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Role of Supplements in Building Immunity

Do you know why many people get sick all the time while some don’t get sick at all? It’s because of immunity. Immunity is your body’s ability to fight against foreign organisms like pathogens and viruses. The stronger the immunity, the less you fall sick.
But how can you build a stronger immunity or immune system? Well, you can consume food items rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, etc. However, this is something not feasible for everyone. And this is where Nutritional Supplements kick in.
Most people don’t know how nutritional supplements can help improve immunity. If you’re one of them, worry not. This blog is going to offer you a logical explanation of how supplements work in favor of your immunity. So, let’s begin.

How do supplements help in building immunity?

Do you know what a supplement is? Well, a nutritional supplement is an addition to one’s diet to meet the daily need for nutrients. It basically helps you add nutrients to your body that you missed.
Most supplements contain:
●    Vitamins like D, B12, B6, E. etc.  
●    Minerals like calcium and iron, etc.
●    Herbs such as echinacea and garlic, to name a few.
●    Products like glucosamine, probiotics, and fish oils, and the like.
And this is pretty much everything you need to boost your immunity. If someone cannot directly consume minerals, vitamins, herbs, and other immunity boosters, he can opt for nutritional supplements. Such supplements have natural extracts and everything you need to boost your immunity.

Is every nutritional supplement good?

Nope. Chemical-based supplements do more bad than good. Also, not every supplement is tested clinically. It’s the reason we have prepared a list of natural supplements that work. You can go through the list, check out how the nutrients within the supplements help your immune system, and then make a decision. Here’s the list:

7 Organic immunity-boosting supplements that actually work

1.    Daily Greens
Daily Greens from Wellbeing Nutrition is a whole food nutritional supplement composed of:
●    39- fresh veggies
●    Fruits
●    Superfoods rich in antioxidants  
All this in one delicious effervescent tablet. For the immunity part, Daily Greens has:
●    Vitamin C
●    Vitamin B12
●    Vitamin B6
●    Vitamin B5
●    Iron
●    Fiber
All of the above nutrients boost immunity in different ways. And this claim is backed by research. So, this is the first example of how a supplement can boost your immunity, energy, and your overall wellbeing.
Read our blog, ‘Daily Dose of Green Health - in a Tablet!’, to know more about Daily Greens.
2.    Melts® Natural Vitamin D3
Melts® Natural Vitamin D3 are oral thin strips that dissolve as soon as you place them on your tongue. It converts plant-based extracts into easily absorbable nanoparticles.

Now, the main component of this supplement is Vitamin D3, a deficiency of which causes autoimmune disorders. When you consume this supplement, you can experience higher energy levels, better bones, a good mood, and of course, better immunity. To know more about Vitamin D3 and how it affects your health, read our blog, ‘Vitamin D3: Why It's the Best thing for your Body’.
3.    Melts® Restful Sleep
Restful Sleep are nano strips that help in achieving sound sleep. If you have trouble sleeping or have insomnia, you must try this supplement. You can place a strip daily on your tongue and let it dissolve.
Now, this supplement helps you with sound sleep. And research proves that sound Sleep helps the immune system. So, this is yet another way supplements help immunity. Read our blog, Here's Why You Need A Good Night's Sleep to know why you need good quality sleep everyday.
4.    Melts® Instant Energy
Instant energy strips help you improve mental focus, reduce fatigue and enhance endurance. It’s composed of Vitamin B5, B12, potassium, and Caffeine. And Vitamin B5 regulates immunity. So, if you need more energy during the day and want to boost your immunity, too, try Melts® Instant Energy.  Also, read our blog, ‘Low On Energy? Try Out These Natural Ways To Boost It’.
5.    Melts® Vegan Vitamin B12
The Vegan Vitamin B12 is for the people who are Vitamin B12 deficient or:
●    Need more energy during the day.
●    Want to feel calm.
●    Want better brain functioning.
The main ingredients in Vegan B12 are Vegan B12, Folate BacoMind®, and Curcumin. While other
ingredients help your body replenish its energy, B12 helps with cellular immunity as per the research. Read our blog, Vitamin B12: Here’s why your Body Needs it  to know everything there is to know about this essential micronutrient.

Apart from the aforementioned four and Melts Healthy Hair and Melts Throat Relief, Wellbeing Nutrition has also come up with four new variants of oral thin strips such as Melts Multivitamins, Melts Healthy Gut, Melts Nano Iron, and Melts Eye Care to further enhance your immune function and overall wellbeing. Read our blog, Oral Thin Strips: What are they, and why are they more effective?, to know more about Melts.
6.    Probiotic + Prebiotic
Probiotic + Prebiotic from Wellbeing Nutrition is one of the best prebiotic and probiotic supplements out there. Water-soluble tablets contain bacteria (live cultures) that are good for your gut health, which help in digestion, and of course to build immunity.  To know more about how probiotics benefits your health, read our blog, ‘Benefits of Probiotics’.

7.    Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar from Wellbeing nutrition acts as a holistic health booster. Made from fresh Himalayan red and golden apples, ACV is rich in minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins which boost your immunity and support your overall wellbeing. Read, ‘The Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar’ to know about the incredible ways in which Apple Cider Vinegar can enhance your health and wellbeing.


So, supplements definitely play a significant role in building immunity. However, you need to choose the right supplements to ensure this fact. And for that you can trust Wellbeing Nutrition.

 Wellbeing Nutrition has released a range of completely natural organic supplements which can:
●    Meet your daily nutrient needs.
●    And build your immune system.  

So, choose supplements from Wellbeing nutrition and build your ability to fight diseases like never before.


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