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Stay on Track With Your Health Goals During Indian Festivals With Natural Supplements

Lo and behold! The festive season is here! If you’re an Indian, you know that festivals are a significant expression of life and happiness. During this time, we all get together and celebrate the festivals with a lot of enthusiasm and gumption. We just celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with utmost fervour and joy, a few days ago and are all set to usher in the festivities surrounding Navratri and Diwali in the coming days. These few days, we will all be in the throes of some celebratory fiesta. It is very easy to let our guards down around this time, giving into small misgivings of festive conduct like sleeping less, consuming sugar-laden and high fatty foods, and enjoying oneself to the point of fatigue, among other things. But it is perhaps more important than ever that we take care of ourselves, keep a tab on our temptations, and ensure our nutrients are well-replenished to keep all kinds of minor or major infections/ailments at bay. After all, no one wants to fall sick amid the festive galore and miss out on all the fun now, do we? So in this blog, we shall look at how to strike a balance between good health and fun and stay fit inside-out in order to have a fantastic time!

Health Goals During Indian Festivals & The Requisite Supplements

Here are a few health goals that one must stay on track with during festive times. We also suggest a list of Wellbeing Nutrition Supplements below, that will help you meet your health goals.

  • Energy: You cannot enjoy any festival if you don’t have an adequate amount of energy for it. Good energy levels are perhaps the only prerequisite one needs to enjoy the festive season. After all, you need energy to plan the festivities, cook treats, look your best, dance, sing, and enjoy. In some cases, you may have to stay up late and wake up early the next day to carry on with the festivities. All the late-night festivities and less sleep can leave one feeling fatigued. Instant Energy Melts and Vegan Vitamin B12 Melts are a must-have during festival time to maintain an optimum level of energy levels. These Vegan Melts are easy to carry around wherever you go and are rapid dissolving oral thin strips that easily dissolve in the mouth, the moment they come in contact with the tongue, courtesy the sublingual delivery mechanism they embody. Enjoy these without any swallowing difficulties and keep up your energy levels throughout the day.

  • Detox the Body: With the festive season underway, late nights and parties are inevitable. And you cannot escape the delicious farsan or mithai that you awaited all year long. During this time, your kidneys and liver are working in overdrive, which need to be flushed to relieve the body of the toxins and eventually protect the immune system, keeping all kinds of infections and ailments at bay. That is when you can give effervescent tablets like Wellbeing Nutrition’s Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea and Daily Greens, which are not only effective but also delicious to consume. These tablets too are easy to carry around and are travel friendly. All you need to do is drop a tablet into a glass of water, and voila, you have your healthy drink ready. These tablets contain antioxidant-rich ingredients that help flush those toxins out of the body and help keep your liver and kidneys healthy and toxin-free. Apart from that, they also help reduce inflammation in the body, offsetting the damage caused due to the radical activity in the body, maintaining the pH levels in the body, and boosting the metabolism, all of which contribute to leading a healthy and more wholesome life. These drinks also make a healthy and organic alternative to the sugar-laden drinks and juices one tends to drink to feel rejuvenated. They also keep you hydrated from time to time. You can also have Slow Liver Health capsules to detoxify the liver and keep it healthy.

  • Weight loss: All the festive joy aside, festivals can come as a disruption and quite a nightmare for someone who is on a weightloss journey. All the high fat and sugar-laden foods during festivals are only likely to contribute to unwanted weight gain. Around this time, one has to be extremely careful and cognizant about the food they consume. But worry not, for Apple Cider Vinegar can be your best friend that will help prevent excess weight gain during the festive time. Having ACV diluted in water 15 minutes before your meals, will help curb your appetite and prevent overeating.If you are someone who works out and is used to having protein powder daily, then you can also try having one like Superfood Plant Protein as protein is known to keep one satiated for a long time and prevent one from overeating and gorging on those sweets and fatty foods that will cause you to pile on. You can also add it to your mithai to give it a healthy touch.Replace fruit juices with flavoured, soothing and nourishing Prebiotic blend of Inulin,FOS, and soluble dietary fiber with 17 raw organic superfoods from whole grain, legumes, seeds, fruits & spices, which fills you up and stops you from overeating.

  • Gut Health: An upbeat mood and an upset stomach can never go hand in hand. The festivals are a period when we are tempted by sinful delights coming our way from all corners. A sudden spike in eating your favourite sweets and savouries during the festive season could take a toll on your gut. Even a short period of intake of processed foods, unhealthy fat-rich foods, salt, and added sugars can decrease the number of good bacteria in your gut, disturbing the balance of the gut microbiome and increasing inflammation. Also lack of sleep, alcohol consumption and stress compound the causes of gastrointestinal disorders like constipation. IBS, acidity, gas, diarrhoea. Research shows that prebiotic and probiotic functional foods or supplements improve gut health by increasing the number of gut microbiota or flora as we call it. Including synbiotic supplements like Gut Health Slow, Probiotic + Prebiotic effervescent tablets, and Healthy Gut Melts can help maintain the balance between the good and bad bacteria in the gut during the festive time and prevent all kinds of gastric issues that could adversely affect the immune system.

  • Skin & Hair Health: Who doesn't want to look their best during festival time! After all, months go into planning the perfect outfit and hairdo for the day. Needless to say, one would want their skin and hair health to be on point during those few days of the year. However, it is not that simple if you’re hardly getting any sleep, are always stressed out about the festival preparations, and are eating oily and sugary treats every now and then. That is when supplements like Skin Fuel, Pure Korean Marine Collagen, Glow Japanese Marine Collagen, Beauty Japanese Marine Collagen, and Hair, Skin and Nails Slow capsules, come to the rescue. These supplements help you take care of yourself and fix all your beauty problems from within!

  • De-stress the Mind: Festivals can also be very stressful, with all the running around, planning, preparing, cooking, and looking into every minute detail of the same. In all the stress and excessive worrying, sleep is the first thing to get affected. But worry not as Wellbeing Nutrition’s Restful Sleep Melts and Calm and Relaxation Melts can come to your rescue. The plant-based melatonin in Sleep Melts and sun-theanine in calm and relaxation melts will work wonders on your nervous system and help tackle all the festival related anxiety and insomnia problems!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourselves each of these products and make yourself your very own unique little Wellbeing hamper to help you stay at the best of health this festive season.


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