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Understanding Diabetes and Ways to Keep Your Sugar Levels in Check

What is diabetes? How is diabetes related to blood sugar levels, and how can you keep sugar levels in check? If you have such questions in mind, this blog is for you. Here we’ll discuss what diabetes is and its common types, along with some ways of keeping sugar levels in check. And in the end, we’ll list some supplements that will help you control your sugar levels. So, read in full.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is actually a group of diseases that affect the way sugar (glucose)is used by your body. The underlying cause of diabetes always varies with its type.

However, all types of diabetes can lead to high glucose levels. And excess levels of glucose in your body can lead to serious issues. It’s because glucose is an essential component of our body. It provides energy to the cells and tissues that make up your entire body.

Types of Diabetes

Majorly there are two types of chronic diabetes

Type I Diabetes: People who suffer from Type I diabetes are unable to produce insulin.

Type II Diabetes: People who suffer from Type II diabetes are first unable to respond properly to insulin. And in later stages, they stop producing insulin at all.

And the reversible types of diabetes are:

Pediabetes: Prediabetes usually occurs when blood sugar levels are more than normal. However, the levels aren’t high enough to be termed diabetes. You can think of prediabetes as the precursor of diabetes. If you take the required precautions, you can prevent diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes: This type of pregnancy usually occurs during pregnancy. And as the baby is delivered, the condition becomes normal.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Here are some common symptoms of Type I and Type II Diabetes:
● Frequent urination
● Increased thirst
● Extreme hunger
● Irritability
● Unexplained weight loss
● Slow-healing sores
● Fatigue
● Frequent infections
● Blurred vision

Both Type II and Type I diabetes can develop at any age. However, type 1 diabetes is more common during adolescence or childhood. And type 2 diabetes is more common in adults over the age of 40.

How is high blood sugar dangerous, and how can you keep it in check?

The food we consume contains carbohydrates. And these carbohydrates are broken into sugar(glucose) that powers our body’s cells and tissues. However, when your body is unable to transport the sugar from the blood to the designated cells and tissues, the blood sugar levels increase.

And if these levels are left unchecked, it can lead to diabetes. However, by following some lifestyle or diet changes, you can keep blood sugar levels in check. Here’s how:

1. Regular Exercise
Regular exercise is essential for diabetes management. It’s because exercise helps improve insulin sensitivity and lose weight and thus help prevent diabetes.

2. Consume Plenty of Water
Drinking/Consuming plenty of water, which will help your kidneys expel extra sugar. This will further help keep blood sugar levels normal.

3. Limit Carb Intake
Consume foods that have fewer carbs. It’s because carbs are converted into sugar that runs through our bloodstream. Go for green veggies and fruits.

4. Increase Fibre Intake
Fibre-rich food slows down the digestion of carbs. This delays the entry of sugar into the bloodstream. And this further helps keep blood sugar levels under control.

These were some tips that truly work for diabetes management and help keep the sugar levels in check. However, there’s an even more effective way: Supplements to control sugar. And these supplements are given below.

Supplements to Control Sugar in Blood

Here are some of the supplements by Wellbeing Nutrition that can help better manage your sugar levels.

1. Daily Greens
Daily Green is an amazing supplement from Wellbeing Nutrition. It comes with all the veggies you need to maintain overall wellbeing. Here are the nutrients this supplement comes packed with:

● Vitamin C
● Vitamin B12
● Vitamin B3
● Vitamin B6
● Vitamin B5
● Iron
● Fiber
● Zinc

Here are the benefits you can expect:

● Helps balance blood sugar which means low risk of diabetes
● Helps lose weight
● Supports immune system
● Better oxygen levels
● Reduced inflammation
● Fights belly bloat
● Protects your brain
● Helps your skin glow
● Enhances bone health

Daily Greens is available in the form of effervescent tablets. You can drop a Daily Greens tab in a glass of water and let it fizz. Once done, you can enjoy a tasty, healthy, and nutritious drink.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar is another product from Wellbeing Nutrition that is quite beneficial for your health. It’s made using the juice of golden and red Himalayan apples. Here are the benefits of consuming ACV:

● Enables healthy blood sugar levels
● Helps lose weight and improve metabolism
● Enhances inflammation and immunity
● Enhances heart health
● Detoxifies your body
● Prevent bloating and acid reflux
● Relieves cough and sore throat

You can consume this product by mixing two tablespoons of ACV in 1 cup of warm water. Also, you can add some black pepper, turmeric, ginger for added taste and benefits.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar with Turmeric and Amla
This product is the fortified version of the previous one. It’s because this comes with the goodness of curcumin, black pepper, cinnamon, and amla. An added benefit of using all these spices is that they help in regulating the metabolism and keeping sugar levels within a healthy range. So, you can enjoy the aforementioned benefits along with the added nutrition of the aforementioned ingredients. Additionally, the pungency of ACV is offset by the assorted flavour of the spices.

Wrapping Up

Diabetes is a complex disorder. However, you can prevent it by keeping your blood sugar levels under check. Just follow the above suggestions and go for the products from Wellbeing Nutrition. This way, you can better manage your insulin levels, whilst also staying at the best of your health.


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