Holistic Wellbeing Kit

The best of health and nutrition in one kit!

Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green - Tea contains 137x more antioxidants and 3x more EGCGs as compared to regular green tea, and is your one-stop destination for all-day sustained energy.

Daily Greens - gives you wholefood nutrition from 39 Farm Fresh Greens that fills gaps in your diet.

Grandma’s Kadha - gives you the goodness of 13 Adaptogenic Herbs to prevent cough and infections.

Probiotic and Prebiotic - contains 36 Billion Live Cultures and 6 Clinically Approved for complete Gut Health.

Skin Fuel - contains Bioactive Japanese Marine Collagen, L–Glutathione, Hyaluronic Acid and 7 other Antioxidants in one Clinically Approved formula to help give you firm, supple, radiant skin.

How to Consume:

Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea - Just drop 1 tablet in a glass of water, wait for it to dissolve, and drink up the goodness of 137x more antioxidants than regular green tea.

Daily Greens, Probiotic + Prebiotic and Skin Fuel - Drop 1 tablet in a glass of water. Wait for it to dissolve. Drink up for Holistic Health!

Grandma’s Kadha - Take 250ml of hot water. Drop the tablet and wait for 2-3 minutes for it to dissolve. Drink up to keep cough and infections at bay, every day!

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Sugar Free
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Up to 83% Indians don’t get their daily minimum requirement of greens, fruits, or veggies. We’re here to make a difference to that number. Starting with you.

15+ Alkalising Greens

Wholesome organic greens alkalise your body and balance pH levels.

12+ Wholefood Multivitamins

Nature’s closest nutrition to boost your immunity.

30+ Antioxidant-rich Superfoods

Stay protected from damaging free radicals and enhance your body’s daily defence.

Organic Nutrition

your brain

Organic Multivitamin

weight loss

Natural Vitamins

belly bloat

organic supplements

your skin glow

Vitamin C tablets

your brain

Vitamin B6

immune system

vitamin b12 tablets

bone health

immunity booster

and balances PH

vitamin d tablets

digestive enzymes

Zinc tablets


antioxidant rich foods

Helps balance
sugar level

best multivitamin

the body

vitamin b complex tablet

oxygen level

anti inflammatory foods

free radicals

boost immune system


to the rescue

An untimely case of the sniffles, stress or infection can really get in the way of things.

Let’s help you get the goods you need to support your immune system.

Immunity booster
Relieves sore throat and congestion
Improves digestion
ayurvedic cough syrup
Fights flu naturally
ayurvedic medicine for cough
Reduces inflammation
natural remedies for cough
Relieves Stress
cold treatment
Antioxidant Properties
kadha recipe
Advanced immunity support
kadha for cold
Adaptogenic properties
tulsi kadha
Relieves cold symptoms
Explore infinite benefits
of Probiotic + Prebiotic
Bloating & Indigestion
IBS & Constipation
Gas & Acidity
Healthy metabolism
Gut health
Aids digestion
Strong immunity
Skin radiance
Improved nutrient absorption
Neutralizes toxins
One Tablet.
Infinite Benefits For Your Skin
Rebuilds & strengthens the Collagen Matrix
Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Restores Elasticity
Reduces Inflammation and Acne
Keeps your Skin Hydrated
Gives you Radiant, Glowing Skin
Improves Skin Texture
Firm, Youthful, Supple Skin
Boosts Energy

Boosts Energy

The combination of caffeine with L-Theanine provides a stable and extended boost of energy without anxious jitters or side effects.

Aids Healthy Digestion

Aids Healthy Digestion

Helps maintain digestive balance and prevent gastrointestinal disorders due to its abundant polyphenol content.

Increases Metabolism

Increases Metabolism

Speeds up metabolism and boosts fat burning for healthy weight management.

Maintains Dental Health

Maintains Dental Health

Contains flavonoids that maintain healthy gums, fight tooth decay and limit the growth of oral bacteria.

Improves Heart Health

Improves Heart Health

Keeps the heart healthy and helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Supports Cognitive Health

Supports Cognitive Health

Increases Oxygen flow to the brain, is a natural nootropic for better memory, focus and attention.

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