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World Health Day 2022: 5 Ways Wellbeing Nutrition is Improving Overall Health Across Age Groups

If there’s one thing that we have all realised the importance of, courtesy of the pandemic, it is health. At a time when social, commercial, and political decisions drive our world, the need to make health the centre of a well-rounded, sustainable, and more meaningful life has become even more pertinent than before. Health usually takes a back seat in the ever-competitive, hectic lives we lead. To safeguard it, we must become conscious of the nutritional aspect of food along with the quantity and quality. Correct dietary habits help reduce the risk of physical and mental health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and cognitive disorders like dementia and Alzheimers in the long run.Additionally, it helps with sleeping patterns, energy levels, and one’s overall well-being. This realisation alone compelled the World Health Organisation (WHO) to celebrate April 7 every year as World Health Day, drawing attention to specific health topics of concern to people worldwide.

At Wellbeing Nutrition, we work to help our patrons make their health a priority every single day. We combine natural ingredients sourced from all across the globe with future-ready science and technology to develop products that help our patrons, across all age groups, make nutrition and health a priority. In this blog, let’s look at our varied range of products and how they are improving our overall health across all age groups.

  • Disney Frozen and Marvel Melts

 As the name suggests, melts® are rapid dissolving nano oral thin strips that instantly melt in the mouth when they come in touch with the tongue. Both Disney Frozen and Marvel Melts contain strips made of natural plant-based ingredients.These thin strips combine the benefits of advanced nanoscience and plant-derived extracts to ensure nutrition is effortlessly available and digestible. Compared to traditional pills or injections, these oral thin strips are much safer and an easier way to consume supplements. Given that these strips are specially designed for kids, it is a relatively new concept in India. This form of supplementation is pretty revolutionary for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. 
  • Melts for Adults

 Just like the kid’s range, we have ten variants for adults. They are Healthy Hair, Eye Care, Multivitamins, Healthy Gut, Natural Vitamin D3, Vegan Vitamin B12, Instant Energy, Restful Sleep, Nano Iron, and Throat Relief.

Both Disney and Marvel Melts, as well as Melts for adults are fast-acting and super-effective, courtesy of the German Technology Unison Effect Formula that makes these strips 95% more bioavailable than traditional capsules, pills, or gummies. These supplements come in delicious flavours and embody the easy sublingual supplementation formula, which allows the nutrients to get easily dissolved in the bloodstream. This way Melts ensure quick absorption as compared to the medicines taken orally, which go first to the liver for metabolism and then to the bloodstream.

  • Effervescent range:

In today's day and age, when busy and hectic schedules are the norm, one often needs to opt for quick-fix food solutions with a high nutritional value. And Wellbeing Nutrition’s effervescent range of products fits the role perfectly. With seven daily essentials- Daily Greens, Skin Fuel, Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea, Organic Vitamin C & Zinc, Apple Cider Vinegar with Garcinia Cambogia and Pomegranate, Grandma’s Kadha, and Probiotics & Prebiotics, these dietary supplements help nourish your body from the inside out.

Every tablet from the effervescent range is an effortless and effective way to rehydrate oneself as it completely dissolves in a glass full of water it is added to. The fizzy goodness that one derives from it eventually is a far cry from the usual aerated drinks one gets in the market. They are more nutrient dense, free of added sugar and benefit health in numerous ways. It is also twice as effective and bioavailable than regular synthetic pills. While these products are usually for adults, a few like Daily Greens and Grandma’s Kadha can be consumed by kids, although the dosage is likely to vary. 

  • Slow range

Slow is a range of time-conscious supplements that keep up with our fast-paced life and help us sustain it for longer. These products contain the best natural ingredients sourced from all across the globe. The slow-release capsules contain plant-based ingredient beadlets to give the body sustained nutrition over a long period of time. It embodies the delayed-release nanotechnology that is designed to dissolve slowly over 8 hours, protecting the nutrients from the stomach acid and ensuring their proper and most effective absorption. Each capsule provides a potent dose of all nutrients, minerals, and compounds with the adequate absorption benefits of fast-acting oils and slow-release beadlets. This is designed more for adults and older adults.

  • Marine Collagen Peptides:

Wellbeing Nutrition’s Marine Collagen Peptides is wild-caught marine collagen hydrolyzed to a low molecular weight to ensure the peptides' efficacy and absorption. This is the purest form of collagen that acts as a multidimensional health booster that protects and improves collagen structure, strengthening the body's joint, muscle, and bone, whilst enhancing skin, hair and nail health.

Final Takeaway

In this way, equipped with natural plant-based ingredients and advanced technology, Wellbeing nutrition is committed to helping you become a better and healthier version of yourself, especially amidst busy daily schedules and long and hectic days.

The food supplements developed by the brand come to the rescue by aiding in replenishing the daily dose of wellness and nutrition. Crafted using the best natural ingredients sourced from all across the globe, backed with future-ready science, Wellbeing Nutrition produces an innovative range of products, enriched with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. With zero sugar and preservatives, these products are 100% organic, which makes them fit for daily consumption without the fear of any potential side effects. So what are we waiting for? This World Health Day, let’s make health a priority with Wellbeing Nutrition!


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