Why adding Amla and Turmeric to our concoction has changed the game for ACV?

Why adding Amla and Turmeric to our concoction has changed the game for ACV?

First things first: Apple Cider Vinegar is packed with a multitude of health benefits. That isn’t exactly a secret. A kitchen staple, Organic ACV’s benefits range from giving you glowing skin and healthy hair, to improving your digestion and protecting you from infections too.

So the question we had was this – how do you take the best that nature can offer in a bottle, and make it better?

Especially considering that our ACV contains 2x the ‘Mother’ – that means 2x the Live Cultures, Enzymes, Minerals and Vitamins!

However, adding Amla, Turmeric, and even Cinnamon, and Black Pepper has helped us create a health booster like no other.

The benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar are known, but it’s also known for its bitterness. These ingredients have not only minimised the bitterness by adding a flavour and making it easier to consume, but have also improved its efficacy by being a rich source of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and enzymes. 

Here’s how each ingredient has helped make our latest ACV nothing less than Nature’s Dose of Wellbeing in a bottle!


A rich source of Vitamin C, amla does a brilliant job of strengthening your hair follicles, improving your skin health, and keeping your heart healthy. The Indian Gooseberry is rich in antioxidants, iron and calcium, and boasts anti-fungal properties too.

There are many other benefits of amla. It helps boost your immunity, metabolism and prevents viral and bacterial ailments too. Need we say more?


A powerful antioxidant, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that block the action of inflammatory molecules in the body.

Curcumin found in turmeric is the element behind all the goodness and helps keep blood sugar levels steady. Our ACV has 20% more curcumin – which means 20x better absorption. This helps detoxify the liver, nourish the skin, boost the immune system, heal wounds, and improve digestion too.


Frequently used in Chinese medicine, cinnamon is known to have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Packed with antioxidants to protect your body from the inside, its anti-inflammatory properties are well known, while its prebiotic properties help improve gut health as well.

Furthermore, it helps the ACV taste better, aids oral health, boosts collagen production, relieves cold and cough, and helps in weight management.

All in all, a perfect addition to our ACV!

Black Pepper

High in antioxidants. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties. More benefits than you can imagine!

You might wonder what the fuss is about since black pepper is a common household ingredient, but black pepper has benefits aplenty all right. 

It boosts absorption of nutrients, promotes gut health, stimulates satiety, relieves gas, manages blood sugar levels, and alleviates toothaches too.

Need any more reasons to try out the best Apple Cider Vinegar in town?

Order it NOW!

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