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Five Must Have Supplements For Stronger Bones

We stand, walk, and run so effortlessly that we seldom pay heed to the strong bones that make it all possible. Yes, we require strong bones to stand on our feet and do the myriad tasks that we do every day. But how often do we pay attention to our bone health that makes it all possible? Healthy bones enable us to move around, protect our vital organs and store essential nutrients and minerals that keep us alive and thriving. If the bones are weak, we are all at a greater risk for fractures and pain that can cause severe physical conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis, resulting in limited mobility. Your heart, muscles, and nerves also need calcium to function properly.

If we don’t eat right and refrain from exercising regularly, our bones can grow brittle, weaker and prone to fracture easily. Fractured bones can be quite painful and affect normal life and may also require surgery to heal. They can also lead to long-lasting health issues. To avoid all these problems, in the long run, it’s best to include some essential nutrients in our regular diet that will go a long way in improving bone health. These nutrients include vitamin D3, B12, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and calcium, to name a few. In this blog, let’s take a look at these essential nutrients, which can influence bone health. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Here are Top 5 Supplements, That are Crucial For Stronger Bones

1. Calcium:

One essential nutrient that the body requires to keep the bones always dense and strong is calcium. Calcium is an important component of bones, where it is present at more than 99% in the form of calcium-phosphate complexes that contributes to skeletal strength and structure, making the bone a metabolic reserve of the essential nutrient. Low reserves of calcium in the body can increase the risk of low bone density, which can cause bones to grow brittle and fragile. These weak bones can break more easily, causing injuries and other bone-degenerative diseases in the long run. Women are more prone to calcium deficiencies post 30. So what’s the solution? Well, it’s simple- include more calcium-rich foods and supplements in your diet.

Some of the most common calcium-rich foods include dairy and dairy products, green leafy vegetables, soybeans, soy products, salmon, figs, and berries to name a few. But not everyone has the means or the time to cook a nutritious meal every day. That’s when including calcium supplements in one’s regular routine becomes even more imperative. Opt for supplements that are more bioavailable such as Multi for Her 50+ Slow and Multi for Him Slow that provide 100% of your daily nutrient requirements along with calcium.

2. Vitamin D:

Another essential nutrient that plays an instrumental role in strengthening muscles and bones is vitamin D. In the absence of vitamin D, the body can’t effectively absorb calcium, which is vital for good bone health. According to research, both calcium and vitamin D work in building stronger bones in women after menopause. Furthermore, it assists in dealing with other disorders that result in weak bones, such as rickets among children. For the uninitiated, rickets is a condition among kids who lack vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency among them results in bone weakness, bowed legs and other skeletal deformities such as stooped posture.

While vitamin D can be obtained from foods like salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel, red meat, liver, egg yolks and fortified foods such as some fat spreads and breakfast cereals, which is easier for non-vegetarians. However, vegans and vegetarians can obtain it through supplements like Natural Vitamin D3 Melts by Wellbeing Nutrition. Melts® Natural Vitamin D3 are oral thin strips that dissolve instantly on touching one’s tongue. These oral thin strips are formulated using natural ingredients, which are a safe and steady source of the nutrient. Containing ingredients sourced from organic plants such as lichen (which naturally stores vitamin D3), pure vitamin K2 extracted from fermented chickpeas, astaxanthin, (an important antioxidant).

Normally most vitamin D supplements contain vitamin K2 as well (menatetrenone) as they prove to have symbiotic effects. When it comes to balancing calcium, strengthening bones, and enhancing heart health, they both have their individualistic effects.Thanks to the novel German technology- Unison Effect that these strips embody, these strips ensure quick absorption and better bioavailability of vitamin D3 directly into the bloodstream. Moreover, they are 100% organic, non-GMO, plant-based, sugar and gluten free and hence they don’t have any side effects.

3. Vitamin B12:

Along with calcium and vitamin D, vitamin B12 is also an essential nutrient for bone health. An adequate amount of vitamin B12 intake is important for maintaining bone mineral density. Vitamin B12 plays an instrumental role in DNA synthesis, which is the genetic material found in all cells within the body, including bone cells. An adequate vitamin B12 intake is important for maintaining bone mineral density. Additionally, vitamin B12 plays a vital role in the formation of red blood cells, which are formed in the bone marrow.

One can indeed replenish their B12 reserves through food like beef, clams, egg yolks, fortified cereal, tuna, trout, and the like, vitamin supplements like Vegan Vitamin B12 Melts go a long way in helping you maintain healthy levels of this essential nutrient in the body, especially if you’re a vegetarian or vegan. Wellbeing Nutrition’s rapid dissolving nano strips, Vegan Vitamin B12 Melts, contain vegan B12 formulated with a bioactive form of B12, methylcobalamin, which has the highest potency at 99% purity. It's an essential vitamin that helps support a healthy nervous system, strong bones, boost metabolism and provide lasting energy.

Studies have proven that Vitamin B12 and folate together, provide enhanced benefits by increasing formation of red blood cells and stimulating DNA synthesis. When you are choosing a supplement to improve the quality of your daily life then it is advisable to go for the one that provides nutrients from 100% natural sources. Vegan Vitamin B12 Melts ensure a precise dose of therapeutics that interact in synergy to have a reciprocal reaction. This increases the efficacy of the entire formulation leading to more bioavailability and better as well as faster absorption of nutrients. These oral thin strips also contain curcumin that provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits even at a cellular level.

4. Collagen:

Collagen constitutes a significant amount of bone structure and helps strengthen the bones. With age, a person’s collagen production slows down, which can cause bones to become weaker. This can lead to the development of conditions such as osteoporosis. Research shows that collagen peptides help with bone formation and a reduction in the rate of age-related bone degradation.

One can replenish collagen levels through collagen-rich foods, some of which are eggs, meat, fish, seafood, bone broth, dairy, dairy products, berries, citrus fruits, garlic, red and yellow bell peppers, cashews, tomatoes, and leafy green vegetables, to name a few. There are a few nutrients and foods that bolster collagen synthesis in the body, which include vitamin C (foods like citrus fruits, papaya, green leafy vegetables, strawberries, and broccoli), hyaluronic acid, ginseng, antioxidants (foods like blueberries, yerba mate, green tea, pomegranate extract, coffee extract, licorice roots, mulberry, astragalus, cinnamon, basil, thyme), and retinol, among other things. Having said that, it’s advisable to consume collagen supplements as the collagen in food cannot be used directly by our tissues.

Collagen is a long chain of amino acids that must be first broken down by enzymes into a shorter, more usable form. Collagen supplements have already gone through this enzymatic process of hydrolysis into shorter amino acid chains, hence consuming them lead to better absorption and results.Unflavoured Pure Marine Collagen peptides are easy to add to your daily diet by blending it in any beverage of your choice. Best Collagen supplements are sourced from Korean deep-sea fishes, which are free of mercury, harmful antibiotics and GMO feed. It helps in improving bone and muscle mass as much as it’s used to enhance skin, hair and nail health, and prevent gut-related problems.

5. Hyaluronic Acid:

If there’s one nutrient that helps in the growth and development of joint’s cartilage and bone by stimulating the growth of new cells and tissues, it’s hyaluronic acid. This essential nutrient also plays a vital role in lessening joint inflammation and injury-related pain or tissue degeneration. According to research, hyaluronic acid plays an instrumental role in the formation of hyaline cartilage, which lends its support and flexibility to the bones in the nose, ears, and ribs.

One of the best supplements to manage and combat age-related bone loss is Slow Bone Support, a time-conscious supplement in MCT oil that helps improve mobility and enhance bone health. The supplement contains undenatured type II collagen, MCT oil, resveratrol, and hyaluronic acid. All the nutrients are in a capsule within a capsule format to get all that you require in one dose without having the ingredients interacting with each other.

So what are you waiting for? If your diet doesn’t consist of these essential nutrients, hurry up and get yourself a pack of each of these dietary supplements that will help in improving and strengthening your bones!


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