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Are Nutritional Supplements Necessary?

Nutritional supplements have been there since the early 1940s. However, it’s in the last decade that supplements have become so popular. But are nutritional supplements necessary? Can you not ensure a healthy life without nutritional supplements? Well, if these questions intrigue you, read along.

In this blog, you will find what nutritional supplements are and why they’re important, if at all. Also, we’ll share some of the most reliable, healthy, and safe supplements in the end. So, read in full.

What are nutritional supplements?

You can think of nutritional supplements as the addition of nutrients to your daily diet. Usually consumed by mouth, a nutritional supplement can have a single or multiple dietary ingredients like:

●    Enzymes
●    Amino Acids
●    Minerals
●    Herbs
●    Vitamins

All in all, a nutritional supplement is a tablet/powder/liquid that adds the nutrients missing in your food. It helps your body with the required nutrients to sustain a healthy life.

Now, let's understand the importance of nutrient supplements.

Is your diet good enough to provide the nutrients required by the body?

Most people think that if they consume healthy food, supplements won’t be necessary. However, this is not entirely true. It’s because 70-100 years ago, there wasn’t an extensive use of chemicals for growing crops. The veggies were all naturally grown and healthy. Because of which the food retained all the necessary nutrients, and the supplemental requirement was zero.

However, today, farmers make extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides. It helps them increase the yield but at the cost of nutritious value. And here are the results:

●    Wheat grown 100 years ago had almost twice the protein content compared to the modern varieties.

●    Also, as per the tests conducted by USDA, in 1950, there was 158 mg of iron in every 100 grams of spinach. However, today, the iron content has been reduced to about 2.7 mg per every 100 grams.

The above data shows how much nutrients we’re missing out on. No wonder why the kids and young adults of the 21st-century lack strength and are weak. Ultimately, the diet we consume daily isn’t enough to offer the nutrients required by the body.

What if you don’t consume the required amount of nutrients

The WHO says that over 2 billion people globally lack essential vitamins in their diet. A report states that 92% of the U.S. population suffers from at least one vitamin or mineral deficiency. This proves most of us aren’t consuming the required amount of nutrients daily.

What are the consequences?

Well, deficiency of the necessary nutrients like Vitamins and minerals can cause:

●    Low productivity
●    Obesity
●    Heart disease or stroke
●    Tooth decay
●    High blood pressure
●    High cholesterol
●    Type-2 diabetes
●    Some cancers
●    Osteoporosis
●    Eating disorders
●    Depression
●    And more

So, what’s the solution?
If one consults a nutritionist and creates a diet plan, they can prevent all of the above issues. But how many of us can easily afford that or consistently consume the boring food amid these stressful epidemic times? Only a handful, which is not enough.

This is where nutritional supplements kick in. There’s nothing bad about consuming supplements. It’s because supplements can help you replenish almost all the nutrients required by your body. Available in various forms, i.e., tablets, liquid, and powder, nutritional supplements are tasty and easy to consume.

Wrapping Up

Good nutritious food is the fuel your body needs. If you consume unhealthy food or food that lacks nutrients, you’re eventually going to grow weak. Although you won’t immediately realize the impacts, your later life can be affected. So, it’s highly recommended that you consume nutrient-rich food to ensure adequate nutrient intake.

However, if you cannot follow a diet plan or eat healthy food, you can opt for nutritional supplements. Multiregional supplements can help you meet your body’s nutrient needs.

As promised, here are some reliable nutritional supplements from Wellbeing Nutrition:

DAILY GREENS: Daily Greens from Wellbeing Nutrition is an effervescent tablet that has multivitamins from 39 fresh farm veggies, greens, and superfoods rich in antioxidants. It’s a reliable nutritional supplement that can help you fill the nutrition gaps in your daily diet.

The unique formula helps improve digestion and also gives you an immunity boost. And as it’s completely natural and plant-based, you can consume it without worry.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Another reliable product from Wellbeing Nutrition combines modern fermentation tech with Vedic science. This combination is rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants necessary for your wellbeing. This liquid supplement is unfiltered, raw, and is made from red and golden Himalayan apples. This means you can enjoy the goodness of apple fibers which boosts your digestion.

There are several other nutritional supplements like Probiotics + Prebiotics, Grandma’s Kadha, which you can rely on for replenishing your nutrient content.

Wellbeing Nutrition produces completely safe, scientifically proven, natural, and plant-based nutritional supplements you can trust. So, if you’re not consuming the required nutrients, go for nutritional supplements now.


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