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Liver Health

A scientifically-developed supplement to gently cleanse & regulate the liver. These Liver Health capsules combine the most powerful nutriscience with slow release plant based beadlets with Milk Thistle, Arjuna, & Berberry.

Liver<br>Protection Liver
Liver<br>Detoxification Liver
Reduces Inflammation Reduces Inflammation
Improves Fat Metabolism Improves Fat Metabolism
Controls Cholesterol Controls Cholesterol
Improves<br>Digestion Improves
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60 capsules per pack
Enhanced with Mint Enhanced with Mint
120 60
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  • When to consume?
    All of our products are created with optimal absorption in mind. We generally recommend that you take our supplements together with your meal such as breakfast or lunch.
    Serving size : 2 capsules (after breakfast or lunch)
    Total Servings : 30

To gently cleanse and regulate

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Wellbeing Nutrition LIVER HEALTH the best supplement for bone health ?
    - Wellbeing Nutrition SLOW capsules are Non-GMO and more bioavailable than traditional tablets/capsules/sugar filled gummies.The SLOW RELEASE plant based Beadlets in the capsule combines herbs & vitamins necessary for improving liver function that is released in a sustained period of time.
  • What is Milk Thistle ?
    Milk Thistle is a flowering plant found mostly in the Mediterranean region. It is also known as Mary Thistle or Holy Thistle. It belongs to the Ragweed and Daisy family. It can be identified by its purple flowers and its scientific Silybum marianum. It is known for its multiple health benefits.
  • Is milk thistle good for fatty liver ?
    Milk Thistle’s antioxidant properties help in reducing insulin resistance, inflammation, and liver damage. It is also good for the fatty liver and prevents free radical damage in the body.
  • Will prolonged consumption cause any side effects ?
    Absolutely not. Our product is 100% plant based, US FDA approved and Non-GMO, making it totally safe to consume for as long as you like.
  • Can an individual suffering from NASH take this supplement ?
    - Individuals having cirrhosis (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and with a fatty liver can take this supplement. However, we would recommend consulting a physician for alteration in dosage.
  • What is the role of vitamin D & E in liver health
    -.Vitamin D helps with bile production & flow,helps in liver recovery & lowers secondary complications. Vitamin E protects cells against toxins & helps curb inflammation.
  • Who can take this supplement ?
    It is specially curated for individuals with Liver issues like Fatty Liver or NASH.
  • Does it have an aftertaste ?
    No, it does not. Each capsule is essenced with mint coating that eliminates the aftertaste.
  • Is it 100% plant based ?
    Yes, we have used 100% plant based extracts only.
  • Is it GMO Free ?
    Yes it is Non-GMO, and also Gluten, Soy & major allergy free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Kalyana Kapoor

Perfect product and it benefits pretty well n Indeed worth the cost

Djeyam Kapadia

Its a great product It has helped me to oimprove my digestion & controlled my colosterol levels

Rajinder Kant

just started using it, imma see some results after 3 months "thats what they said

Radjiv Kannan

4 months ago I got myself tested for liver health since I was noticing some symptoms. Doctor asked me to stp drinking and gave me some meds too. the meds were just fine I didnt feel confident to have those meds. My dad suggested me to try wellbeing nutrition since he purchases a lot of stuff from them I though of giving it a try. bought two bottles. lets see if it works for me

Nikhila Kanda

It definietly controls my Cholestrol level also helped me improve my digestion as well so far so good looking forward to buy more

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