Will consuming this product give me a caffeine crash?
    Not at all! Our caffeine strips are made using caffeine derived from Natural Green Tea, which means you can enjoy all the benefits of caffeine minus the crash or the jitters.
  • Why are sodium and potassium used?
    Sodium and potassium work as electrolytes for energy that help replenish the multi minerals you lose when you sweat. This helps aid rehydration, delay muscle fatigue and prevents muscle cramps too.
  • Which Vitamins can be found in melts® instant energy?
    Vitamin B5 helps convert food (carbs) into fuel (glucose). Vitamin B6 helps keep your brain alert. Vitamin B12 methylcobalamin promotes faster metabolism and to boost energy naturally, whereas Vitamin E protects your body from harmful free radicals and toxins.
  • What is B12?
    Vitamin B12 supplements provide essential nutrients to keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy. Vitamin B12 also helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells, while preventing a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia that makes people tired and weak.
  • Who is Vitamin B12 for?
    Vitamin B12 is for everyone who has a B12 deficiency. In addition to that, it can also help people who have acidity related issues, low iron levels, liver problems, fatigue and anxiety. Vegetarians and menstruating women can also benefit from this supplement.
  • Why is melts®B12 better?
    Almost 80% of Indians are deficient in B12. This is because most Indian diets lack foods that are rich in Vitamin B12. Furthermore, if you have acidity, B12 won’t be absorbed – leading to a host of other issues in the body. If you have low energy, anemia, anxiety, constipation, and liver problems, you need melts® B12 folate supplements and B6 to boost energy levels in your body.While most brands use folic acid, we use folate – which gets converted into an active form of vitamin B 9.5 MTHF in the digestive system.
  • What is Bacomind?
    BacoMind® is a patented, clinically tested 'memory and cognition enhancing' standardised phytochemical composition containing unique full-spectrum extract with 9 different bioactive ingredients derived from Bacopa monnieri. BacoMind® is used for improving memory, cognition support and age-related neurodegenerative disorders.

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