Tips to priortise your health amidst the pandemic

Tips to priortise your health amidst the pandemic

2020 – The year that taught us important lessons, albeit the hard way! Our everyday ‘hustle’ has always pushed us to do more – more than what our body can do, and more than what our minds can comprehend. The global health crisis made us understand the importance of holistic health. It made us realise that it’s time to pause, analyse, and reset our ways. 

It might be a while before this global nightmare comes to an end – so here are some tips to stay healthy during the pandemic!


1. Find your move.

Deciding to be healthy going forward is easy. However, when this decision entails you doing something you absolutely despise – say going to the gym, then the entire journey becomes a walk in hell for you. Therefore, it is imperative for you to find something you like, something that can make your body move without having to force yourself into doing something you don’t like. Your body doesn’t need you to sweat like there’s no tomorrow by spending every breathing minute in the gym. It just needs you to set a 30 minute routine that works for you, five times a week. And that is how folks, you take care of yourself during coronavirus


2. It’s not about dieting.

Yes, it’s not about dieting! It never was. It has always been about mindful eating. Once you release yourself of the pressure from fitting into those jeans, you will enjoy the process of healthy eating. 

Believe us when we say that it is the only sustainable way to consistently eat healthy which will positively impact your short-term and long-term health. Poor diet or an unbalanced diet makes you feel lethargic, moody, and weak.

If you’re looking for a simple and convenient way to treat your body with the power of healthy greens, antioxidants, and other superfoods, you must try Daily Greens.


3. Sleep. At a decent time.

The easiest page in the book of self care tips during the pandemic is to sleep. Since the beginning of this pandemic, our schedules are messed up. We were so used to doing a bazillion things every day, that when we don’t, our body experiences withdrawal symptoms and goes on a binge-fest. Sleep was the last thing on our minds. However, taking care of your health and coping during coronavirus requires you to sleep at a time that your body is designed to sleep

You may face troubles sleeping early at first, but you can consume soothing drinks like Grandma’s Kadha that allow your body to de-stress.


4. Hygiene goes a long way.

Well, while our caller tunes and all those PSA advertisements haven’t failed to highlight the importance of hygiene during this pandemic, we’re here to reiterate it. Physical hygiene – yes! Mental hygiene – a bigger yes! As a form of self care during COVID, watch what goes into your body. We mean everything. From the food on your plate, to your feed on instagram. Just like your body, your brain needs to be fed with stuff that can help it grow. Be mindful of the content you consume. Steer away from social media that bothers you and social situations that strain you. Practise meditation and breathing exercises.

Always remember, little things go a long way. It’s never too late to start today.

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