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Can sex drive have a direct impact on a woman’s mood?

Women often feel out of mood or irritable. But when asked the reason, there follows an uncomfortable silence. What can be so secretive a reason? Stress? Fatigue? Low libido? There is nothing to be so shy about. Let’s accept that sex drive plays an important role in impacting our mood. But does it really? Or rather, how?  

There is no such thing as perfect hormonal balance. These hormones play a key role in a woman’s sexual life. Hence, it is safe to say that female sexual desire, too, is non-linear. It is never totally uniform. Low sexual drive in women may occur due to several basic reasons, affecting their relationship and mental satisfaction. Low sex drive can cause a strain in relationships, often leaving behind a sense of frustration or guilt. Some of you guys who have experienced this issue may silently agree with me. Hence, addressing concerns related to female sexual desires is crucial.  

Following are some of the common causes of low libido in women:  

Causes of low libido in Women:  

  • Postmenopausal symptoms - Dryness and tightening of the vagina due to decreased elasticity. 
  • Fatigue - Work stress, physical exhaustion, and caregiving duties often drain out energy.  
  • Body image concern - Physical changes in the body cause insecurities and hence, lower sexual desire.  
  • Depression - Lack of sexual drive causes women to avoid intimacy and hence, lack of endorphins.  
  • Pregnancy - A surge of physical and psychological changes in the female body causes low sexual drive.  

These are some of the common causes of low sex drive. Apart from these, women’s sexual drive naturally fluctuates over the years. However, from various studies, it has been found that low libido in women can cause significant changes in mood.  

How low libido affects mood?  

  1. Low libido in women can actually trigger feelings of depression. 

     Lack of intimacy due to low sex drive causes a drop in endorphins, causing bad moods, anxiety, and sometimes depression.  
  2. It can cause mental disturbances 

    Due to low sexual desire, women often experience increased stress and anxiety. The cause is mainly hormonal.  
  3. Lack of sexual drive in women affects their sleep 

     Due to adverse effects on sleep hormones, mainly melatonin, which regulates the sleep-wake cycle, causes feelings of anger and frustration, oftentimes fatigue.  
  4. Lack of sex drive and abstinence from sexual activity also result in low self-esteem.  

     Even though the reason might be something else, lack of sexual activity causes women to feel unsure of themselves. Often believing that they themselves might be the reason for the decline in sexual activities results in low self-esteem in women.  
  5. The major effect of low sexual drive is seen in the relationship between partners, both men and women. It leads to dissatisfaction, often arguments, and a sense of guilt in either one or both of the partners.  

As mentioned earlier, the major reason for the upset mood is low production and release of endorphins- the feel-good hormones that help improve one’s mood and give a euphoric experience. These endorphins are released in high amounts during sexual intimacy. Lack of sex drive causes women to avoid sexual intercourse, which in turn, results in reduced release of endorphins.  

It is also very interesting to note that sexuality and mood work in a cycle. The cause of low sex drive can be depression and vice versa as well as possible. Both factors can impact each other. Reduced sex drive can cause depression, whereas, in many cases, depression can cause a rise in sexual desires, mostly observed in men. Complex, isn’t it?  

We know how many of you still refrain from speaking up about this issue openly. But fret not, we have just the right product to help you deal with this frustrating issue head-on. melts® Her Desire is India’s first libido-boosting oral strip, specially designed for women. Directly released into the bloodstream, this oral strip helps in balancing female hormones to support sexual functions and increase sexual vitality.  

Wrapping Up!  

It is crucial to understand that the relationship between sex drive and mood is complex and can be influenced by biological, social, or psychological factors. Topics concerning women and libido are generally not well addressed, as sexual well-being is still a hush-hush topic. However, the notion is changing with time. If concerns about sex drive or mood persist and significantly impact well-being, seeking guidance from a healthcare professional or a mental health professional is advisable.  


Effects of low sex drive on mood:  

  • Bad mood- lower libido causes feelings of depression  
  • Mental disturbance- stress and anxiety due to lack of intimacy 
  • Sleep- lack of proper sleep due to hormonal imbalance  
  • Insecurities- lack of self-esteem and confidence 
  • Strained relationship- lack of intimacy between partners resulting in guilt, frustration, and issues  


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