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Daily Diet and Lifestyle Mistakes That Might Be Affecting Your Skin and Hair

The diet you consume and the lifestyle you follow significantly impact your health.

For instance, if you frequently consume junk food, consume alcoholic, sugary or aerated drinks excessively, and smoke often, you’re more likely to gain weight and suffer from respiratory issues as compared to a person who can balance a healthy diet and lifestyle routine with occasional smoking and drinking. Your diet and lifestyle have a huge impact on your hair and skin health. Want to know how? Read along.

This blog discusses how your lifestyle and diet impact your skin and hair health. In addition, you’ll find reliable supplements to deal with the same. So, read in full.

5 Daily Diet and Lifestyle Mistakes That Might Be Affecting Your Skin and Hair

1. Stress

Stress has become a part of our lifestyle. Most of us also know that stress leads to high blood pressure, mental problems, digestion issues, etc. Long hours of work increases stress which often lead to excessive smoking, or consuming mugs of coffee to keep you going which for time being can give relief but in the long run, unfortunately, are detrimental to your skin and hair health.
Stress can also aggravate skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, etc. Also, a study says that stress can impact your skin’s homeostasis and permeability barrier function negatively. What’s more, high emotional stress impacts your hair follicles reducing the hair growth and eventually leading to hair loss.

Solution: Try to include meditation and yoga in your daily routine. Maintain a routine to destress yourself, gradually cut down on the caffeine intake and excessive smoking. This will help you stay calm and poised all day long.

2. Consuming Too Much Sugar

We often consider that fruit juices or packed juices are healthy as they are low calorie, nutritious and easy to carry and consume. However, we fail to realize that these juices are loaded with sugar, which is perhaps one of the worst enemies of your skin.

If you think of coffee and sugary carbonated drinks as hydrating fluids, you’re horribly wrong. Having such drinks not only impacts your skin but your hair and gut health too.
For instance, consuming too much sugar can lead to prematurely aged skin. Also, sugar is known to break down elastin and collagen – proteins that shape and structure your skin and make it firm. And when these proteins break down, your skin becomes dull, wrinkled, and saggy.

What’s more, sugar intake increases blood sugar levels that damage your hair follicles. And this, in turn, leads to aggravated hair loss. Also, sugar causes scalp inflammation which can reduce the overall hair quality and count.

Solution: Stay away from sugary or/and carbonated beverages. However, if you love beverages, go for the ones that contain the least amount of sugar.

3. Long Intervals between Meals

Skipping meals due to extended meetings or close end deadlines have become a norm. But if not corrected this habit can be the leading factor for your poor hair and skin health. Long gaps between meals can increase the stomach acid and causing acidity, heart burn and low energy levels, excessive hunger pangs and sugar cravings. And Dehydration could just add to it.

Solution: Stay hydrated by consuming plain water or infusing it with fresh fruits, herbs or lime or refreshing liquids like buttermilk, green tea, lemon juice etc. Do not exceed the interval of your meals more than 3 hours, keep sipping on low.

4. Following an Unbalanced or Irregular Diet

Consuming too much nutrition-less junk or processed food? Well, it could be the reason behind your poor gut, skin, and even hair health.

For instance, a diet rich in processed foods, gluten, spicy food and sugar can lead to inflammation and thus cause acne breakouts. The same type of diet can impact your hair and even gut negatively.

What’s more, your skin and hair need nutrients such as protein, collagen, biotin, folate, zinc, vitamin E, glutathione, hyaluronic acid, etc., to stay healthy. However, if you follow a diet that lacks these nutrients, your skin and hair health is bound to suffer.

Solution: Go for a healthy, nutrition-rich diet that contains all the nutrients your skin, hair, and gut need for good health.

5. Frequent Hair Styling or Skin/Hair Treatment

If you frequently blow-dry your hair or use a straightening iron on your hair, it’ll become weak over time. Also, if you use shampoo or conditioner that isn’t meant for your hair type, you might experience hair loss.
The same goes for the skin. Using too many makeup products can clog skin pores, cause allergies or infections, and even acne breakouts. Also, using skin products meant for oily skin on any other skin type can lead to side effects and skin allergies.

Solution: Try not to use hair or skin products that aren’t suited for your hair/skin type. Also, limit the use of makeup, hair dryer, and straightening iron. This way, you can protect your skin and hair health.

Also, there’s one more way to improve your overall skin and hair health. And that is, including supplements in your diet that contain nutrients necessary for your skin and hair. Here are some reliable supplements to choose from:

Skin Fuel

Skin Fuel is a unique skin care supplement that helps your skin in every possible manner. It comes with hyaluronic acid, Japanese marine collagen, vitamins E, D, C, and goji berry, etc. These ingredients can help:

  • Hydrate your Skin

  • Introduce Firmness and Elasticity

  • Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

  • Achieve Glowing and Radiant Skin

  • Reduce Acne and Inflammation

  • Boost Collagen Levels

  • Achieve Overall Healthy Skin

Skin Fuel comes in the form of unique effervescent tablets that are easy to consume. Just drop one tablet in a glass of water and watch it fizz. Within seconds, you can have a tasty pro-skin drink ready for consumption.

Healthy Hair Melts

Healthy Hair Melts, as the name says, is meant specifically to improve hair health. It comes with wholefood biotin, piperine, zinc, folic acid, Fo-ti extract, saw palmetto, and folic acid. This supplement can help:

  • Reduce Hair Fall

  • Promote Hair Growth

  • Prevent Greys

  • Nourish Follicles

  • Achieve a Healthy Scalp

Healthy Hair Melts is available in the form of oral strips that are easy to consume. Just place it on your tongue, and within seconds, poof! They’re gone. Also, because of its unique form, Healthy Hair Melts is absorbed better by your body.

Hair, Skin & Nails

Hair, Skin & Nails is a multipurpose supplement that nourishes your skin, nails, and hair. It comes in the form of a 2-in-1 capsule that contains fast-absorbing evening primrose oil and slow-release beadlets containing biotin, glutathione, and collagen. Here’s how this supplement can help:

Wrapping Up

Now that you know our daily lifestyle and dietary mistakes that lead to poor skin and hair health, it’s time to change. However, start small and take baby steps. This way, you’ll be able to effectively transition from a bad diet or lifestyle to a healthy one.

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