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Enjoy Monsoon Season Without it Affecting Your Skin and Hair Health

The monsoons may come as a relief after an unbearable summer heat, however it may not bear too well with your hair and skin, if you fail to take proper care of it. After all, high humidity in the atmosphere can severely impact your skin and tresses, making them look oily, dull, and greasy respectively. It can also take quite a toll on the immune system, which when compromised can expose you to different infections and seasonal ailments. In this blog, we shall look at the different ways in which the onset of monsoon can impact your skin and hair health and the different Wellbeing Nutrition supplements that can help you effectively take care of them. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

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How Can Monsoons Impact Your Skin & Hair?

While the monsoons may be a harbinger of good tidings for most of India, one can’t deny the havoc it can create on your skin and hair, if you don’t take proper care of them. Monsoons mean high humidity, which poses a serious problem, particularly for those with oily skins. Courtesy of the monsoons, oily skin tends to look even more dull and greasy owing to the sweat and grime that gets accumulated on the skin. Sweat acts as a magnet to dirt and pollutants in the atmosphere, which can then lead to a number of skin problems such as acne, blackheads, pimples and other unwanted eruptions. The chances of developing fungal and bacterial infections on the skin are also high during this season due to prolonged exposure to rainwater.

Who wouldn’t love healthy hair all year round, but like skin, hair too is severely impacted due to the heightened moisture level in the atmosphere during the monsoons. The humidity in the air causes the hair to appear limp, lacking in body and bounce. Furthermore, the increased exposure to the constant dampness will lead to sweat, which will accumulate in the scalp area to cause dandruff and a lot of hairfall. Additionally, prolonged exposure to environmental grime and dirt can cause hair to feel rough and sticky. In the monsoons, we love to binge on some fried food like samosa or pakoda along with a cup of hot tea or coffee, too much of which can affect skin and hair health. Additionally, if your diet lacks the required nutrients such as vitamin A, B12, C, E and minerals like selenium, zinc, iron, folate and omega-3 fatty acids and other healthy fats, it is likely to contribute to poor skin health and a deteriorating quality and volume of hair.

The monsoons can also impact your immune system if you don’t take care of yourself properly, exposing you to infections and seasonal ailments, which will eventually also impact your skin and hair. Your gut health also plays a major role in influencing your skin and hair health.

What Are Some Of The Skin Care and Hair Care Practices That One Can Employ To Prevent Damage?

Season change requires one to change their skin and hair care routine as well. Being rigid with these routines and refraining to adapt to the variations in the season can cause severe damage to one’s skin and hair health. So follow these simple dietary and hygiene steps to better take care of the integumentary system of your body, which includes your skin and hair.

● Wash your skin and hair regularly. The human body is always exposed to different pathogens, infections, and disease-causing agents, and if one’s immunity is not up to the mark, they can easily fall victim to illnesses, especially during the monsoons. Any slips and laxity in taking effective care of oneself, can easily compromise one’s immune system. That is why, washing one’s skin and hair regularly and frequently is important to prevent the accumulation of dirt on the body.

Skin Care routine: Continue with your regular CTM routine, which is cleansing, toning, and moisturising to get rid of clogged pores to avoid skin allergies and fungal and bacterial infections. This will prevent breakouts, acne, pimples and all. Additionally, deep pore cleansing or exfoliation with a facial scrub to remove hardened oil from the pores twice a week would also be ideal. Apart from this, a night time cleansing routine is a must as that helps to remove the impurities that have collected on the skin during the day. Given that the skin is prone to blackheads in humid weather, apply astringent mixed with either rose or cucumber water to clean the skin properly. Apart from this, apply a water-based sunscreen lotion on the skin that has SPF ranging somewhere between 15 and 30, and apply it after every 4-5 hours to keep the skin protected. Avoid using oily or moisturiser-based products as that will make the skin more oily. All this will definitely improve skin health during the monsoons.

● Hair care routine: Shampoo your hair more frequently during the monsoons, particularly if the hair is oily. That will keep the dirt and grime away, preventing dandruff and eventually hair fall. Use a herbal or natural conditional instead of the rich and chemical ones as that will also contribute to keeping the scalp healthy. Keep the hair simply styled and away from the face as dirt from the hair can also affect the skin. Oil your hair once or twice a week for nourishment but do not let the oil stay for far too long, unless it’s very dry, as that could also lead to dandruff and oily scalp. Here are some great tips for healthy hair

● Correct Dietary Habits : Also, ensure your diet includes all the necessary nutrients required for gorgeous hair and skin. While iron aids in enhancing oxygen flow in the body, vitamin B12 stimulates red blood cell production, which eventually contributes in improving blood circulation in the body, thereby benefiting hair and skin health. Vitamin E and omega 3 fats improve scalp and hair quality. They play an instrumental role in nourishing the scalp and the hair follicles, promoting hair growth. At the same time, they also help in regulating the skin's oil production, reducing or completely preventing breakouts, improving balanced hydration, and minimising signs of ageing. The other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants all help in preventing free radical damage and improving skin and hair quality.

● All in all, keep yourself well hydrated as humid weather also causes the body to lose fluids through sweat. Ensure you keep your body flushed by drinking enough fluids. Afterall, internal health matters and reflects on your skin and hair health. Sometimes, your internal health can be very badly affected, which reflects badly on our skin and hair. If the internal problem stems out of nutrient deficiencies or weak immunity, it’s better to nib them in the bud with a healthy diet and proper dietary supplementation. Wellbeing Nutrition has some really effective supplements to address these problems.

Wellbeing Nutrition Products To Help Improve Skin & Give You Healthy Hair

Here are some dietary supplements that you can try out this monsoon for better skin and hair health.

● Skin Fuel: This is a clinically-approved and US dermatologist formulated “drinkable skincare” with the best of nutrients such as bioactive Japanese marine collagen, Hyaluronic acid, l-glutathione and vitamins in a 4-in-1 formula. In delicious Blueberry Mint flavour, Skin Fuel comes in the form of effervescent tablets that easily dissolve in water and keep you hydrated as well.

● Healthy Hair: If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy having capsules, Healthy Hair Melts is the perfect supplement for you. These come in the form of oral thin strips that instantly dissolve in the mouth when they come in contact with the tongue. Containing natural wholefood Biotin (10,000mcg) and plant-based extracts like piperine, these strips ensure better absorption of nutrients in the body and help nourish hair follicles, reduce grey hair, improve the health of the scalp, and enhance hair growth and volume, among other things.

● Marine Collagen Peptides: With age, the level of collagen in the body begins to decline that affects skin elasticity, hair volume, and lustre. Wellbeing Nutrition has three collagen products under its belt- Pure Korean Marine Collagen Peptides (unflavoured), Glow Japanese Marine Collagen Peptides, and Beauty Japanese Marine Collagen Peptides. The latter two are flavoured variants and come in Tropical Bliss and Mango Peach flavours respectively. These collagen powders are dermatologist recommended and are hydrolyzed to a low molecular weight to ensure the efficacy and absorption of the purest form of collagen. They are all Type I&III marine collagen peptides. While Pure Marine collagen peptides helps skin, hair, nails, bone, joints and muscles, Glow Marine Collagen Peptides helps hydrating and brightening the skin, and Beauty Marine Collagen Peptides aids in maintaining youthful skin, healthy hair & stronger nails.

● Hair, Skin and Nails Slow Capsules: These Hair, Skin and Nails Slow Capsules are delayed-release capsules which are scientifically-developed that carefully repair and renew the hair, skin and nail matrix in a sustained manner. These supplements bring together the most powerful nutriscience with fast absorbing evening primrose oil and slow release plant based beadlets with collagen, glutathione and biotin. Unlike other capsules, these contain traceable and natural ingredients that release gradually over 8 hours, in the absorptive, less sensitive areas of your gut to ensure maximum bioavailability of the nutrients. They are also enhanced with mint flavour to prevent a medicinal aftertaste or burps. They help keep the skin radiant, moisturised, hydrated, and glowing by working on it from within. They also nourish the hair and promote hair growth.

● Vitamin C and Zinc: We all know the role that vitamin C plays to improve skin and hair health. It helps in stimulating collagen synthesis and aids in antioxidant protection against UV-induced photodamage. Furthermore, it promotes hair health, reduces hair loss and improves hair growth. Wellbeing Nutrition’s Organic Vitamin C + Zinc are effervescent tablets that are a highly efficacious and potent formulation to strengthen the immune system and protect the body against infections, whilst also contributing in improving skin and hair health.

● Gut Health supplements: The gut and skin are closely connected. Sometimes if you have an upset tummy, you will notice that your skin also flares up. This is because of the gut-skin axis, where the gut can influence skin health owing to its immunological and metabolic properties. Research also shows how hair loss can be one of the consequences of any serious digestive problem. That is why, in order to maintain healthy hair and skin, you need to have a healthy gut. During the monsoons, eat healthy and keep yourself well hydrated to maintain sound gut health. Also, try out Wellbeing Nutrition’s Probiotic + Prebiotic effervescent tablets, Healthy Gut Melts, and Gut Health Slow capsules to keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy.

Final Takeaway

People usually consider beauty with how one looks, but it is more about how you feel and it must take precedence during the monsoons when the weather is humid, making our hair and skin feel greasy, oily, and unclean. Even though skin and hair problems may seem mild and harmless to you at first, they have the potential to cause a lot of trouble to you if they’re not properly taken care of. So make Wellbeing Nutrition products a part of your daily routine along with proper hygiene, nutrition and lifestyle problems.


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