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4 Anti-ageing Secrets to Learn from The Koreans

What comes to your mind when you hear the words glassy, dewy and snowy skin? Obviously, Koreans, especially Korean women, to be precise! Every woman wishes to achieve the skin Koreans have. What if we told you the anti-ageing secrets Korean women follow to achieve that skin?
Well, this is what the blog is all about. We’ll talk about some anti-ageing secrets or remedies Korean women follow. And in the end of this blog, we’ll unveil a supplement to supercharge anti-ageing. Read along to know what!

4 K-Beauty anti-ageing Secrets 

Here are 4 Korean anti-ageing secrets you can rely on:

1.    Perfect Cleansing

The most essential/important step in your skincare routine should be cleansing. It is said to be the most vital step in the Korean skincare routine.
Most people think that Korean people spend too much on the products they use. And they should do the same. Well, this is not true. Taking a few minutes to remove makeup and other impurities from your skin will do wonders.
It is recommended to go for a double cleanse every day. This will allow your skin to go to bed makeup-free. Also, it’ll help your skin breathe before you go to bed. As a result of this routine, your skin will be flawless and will have a unique shine.

2.    Steamy Shower

Another anti-ageing secret is the steamy shower. Steam can revive and mend your skin, and Koreans know it all too well.

Curious to know how a steam shower can amaze us?
Well, steam showers open skin pores. Also, such showers help your skin release and clear any dirt and grime settled in them.
Furthermore, steamy showers make your skin soft and damp. And massaging your damp skin gently can help you achieve a glowing and younger-looking skin. Therefore, massage your neck and face while in the steam shower.

3.    Barley Tea

Barley tea is considered as the bumper for antioxidants. Besides this, a study showed that drinking barley tea can improve your blood circulation. Also, barely tea is served to Korean babies from birth to protect their skin and well-being.
In addition, some people say that it can even double up as a weight-loss drink. So, you just can’t go wrong with Barley Tea!

4.    Collagen Powder

It is not always what you apply to your skin that helps it glow or heal. Sometimes, it’s also about what you eat.
According to a study consuming a collagen supplement can offer skin elasticity, hydration and improve roughness. Also, as per the 2014 double-blind study, it is said that women who consumed extra collagen have higher elasticity than those who didn’t.
So, it’s clear that consuming collagen can help. But where can you get this collagen? Well, this is when collagen supplements come into the picture. And as said earlier, we’ll list a supplement for promoting anti-ageing. And here it is, Pure Korean Marine Collagen.

What is Pure Korean Marine Collagen?

Pure Korean Marine Collagen is a reliable collagen supplement from Wellbeing Nutrition. This supplement has pure 8000 mg of premium wild-caught marine collagen. And as it’s hydrolyzed to an advanced low molecular weight of 3000 Daltons, this is the purest form of collagen on earth.
Apart from enhancing your skin health, Pure Koran Collagen offers several other benefits such as:
●    Better skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles, fine lines, and youthful skin
●    Healthy hair
●    Improved muscle mass
●    Stronger nails
●    Better joint and bone health
●    Enhanced energy and metabolism
Pure Korean Marine Collagen is sugar, soy, gluten, dairy, and GMO-free. Also, it’s halal and kosher-certified and paleo and keto-friendly. All in all, this supplement is safe for consumption and has no side effects.
Even consuming the Pure Korean Collagen supplement is easy. It’s because of its tasteless powdered form. You can mix it with your banana smoothie or simply mix it with water.  
Please Note: Although this supplement has no side effects, it’s better to consult an expert before consumption. Also, it’s recommended to people who’re at least 25 years old. It’s because, after 25, the collagen content in the body starts reducing, which leads to ageing.   
These were the four beauty secrets that Korean women swear by to look younger than their actual age. From these four beauty secrets, the most efficient one is adding collagen to your diet. As discussed above, you can do this with the help of Pure Korean Marine Collagen Powder.
The supplement is safe and clinically- tested to slow down ageing. So, if you want glassy, dewy, and younger-looking skin along with healthy nails and hair, make sure to include Korean Marine Collagen in your diet. That’s the greatest anti-ageing secret you can learn from the Koreans!


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  • Shuster S. (2020). Osteoporosis, like skin ageing, is caused by collagen loss which is reversible. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 113(4), 158–160.
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