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Here's How Natural Ingredients & Advanced Technology Need to Go Hand in Hand to Bring You the Best of Health

Wellbeing Nutrition's supplements are now being used by people of all age groups, from 6-year-old kids to older adults who're 50 plus. That's because Wellbeing Nutrition produces high-quality natural supplements that are both safe and effective. But what makes supplements from Wellbeing Nutrition effective? Read along.

This blog talks about different advanced technologies that Wellbeing Nutrition uses to bring the most out of the natural ingredients and craft amazing natural supplements.

Here are the Advanced Technologies Wellbeing Nutrition Uses to craft its World Class Natural Supplements

1. Advanced NanoScience

Wellbeing Nutrition's range of products Melts®, uses patented nanotechnology that helps extract plant-based ingredients and converts the same into tiny molecules or nanoparticles. Now, these nanoparticles enable your body to absorb the nutrients more quickly and in a more effective manner.

2. Thin Oral Strips

All Melts products come in the form of thin nano oral strips. Rectangular in shape, you just need to place them on your tongue without needing any water or swallowing. Also, there's no aftertaste. This unique design solves a big problem for people who don't like consuming tablets and capsules.

3. Melts Delivery Mechanism

The Melts range of products uses a unique delivery mechanism that helps with better absorption of the nanoparticles. Once you place Melts nano oral strip on your tongue, it gets dissolved within a few seconds because of the melts sublingual delivery system.

This unique delivery system delivers the nutrients right into your bloodstream protecting the ingredients/formulations from being disintegrated because of your stomach acids, ensuring complete absorption.

4. Enhanced Nutrition

Every ingredient in the Melts supplements interacts in synchrony with the other causing a reciprocal reaction. This helps improve the overall potential of the formulation/supplement and ensures faster and better absorption of all the nutrients.

5. Slow or Delayed Release Nanotechnology

Wellbeing Nutrition's Slow range of products comes with 2-in-1 ingredients: fast-acting oil and slow-acting plant beadlets based on slow/delayed release nanotechnology.

This technology dissolves the ingredients of the beadlets over a span of 8 hours after ingestion. The motive here is to improve absorption and ensure that the nutrients reach the less sensitive areas of your gut.

6. Effervescence

Wellbeing Nutrition's Effervescent range of products also boasts advanced technology, i.e., effervescence. These natural supplements come in the form of effervescent tablets that contain sodium bicarbonate & citric acid and produce fizz (CO2) when added to water.

Now, this fizz (CO2) serves a dual purpose. First, it looks attractive and is a good way to enjoy your healthy supplement drink. Second, the fizz/CO2 bubbles help relieve the symptoms of bloating or gas.

So, if you love those fizzy bubbles but want them in a healthy drink and have gas issues, the effervescent range of natural supplements is for you.

What Wellbeing Nutrition Products Use the Above Technologies and Natural Ingredients to Deliver Better Health?

Advanced Nanoscience, Thin Oral Strips, Melts® Delivery Mechanism, and Enhanced Nutrition
You'll find these technologies integrated into the Melts range of products, such as:

Disney Melts for Kids (Marvel Edition):

Disney Melts for Kids (Frozen Edition):

Slow or Delayed Release Nano Technology

Delayed-Release Nano Technology comes in a Slow range of products:


Here are the products that come with effervescent tablets:


Every natural supplement by Wellbeing Nutrition is backed by the latest and proven science-based procedures that combine natural ingredients. The aim is not only to produce great supplements but to ensure that you are able to get all the benefits out of it. So, if you want to ensure good health with the help of safe, natural, clinically- tested, and plant-based supplements, order from Wellbeing Nutrition Now.

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